How to connect a food waste shredder yourself

How to connect a food waste shredder yourself


Many food wastes can be safely sent to the sewer, previously grinding them, and a special device called a "chopper" or "dispouter" helps in this. The installation of a food waste shredder is available to everyone, since the process is simple enough and does not require special skills or years of experience.


  • 1What is a chopper for?
  • 2Sequence of actions during installation
  • 3How to use a chopper
    • 3.1Security

What is a chopper for?

Many people are wondering why to use a special heat exchanger, if there is still any garbage in the house that needs to be thrown away. The fact is that organic products are able to quickly decompose, while plastic, glass, metal require special disposal.

The installation of a shredder will help to easily get rid of fast-burning waste, which spreads an unpleasant smell, which is a food for insects and animals. This will keep your home cleaner. At the same time, it will be easier for you to sort other household waste, as today containers for glass, plastic, paper are increasingly appearing.

Sequence of actions during installation

First of all, check whether the declared tools and parts (key, rubber gaskets, air bag, if the device is turned on pneumatically, etc.) The chopper is designed in such a way that it can be easily connected to the throat by hand washing. A number of actions must be performed for installation.

  • From the sink it is necessary to disconnect the siphon.
  • At the bottom of the sink, install the gasket and mounting bracket.
  • Chop the shredder with a fastener.
  • To the output of the dispouter, connect the drain pipe, which will lead to the sewer. In some cases, you may need adapters.
  • The shredder is connected to the mains or the pneumatic switch is installed.

Always choose a smooth drain pipe, since many food waste will settle on the corrugated walls, which will lead to their decay. Together with the utilizer there is an instruction for installation. Following its points, it is not difficult to install the device with your own hands.

How to use a chopper


The shredder is a compact device in a closed housing. At the bottom is the motor to which the disk is connected, on the walls there are special floats. When the waste gets inside, they are discarded by the disc on the walls and rubbed. The more powerful the motor, the more intensive the rotation of the disk, and the waste is processed more quickly. The size of the case also matters. Large capacity can take more waste.

It is important to use the appliance correctly. But this is quite easy, considering that you connected it with your own hands, and imagine how it works. First it is necessary to turn on cold water, then turn on the chopper, pour out the food waste into the sink, directing them into the drain hole. You will hear a characteristic noise, which says that organic rubbish is rubbed off. When this noise ceases, you can turn off the device. After 3-4 seconds you can turn off the water.


For those who collect equipment with their own hands, the question of device safety is always interesting. On this account you can assure that it is quite safe to use the chopper. If a particularly hard object, such as a knife, gets inside, an automatic interlock occurs and the motor shuts off.

Similarly, when overloading, when the device was too long to work, recycled a large amount of waste, it simply turns off, posing no danger to the person who is in the kitchen. All cutting elements are hidden in the depth, so the device will not harm children or careless housewives.

Separately, it should be noted items and substances that can not be sent to the chopper:

  • packaging (especially metallized or plastic);
  • articles made of cloth and rubber;
  • objects made of glass, metal, plastic, wood;
  • hot oil, boiling water;
  • rope, thread, hair.

Pay attention to the last point. If the hair or threads are constantly wrapped around the cutting blade, graters, the motor shaft, then this can lead to breakage of the chopper. That such did not happen shredders from time to time clean.

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