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video In August, summer garden beds are especially beautiful. Summer as if accumulates strength in the last month of its stunning fireworks perennials: dahlias and gladioli, phloxes and clematis. Letniki bloom no less magnificently: godecii and sweet peas, petunias, marigolds, calendula and zinnias.

But it is impossible to maintain the brightness and freshness of flower beds, borders and slides, if we neglect regular care. The main tasks of the grower in August are:

  • pruning of faded flowers and dried peduncles;
  • weed removal;
  • top dressing of perennial crops;
  • planting perennials on a permanent place;
  • watering.

Dacha owners who are keen on ornamental plants can take such a long time for such daily worries, but they cannot do without them. But besides this, the last summer of August is the best time to bookmark the flowering next year. At the end of the summer and in the first days of autumn, perennials sow, adult plants, rhizomatous and bulbous plants are planted and divided, they prepare places for shrubs planting.

Care for summer flower beds in August

For active growth, and especially flowering, plants need water. Its disadvantage is especially pronounced in August, when small leaves become visible, extended flower stalks, delayed flowering. Particularly sensitive to the lack of moisture are daylilies and roses of various kinds, pansies and petunias, large foxgloves and delphiniums.

If the summer resident does not have the ability to water flowerbeds in the heat, it is better to plant the most drought-resistant crops on them, for example, purslane, stem-roses and mallow-zebrina, gypsophila, cosme, Coreopsis.

After watering, when the soil is supple, it is especially convenient to carry out weeding and loosening. In August, many annual flowers complete the growing season, and they can be removed by making room for planting new crops. Do perennials regularly cut dried flower stalks, dead stalks and leaves. To support the formation of buds and to help flowers prepare for the cold, two- and perennials in August are fed with potassium-phosphorus compounds. Gladioli and dahlias hibernating out of the ground, as well as ornamental shrubs growing on the site, will respond well to such dressing.

Summer residents, who prefer to take care of the seed themselves, in August, it is time to gather from the flower beds the seeds of nasturtium and levkoev, coreopsis, carnation and a wide variety of bells, as well as bright godetsii and mallow.

In mid-August, the time comes when the nights become too cold and the houseplants brought to the garden should be returned to the room. In order for all the plants in the house not to be attacked by aphids, spider mites, trips and other pests, a small quarantine is useful for begonias that have returned from the garden, pelargoniums, hypeastrum and other species.

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August: time to multiply and plant perennials in flowerbedsIn the first half of the month, adult curtains of primrose divide. In the garden, these flowers can grow without a transplant to 5 years, then the flowering weakens or fades completely. At a new place between saplings, 20–30 cm is left so that primroses grow freely next spring.

Curtains of perennial poppies grow to the end of summer. Young plants can be planted at this time of year. If you delay, the roots will lengthen and transplantation will be complicated.

Macs feel great in open areas, they are undemanding to soil fertility and withstand drought well. If you have to transplant a swimsuit, it is better to choose a place in the penumbra, where the flowers are kept a little longer.

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Peonies - one of the most popular garden perennials. By August, their bloom is long over, and the summer resident knows exactly which bushes fell short of expectations and require transplantation. This is the case with old plants or flowers that have fallen on the wrong place. The shrub is divided into parts with 2–3 buds and its own rhizome segment 15–20 cm long.

In August, perennial asters, phloxes, chamomile and daylilies can be planted or replant. Planted on seedlings are transported to a permanent place this month:

  • violets;
  • aquilegia;
  • stock roses;
  • foxglove;
  • handbells;
  • Nivjanik and other biennials and perennial crops.
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If there was no landing time in spring, in August it is not too late to sow these plants. In this case, the first flowers will appear a year later.

Reproduction and transplantation of perennials in August

In August, ornamental shrubs and trees require attention of the dacha. Hedges and borders are sheared, inflorescences are cut from faded plants.

Green cuttings of spirea, chubushnika and lilac, barberry and clematis, hydrangeas and forsythia, viburnum and many other popular shrubs at the end of summer will have time to take root. For this, cut off parts of the shoots are added in a light substrate. In the greenhouse, the cuttings form the roots and next year they will turn into young quite viable bushes.

When choosing a place for planting a particular plant, one should remember its preferences, for example:

  • for heathers, hydrangeas, coniferous crops, it needs an acidic soil;
  • neutral soil is vital for lilac, forsythia, chubushnik and cotoneaster, barberry and most other shrubs.

Sanitary pruning of shrubs on the eve of autumn should include not only the removal of old and dried shoots, but also the pruning of basal shoots. It is especially important to remove shoots that have appeared in grafted cultures.

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