How to wash boxing gloves to remove the smell

Boxing gloves may ask you how to wash boxing gloves over time. The fact is that hands sweat, dust gets inside, bacteria. Quickly contaminated lacing or Velcro, which tightens the inner surface of the hand. Is it possible in this case to erase an important element of boxing equipment?

What is the danger of getting wet

The upper part of the gloves is made of leather or durable leatherette. Inside is polyurethane, horse hair, less cotton. It is the internal filling softens the blow and makes it less traumatic, protecting the hands.

All parts of the gloves are interconnected, forming a multi-layer construction. This complicates the washing process. You can not wash them in a typewriter, like thin fabric. If the filler fails, the boxing gloves will become unusable, since they cease to perform their direct functions.

You can’t soak boxing gloves in water. Dampness inside the multilayer structure is delayed for a long time, which can lead to the formation of a fungus and cause an unpleasant smell.

Another problem that occurs after washing is associated with a change in the appearance of the equipment. Leatherette can crack, and genuine leather deformed, in some cases, tear.

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Rules of care

To avoid the desire to wash gloves, you need to properly care for them and follow a few recommendations:

  • Before putting on gloves, wrap boxing bandages on your hands. They will absorb sweat, besides they are easy to wash and dry.
  • Do not forget to get equipment out of the bag so that it does not lie around with other things, do not dampen or absorb their smell.
  • After training, dry the gloves by stuffing newspapers or using special dryers. You can put them on the battery, if it is not very hot.
  • You can use deodorant, which will eliminate the smell of sweat. An antibacterial spray is also used, the same as for shoes. Talc is poured inside.
  • Outside, boxing gloves are wiped with a damp sponge. This eliminates dust and other contaminants. In conclusion, they are wiped with a dry soft cloth to remove excess moisture and add shine.
  • If there is a strong odor, take cotton, moisten with vinegar and put inside for several hours.

Skin care products can be used, but they should be absorbed quickly and not leave any staining.

Sometimes people come up with special drying methods to eliminate odor. For example, you can meet the recommendation to dry the gloves with a hair dryer. Someone dries the inner surface, using a dryer for shoes, and someone just hangs out to air out the equipment after each workout to fresh air.

There is a tip to pack the gloves in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight, then remove and ventilate. The opposite method - heating in the microwave. Here it is important to choose the right mode in order not to burn the product.

If, after all, washing

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If a strong unpleasant odor emanates from old gloves, and you can not tolerate it anymore, then try washing the boxing equipment. Wash at 40 ° C with a slight spin, with liquid detergent and conditioner to discourage odor. From higher heating material will sit down, and your sports equipment will decrease in size.

Dry the gloves thoroughly so that no moisture is left inside. You can use a hair dryer or dryer, as well as fill the inside of the newspaper, changing them several times. In any case, the washing can not be carried away, because it does not go for boxing gloves benefit.

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