The washing machine does not dry the laundry

The drying function is no longer such a rare and newfangled option, today it can be found in every modern and expensive machine. All is good, but these are additional parts, sensors and wires, and therefore additional breakdowns.

Drying in a washer-dryer can break, and it usually manifests itself like this:

  • The washing machine does not dry the laundry, the process does not start.
  • The mode is terminated, drying stops.
  • The program is running, time is running, and the laundry at the exit is damp or even damp.

If drying does not work in a typewriter, it can often not be related to the breakdown of the equipment itself. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the drying works to determine the cause of breakdowns.

D Asphanslong, not dried to the end

  • 2.5 The program does not turn on or stops prematurely
  • How the washing machine dries the laundry

    To keep things dry after washing, MA provided TEN.No, this is not the heating element that heats the water for high-temperature washing. In the design of the machine there is a second heater that warms the air, due to which moisture evaporates from the laundry.

    This is a little expensive in terms of energy consumption, but it is extremely convenient for those who save their time, not money.

    Why drying doesn’t work in the washing machine

    Consider the main reasons that do not dry clothes. Also from the table below you will learn how to troubleshoot the problem.

    Drying does not start

    You may have selected a wash mode that does not involve drying. Run the dryer separately from the wash.

    Another reason is too much laundry in the drum. For example, with the maximum allowable weight of laundry for 6 kg, it can dry two times less.
    A full drum load always dries in 2-3 passes. If you switch on the drying mode separately, it will not start, especially if your washing machine model has a laundry weighing function.

    To solve the problem, dry the laundry, dividing it into batches.

    Another option: a blockage in the "garbage" filter. If the pump cannot pump out water for this reason, the program will not start. De-energize the machine, disconnect it from communications. Put a rag or place a container under the base panel, remove it and unscrew the filter. Clean and rinse, screw back.

    Drying program does not start separately

    Cause: The door is not closed properly. Check the tightness of the door. If the UBL is broken or something interferes with the closing of the door, this must be accompanied by the corresponding error code on the electronic scoreboard.

    Replace the UBL yourself or contact the service.

    The linen dries poorly, a lot of moisture remains after drying

    Reason: things were not well pressed. In order for the drying mode to work "conscientiously", the machine must be pressed at the highest speed. To do this:

    • At the standard 600-800 rpm for the selected wash cycle, set the re-spin at maximum( 1000-1200);turn on the drying mode.
    • After hand washing, squeeze things out at high speed before drying.
    • If it is a laundry that absorbs moisture well, such as terry towels or bathrobes, start another spin cycle.

    Other options:

    1. In the drum was multi-layered linen( duvet covers, jackets, things with lining, and so on).Choose the longest drying mode, run it several times if necessary.
    2. You chose the mode “under the iron” or “easy ironing” - in this case, the smart technique itself does not dry out the clothes so that they can iron better. If your plans were not ironing, re-start the normal mode, disabling the option, facilitating ironing.
    3. Discrepancy of the program to the type of linen. Choose the optimal mode.
    4. Increased humidity and air temperature in the room where your CM is. Ensure proper operating conditions.
    5. Not enough power supply. In this case, the heating element will not turn on or will operate at low power, so the laundry will remain wet. Provide your washing machine with an individual wiring line with a good outlet. In no case do not use extension cords - through them the device loses its power.

    The linen dries for a long time, it does not dry to the end.

    There is a blockage in the air filter. Look in the manual and find the location of the filter. Remove it and clean it from threads, lint and other clogs.

    The program does not turn on or stops prematurely.

    Even if the program ends, the quality of drying is low.

    The water supply valve is closed. Some models need it to cool the condensate, in others the drum is cleaned with water. If you have a good habit - to close the water supply valve, do not get rid of it. Just learn to close the tap after operating the CM, and not before.

    If none of the above helps, only then can we talk about a breakdown. Most often, the program does not work, because the following nodes have failed:

    • TEN.It can not be repaired, only part replacement will help here.
    • Thermostat( thermal sensor).Also needs replacing.
    • Fan. In this case, cleaning or lubrication of the bearing can help. But in case of burnout of the motor, which rotates the fan blades, it is necessary to change the part.
    • Blown or broken wiring. It is necessary to conduct maintenance: replace damaged areas, check contacts.
    • Clogging in the drying duct.
    • Clogged hose to drain water from the tank with condensate.
    • Failure of the controller. Requires firmware or replacement.
    • Clogged or disrupted drain circuit integrity.
    • Failure in the filler system( clogged filler filter, breakage of the solenoid valve, filler pipe and so on).Inspection and restoration of the filler system is required.

    Now you know why your car dries your laundry badly. As you can see, it is often not the fault of the fault, but external factors and non-compliance with the rules of operation.

    Be careful while using the washer and she will thank you for uninterrupted work and laundry without a drop of excess moisture.

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