Step by step instructions for growing tomatoes on the balcony

Not all people have the opportunity to grow tomatoes in the garden or in the garden. It is for this category that the derived special varieties, which can be grown right at home on the balcony of the .To understand how to grow this vegetable at home, it is necessary to disassemble each stage separately. Consider growing tomatoes on the balcony step by step.


  • whether and how to grow tomatoes on the balcony at home
  • Planting and cultivation of cherry tomato on the windowsill: step by step instructions
    • How to plant and grow in
    • plastic bottles What is required pot
    • size What should be the balcony( loggia)
  • Proper care steps
    • How to care for balcony tomatoes
    • Pinching
    • How and when to feed
    • How often to water
  • Diseases and pests
  • Suitable self-pollinated varieties

Is it possible and how are youRaschivat tomatoes on the balcony at home

Growing tomatoes includes the following steps:

  1. Preparing seeds .To do this, soak in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then process with Epin growth stimulator.
  2. Preparation of containers .It is necessary to pick up such a container so that it contains at least 3 liters of land.
  3. Land preparation .For cultivation suitable land from the garden or purchased land from the store.
  4. Sowing seeds .To do this, first at the bottom of the containers, in which holes are made, small stones are poured in, so that excess moisture does not accumulate at the bottom. They are covered with earth and spread the seeds no deeper than 2 cm. They are covered with earth and watered.
  5. Picking up seedlings .When the sprouts grow, and the second true leaf appears, you can dive the seedlings. Saplings are carefully removed from the previous growth site and planted in separate containers.
  6. Transfer to a permanent place .Approximately in 30 days start transplantation. Larger containers are filled with earth for a third, then the seedling is lowered, gently covered with earth, and plentifully watered with earth.

When transferring to a permanent place at the bottom of containers, stones must be poured to ensure drainage.

Growing tomatoes on the balcony involves several steps.

Planting and growing tomatoes on the windowsill: a step-by-step instruction

Consider a clear example of how can grow Cherry tomatoes on the loggia.

This will require:

  • to prepare seeds;
  • prepare fertile soil and cylindrical containers;
  • produce seed. Tanks are filled with earth, sown seeds, watered, covered with foil and put in a dark place;
  • at emergence of shoots to provide them with sufficient lighting. If necessary, include lamps for lighting up;
  • dive seedlings in separate tanks;
  • seating in spacious containers for a permanent place.
It is easy to grow tomatoes on the balcony if you follow the step-by-step instructions and follow all the requirements, monitor the seedlings and ensure optimum conditions for plant growth.

Cultivation of tomatoes on the windowsill:

How to plant and grow in plastic bottles

This method of cultivation was invented in Japan , where there is no opportunity to grow organic vegetables in vegetable gardens.

Planting and cultivation is carried out in any plastic containers, as long as there is enough land for the normal development of the plant.

Seeds are decontaminated, treated with growth stimulants. Then sown in plastic bottles. With the advent of shoots, seedlings put on the lit place.

An pick is produced when one or two true leaves appear. Seedlings are seated in individual containers or planted in several pieces in one container, the main thing is to ensure the free growth and development of each plant.

Watering and regular feeding will allow you to grow a good crop, even at home on the windowsill.

A method of growing tomatoes in plastic bottles invented in Japan

What is required size pot

For growing any suitable plastic containers or pots. Small bottles are used for sowing seeds, and when the seedlings grow older, they sit in larger bottles.

The most suitable capacity of 5 liters .One bottle is placed in each bottle.

What should be a balcony( loggia)

A balcony facing the south-east or south-west side of will be suitable for growing tomatoes .On the south-facing balcony, it will be too hot, shading is needed for seedlings.

Plants need sunlight, if it is on the loggia for less than 3 hours, tomato cultivation will fail.

The best place for tomatoes near the walls and railing of the balcony .It is important to protect seedlings from strong winds. High varieties are placed on a place protected from the wind and fixed to the trellis.

To scare off pests, you can plant spicy herbs next to tomatoes, for example, mint, oregano, parsley.

With the right location and care, the loggia will replace the usual garden, although the harvest will be somewhat less.

If the balcony is glazed, regular airing is necessary.

