Spider mites on houseplants: 7 ways to fight and win


  • 1 What we know about ticks
    • 1.1 Tick, I see you!
    • 1.2 How dangerous tick?
  • 2 Grandma's recipes: 4 ways
  • 3 Heavy artillery: 3 funds
  • 4 Summing up
View of plants affected spider mitesView of plants affected spider mites

Spider mites belong to the family of mites of the suborder Prostigmata. Surprising that there are even on the territory of Antarctica. But today I will not describe their characteristics and species diversity, and tell you about how I managed to get rid of them to save their pets green room.

What we know about ticks

Tick, I see you!

In the photo - spider miteIn the photo - spider mite

Before you get rid of spider mites, you must make sure that it was he who wielded on your colors. Look closely at the leaves of the plant, you see small white dots and fine cobweb? It is he!

In severe cases on houseplants noticeable multiple injuries, the leaves turn completely white, as seen stirring the mass at the tips of shoots - this is the body of the very pests.

How dangerous tick?

His food - juice of the leaves, resulting in significantly reduced area of ​​plants capable of photosynthesis. Besides, the parasite ably carries the gray rot and some viral infections that infect agricultural and ornamental crops.

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Grandma's recipes: 4 ways

With a slight defeat folk remedies you can use at home:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14987995172 Method 1. medical alcohol.

Plants can save 96% rubbing alcohol. The alcohol moistened piece of soft cloth or cotton wool and wipe each leaf. The method is good to all, except that it is not effective for mite eggs.

The alcohol evaporates very quickly, so do not have time to burn the leaves. However, I would not advise to use this method to deal with spider mites on plants such as petunia and fuchsia.

For processing the ethyl alcohol and ammonia can be joined in equal proportions.

table_pic_att14987995183 Method 2.laundry soap.

Organize bath procedure with soap. For this purpose plant and placed in a bath with abundant lather using a soft sponge or a piece of foam rubber.

Do not forget that to be processed pot and pan.

The maximum care with the root zone. In no case do not spill soapy water earthen room.

Do not remove the foam, leave the plant lathered for 2-3 hours. After rinsing, without waiting for drying, put a flower plastic bag and leave it for another day.

When it comes to plants with a large number of small leaves instead soaping foam sponge can be used by spraying a concentrated soap solution.

When processing a soap solution can be used as an economic and toilet was.

Method 3. The infusion of garlic.

What other people's products can be found in the apartment and return to war with the mite? Garlic!

For his plants I took two large heads of garlic, finely ground, placed in a glass jar and pour a liter of warm water.

Closed bank with the infusion should be in a dark place at least a day. Before spraying plant tincture is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

When preparing the infusion of garlic can not be cleaned.

table_pic_att14987995204 Method 4.onion peel.

Flower mites do not like the infusion of onion peel. To make it 50 grams of peels poured 2.5 liters of water and allowed to infuse for 5 days.

Filtered solution is used for spraying plants. For infusion solution any variety of onion.

Among folk remedies include teas and herbs, for example, black henbane, chamomile, dandelion root, alder.

Heavy artillery: 3 funds

If domestic methods of struggle that you feel are ineffective, proceed to the consideration of the chemicals.

Choosing one or another means, remember that the spider mite refers to the spider, so it used the army of destruction and miticides insectoacaricide.

Top 3 popular tools:

Photo Description and instructions for use
table_pic_att14987995225 Means 1. "Aktellik"

The remedy for spider mites on houseplants from insectoacaricide group, making it effective against arachnids and insects.

The drug is toxic, so keep in mind that the procedure should only be conducted in the open air using their own hands. It is recommended at a mass lesion of plants.

"Aktellik" refers to a group of assets II class of danger, toxic to humans and pets (price - from 100 rubles. 2 ml).

Means 2. "Fitoverm"

The representative of biological insectoacaricide. In comparison with "aktellik" less toxic, which allows him to use the bathroom.

Treatment is carried out at least 3-4 times every 7-10 days.

"Fitoverm" used to control spider mites and aphids.

Means 3. "Neoron"

Universal tool that allows you to remove from pot plants like adults mites and their eggs. To obtain the effect of the treatment procedure is performed twice.

"Neoron" actively fighting the mite and its eggs.

Excellent recommendations to control agents' Sanmayt "," Akarin "," Fufanon "," Aktofit "," Vermitek "," Apollo ".

Summing up

I hope my little story was a response to the question of how to deal with spider mites. Before selecting a particular means necessarily determine the degree of damage to the plants and read the recommendations for use.

I also still offer you the video in this article, which will certainly will appeal to gardeners gardeners and lovers of houseplants.

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