How to connect a home theater to a computer

How to connect a home theater to a computer


With the help of a computer, users watch movies, listen to music, go through the next level in the game. Special attention is paid to the quality of sound. Knowing how to connect a home theater system to a computer, you can achieve high realism of playback.


  • 1For what it is generally necessary
  • 2Connection options
    • 2.1Through the local network
    • 2.2Connecting the monitor to your home theater
    • 2.3Home theater as a sound amplifier
    • 2.4Other options
  • 3Depending on the brand of home theater
  • 4What to do if I can not connect
  • 5Video: How to connect a home theater to a computer

For what it is generally necessary

Home theaters allow you to experience the effect of presence

The main functions of such a technical system from a computer and a home theater are as follows:

  • The ability to watch movies and programs directly online;
  • Increase the effect of immersion in virtual reality during games;
  • connection of karaoke.

Connection options

The option of switching the computer to a home theater depends on the model of acoustics and the capabilities of the computing device itself.

Through the local network

If you communicate with a computer on you, then a connection through a local network is not difficult

The inclusion of a 5.1 speaker system in a local home network allows you to use the computer purpose (for example, for work), and the media center - to view movies collected in a shared folder on the PC. In this case, you can watch movies and listen to music from any other device: laptop, smartphone, etc.


The sequence of actions is simple:

  1. Set up the cinema adapter to receive Wi-Fi signals from the home router.
  2. Enter the password (if available).
  3. Run a test run of any video.

Advantages of this method of connection are as follows:

  • use of technology for its purpose;
  • View movies, downloaded from the Internet to the home movie library on your computer;
  • Use of unique functions of a cinema like karaoke.

Connecting the monitor to your home theater

The back panel of the home theater looks like this

To connect to an acoustic system 5.1. computer monitor will need to be purchased, depending on the from the model of the monitor, or a cable with connectors of the "tulip" type on one end and VGA on the other, or HDMI cable.

As a monitor for demonstrating video and audio files you can use the TV:

  1. The TV is connected to the theater's audio system in the traditional way.
  2. Connect the TV to a computer with an HDMI cable, available at any digital hardware store. And there is the possibility of purchasing a cable of a specified length.
  3. Test the sound.

Justified this option is only if the owner of the cinema is a passionate fan of movies with a lot of dynamic scenes. Modern displays of monitors and TVs have a short response time - this is the time interval for which the picture changes on the screen.

Home theater as a sound amplifier


The connectors of the home theater speakers differ from the standard connectors provided by the design of computer sound cards. Therefore, to enhance the sound, you need an intermediary - an ordinary DVD player and a cable, one end of which has a "tulip" type connector, and the other has a mini-jack. The sequence of actions with this connection option is as follows:

  1. The minijack is connected to the standard input of a computer audio card for the speakers - it is usually marked with a green color tone or is labeled out.
  2. "Tulips" of red and white color connect to the DVD-player to the inputs marked "in" - their colors correspond to the colors of the connectors.
  3. Connect the speaker system to the DVD player with a set of analog cables that come bundled with the home theater - each input and connector are provided with identical color designations.
  4. In the sound card settings tab of the computer "Audio Inputs / Outputs" choose the option with six speakers.
  5. On the DVD player, select the desired audio input channel and perform a sound check.

The advantages of this switching option are as follows:

  • easy connection;
  • no additional costs for the purchase of components.

Other options


Acquiring in the electronics stores a special adapter, equipped with a mini-jack on one side and nests for home theater speakers on the other, you can connect the 5.1 speaker system to a home computer directly. This option is possible only if the PC has a more advanced sound card capable of such a load.

Depending on the brand of home theater

The nuances of connection are connected with the bundling of the chosen brand of home theater. So, to transmit video signal from the receiver to a monitor or a TV, it is possible to equip switched devices with different types of connectors:

  • HDMI;
  • COMPONENT VIDEO - three connectors of red, blue and green;
  • SCART;
  • S-Video;
  • Video - connector with a connector "tulip" yellow.

For the transmission of multi-channel sound, various technologies and approaches can also be implemented:

  • fiber optic cable;
  • coaxial cable;
  • connectors with connectors of the "tulip" type red and white;
  • cable with connectors at one end of the "tulip" type, and on the other - a mini-jack.

The connection algorithm itself remains unchanged: the connection of audio and video inputs / outputs, arrangement and connection of the speakers in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, conducting a test launch.

What to do if I can not connect

Despite the apparent simplicity of the operation to connect the home theater to a computer, lining, manifested as a lack of picture, poor-quality sound, or its complete absence, etc.The reasons for the emergence, as well as the options for their correction, are several:

  1. Inconsistency of used cables and working adequately connectors. In this case, you should check the system's performance by using the simplest and "oldest" connection option - via the DVD player as an amplifier.
  2. In the sound card settings, the type of speaker system is not specified. You should choose a variant with six speakers, which will allow the system to broadcast and refine the sound quality, giving it the appropriate volume, depth and other parameters.
  3. When connected to a TV as a monitor, the sound comes from its built-in speakers without the use of a 5.1 speaker system. The discrepancy between models of different manufacturers is the reason for this phenomenon. Solve this issue in this way: TV and home theater connect optical cable, and to enhance the image quality, connect the TV to a laptop or PC via HDMI cable.

Video: How to connect a home theater to a computer

At any variant of connection of a house cinema to the computer it is required to finish sound quality by means of an equalizer. However, it should not be forgotten that the owner of a powerful speaker system has neighbors who can do not like unnecessarily loud accompaniment of playing moments, musical hits or novelties film distribution.

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