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Terry towels eventually become stiff and unpleasant to the touch. I decided to look into the causes of these changes, as well as learned how to wash correctly old bath towels to keep them soft. All the knowledge acquired in a hurry to share with you.

Stiffness terry affects dirt and dust - from this you need time to get rid ofStiffness terry affects dirt and dust - from this you need time to get rid of

How to wash terry products?

I realized that to retain their original soft texture is very hard for many years the use of towels. The reasons are two:

  1. Mahr gets dirty. Due to the fact that the loops that make up the material loosely adjacent to each other, between them easily clogged with dust particles and dirt.
  2. Washing may worsen the situation. Improper treatment products clean often becomes the reason that it loses its softness and original appearance. So the question is, how to wash towels in the washing machine, the first thing you need to pay attention.
Photos: wrong washing temperature, detergent and drying towels make toughPhotos: wrong washing temperature, detergent and drying towels make tough

Subtleties of the wash - 9 recommendations

To extend the life of towels, I recommend that you follow a few simple tips:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14946094192 Tip 1. Examine the label.

Before the first wash, carefully read the labels on the product label. It will indicate at what temperature wash towels.

If the label does not indicate in which mode the erase product choose delicate washing with temperature up to 60 degrees.

table_pic_att14946094203 Tip 2. Soften water.

Hard water is not the best way affects the state of the material.

To alleviate it, possible to use special tools purchased or prepared vinegar solution (100 ml of vinegar in 10 liters of water).

table_pic_att14946094244 Tip 3. Use liquid detergent.

The thing is that the conventional powder material is driven into the loop and pull it incredibly difficult.

table_pic_att14946094255 Tip 4. Forget the bleach.

Substance particles penetrate deep into the fibers and remove them problematic.

As an exception, bleach can be used if necessary to wash the hand towel from the stubborn dirt.

table_pic_att14946094266 Tip 5. Practice prewash.

Before stick product in stiralku, treat them with his own hands. First remove the stains on bath towels, using soap or ammonia solution.

table_pic_att14946094277 Tip 6. Do not forget about dried.

Before washing, be sure to let the towels dry out completely. If you do not, they can cause unpleasant smell.

table_pic_att14946094288 Tip 7. use balls.

We are talking about the special balls for washing down products either on the tennis. After washing with balls pile return their soft and fluffy texture.

table_pic_att14946094299 Tip 8. Add baking soda.

In the process of washing, add detergent half cup of baking soda.

It effectively helps to get rid of the musty smell towels. Also added to the powder soda effectively removes mildew and odors, and the price for it is available to everyone.

table_pic_att149460942910 Tip 9. wash separately.

The main rule is clean white and colored clothes - they should be washed separately from each other. The same applies to the terry products.

Especially drying and ironing

TO SPIN terry products should be treated with extreme caution. For example, I try to avoid it at all, just hanging out towels after rinsing outdoors. In this case, the fiber mahry not crush and even after drying, remain soft.

Drying terry products are best in the open airDrying terry products are best in the open air

You may be interested in the question of how to iron terry towels. It is advisable not to do it at all, because the heat can destroy the integrity of the loop. But if not do without ironing, steaming mode with the use of the iron heating temperature not exceeding 150 ° C.

towels Bleaching - 3 recipe

To keep your bath towels were snow-white, it is necessary to bleach them correctly. There are several effective ways:

Picture instruction
table_pic_att149460943412 Method 1. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

To bleach towels can be used conventional hydrogen peroxide, which exists in every medicine cabinet.

In 15 l of boiling water dissolve 4 spoon spoon peroxide and alcohol. All mix well and dip the towel in the solution for half an hour.

table_pic_att149460943413 Method 2. Soap and potassium permanganate
  • Fill basin 2 with hot water to half.
  • In one bowl Stir in soap flakes in another dilute potassium permanganate to pink.
  • Mix the contents of the can and soak in the resultant liquid towels to 6 hours.
table_pic_att149460943514 Method 3. Vegetable oil

This is one of the most unusual options like bleach bath towel at home, but very effective:

  • In 15 liters of boiling water, dilute 2/3 cup of detergent, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, vinegar and bleach.
  • The solution soak terry products at night.
  • In the morning, remove the product, press them and wash in the machine.


I told him how to wash towels from terry correctly and without the use of expensive equipment. Want to know even more whitening recipes - be sure to watch the video in this article. In comments share your experience clean towels and ask questions.

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