A balcony facing the south-east or south-west side is suitable for growing tomatoes.

Proper care step-by-step

The tomatoes growing on the balcony need to be looked after as if they were growing in a garden. Watering, loosening, feeding, disease prevention is necessary when growing tomatoes on the balcony.

In addition to the basic elements, the care of tomatoes on the balcony has some special features.

How to care for balcony tomatoes

For successful cultivation on the balcony it is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature for the development of tomatoes.

Temperature during the day should be from 19 to 22 degrees, at night 15-16 degrees. In strong heat, it is important to open the vents, air.

Tomatoes can do without watering for several days, watered when the ground becomes dry.


As the plant grows, the stepchildren begin to appear. Stepkins remove so that the plant is formed in 1-2 or 3 shoots.

For high seedlings, the best form of formation is 1-2 stems, for low ones - 2-3 stems.

When the ovary is formed, you can remove the bottom sheets .Spoiled, yellowed leaves must be removed.

When the plant is completely formed, it requires pinching. Pinch the top and all the inflorescences of , while leaving at least four. So seedlings will develop correctly.

Harvest is better to harvest unripe. Under flat conditions, tomatoes will finally ripen.

Pasyskins are removed, the lower leaves too, pinch the top and inflorescences of

What and when to feed

After 40-50 days have passed after sowing the seeds, seedlings can be fed. The best dressing is humus.

It is added to the ground to a height of 2 cm. Such feeding can be carried out 3 times before transplanting seedlings into a permanent container.

Thanks to this feeding, the roots are saturated with oxygen and receive the necessary nutrients. Humus in the finished form buy in the store.

How often to water

Water from the tap is too hard, it is not suitable for watering .The best option is warm water settled for a couple of days, as tomatoes are a thermophilic plant.

It is very important to monitor the condition of the earth in tanks. The ground should not be too wet, then the roots of the plant will begin to choke, and the plant may die.

Too dry land will lead to a lack of moisture, the roots of the seedlings will begin to dry, and the tomatoes will turn yellow.

Watering tomatoes is not common: 1 time in 3 days .After watering loosen the soil. In case of cloudy weather, it is necessary to examine the soil; if it is wet, it is worth refusing to water it.

Watering tomatoes is not common: 1 time in 3 days. After watering loosen the soil

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes growing on the balcony, can be affected by the disease of late blight .Brown spots are formed on the leaves, stalks and fruits. This fungal disease can quickly destroy a plant and fruit.

To prevent the disease using special drugs.

Can attack balcony tomatoes to attack a spider mite, whitefly .From the whitefly use the drug Inta-Vir, Commander. Akarin, Fitoverm, Borneo - preparations to combat spider mites.

Suitable self-pollinated varieties

With proper care, even a beginner can cope with home cultivation of tomatoes.

There are special varieties suitable for growing on a balcony. If the balcony is spacious enough, you can engage in the cultivation of tall varieties. Also grown undersized and dwarf varieties.

The most popular and suitable for growing on the balcony varieties:

  • Pearl;
  • Bonsai;
  • Balcony miracle;
  • Angelica;
  • Ballerina.
There are special varieties suitable for cultivation on the balcony.

. Pearl is the most unpretentious variety. The fruits are slightly elongated, tasty.

Balcony miracle - a common balcony variety. Bushes are low, productive, resistant to diseases. Red fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.

Bonsai refers to the dwarf varieties. Fruits rarely grow more than 25 grams. These bushes look very beautiful.

Angelica one of the earliest varieties. Fruits ripen 80 days after germination. Bushes are low, do not need support.

Ballerina is a tall variety, when ripe, the fruits turn pink. The shape of the fruit is very interesting - pear-shaped.

All tomatoes are self-pollinated plants. There are also short and cocktail. The table shows which varieties are such.

Species Variety name
Self-pollinated All tomatoes self-pollinated
Low-growing Angelica, Pearl
Cocktail Balerinka

to grow the trees at the end of the season, and they will be able to take care of all the tomatoes on the board to make fun, they will be on the line, and they will be able to take care of all the tomatoes. Plants will decorate any apartment with their beautiful views. Proper care will provide the whole family with tasty and beautiful fruits.

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