Cherry planting in spring and summer

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Grafting is a graft of a small fragment of one plant with vegetative buds to another. Grafting of sweet cherries is done on cherry plum, plum, cherry and, in fact, sweet cherry. The operation is needed to give a gentle heat-loving tree greater stamina, to limit growth. When two trees become one, a more winter-hard cherry stock will allow the sweet cherry to bear fruit in the Moscow region.

Basic rules for grafting

The plant that has roots in the ground is called the stock. The part that is implanted by any means into the mother tree is called the graft. To connect the plants, you need to pick up related crops, such pairs are called compatible. For grafting sweet cherries are compatible with stone fruit Pink. Most suitable for plum, cherry and apricot.

It is best to take root graft and stock during sap flow at an ambient temperature above + 5 degrees. Petioles are harvested from autumn. If the winter was warm, the graft rods are cut in spring. Green twigs take root badly.

There are different ways to combine the tissues of two trees, gardeners use one or another method of grafting cherries, like other fruit trees.

Vaccination is a complicated operation. In order not to spoil the stock, it is necessary to master the inoculation, to get a hand on the waste material. The tool should be on the hand and sharply sharpened. The combination of two flat cuts to achieve their connection.

What season to choose for

vaccination Sweet cherry is grafted during the growing season. But the best period for grafting all fruit trees is spring. It is important that there be no frost at this time. Grafting cherries in spring is done with prepared petioles. They were taken out of the cellar beforehand, saturated with moisture and root. In the spring all methods of splicing a scion and a stock are applied:

  • budding;
  • copulation:
  • inoculation for the cortex;
  • side shot;
  • graft splitting.

Occasionally, an experienced horticulturist applies an ablation - two young cherries are joined by grafting into a trunk. After accretion from one tree take vershok, from the other spine.

At the beginning of June, there is still a favorable time to inoculate the cherries on cherries in the summer. It is important in the summer before the start of the vaccination to feed the earth under the uterine tree with moisture. Water the plant regularly for 3 days. At this time, cuttings are also kept in water with a stimulant. Most often in the summer they implant the cherry with a budding method, with a peephole.

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In the summer, vaccinations can be carried out behind the bark. It is important for better survival to prepare cuttings in diameter of about 1 cm. Cherry is a good graft. Got sting feels good. But after a few years at the junction, the cherry becomes thicker. She has a strong sap flow. To prevent this from happening, in order not to break off the branches under the weight of the crop, it is necessary to plow the junction. How to plant a cherry on a cherry depends on the condition of the graft and the stock. With a partial graft, the tree can give cherries and cherries. The varieties of cherries serve as a good stock:

  • Megalebskaya cherry has a high winter resistance;
  • Pick - excellent compatibility with graft;
  • AFL - well combined with any varieties of sweet cherries;
  • Vladimirskaya Cherry - high winter hardiness, good graft survival.
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If there is an old sweet cherry in the garden, which does not bear fruit, but has adapted to the frost for a long time - this is a great stock for new cuttings of cherry. They can be placed along the trunk, on the cut, take different varieties, from this the fruitful tree will become picturesque.

Is it possible to plant a sweet cherry on a sweet cherry if the tree bears fruit? Inoculation can be done in the stem shoot and skeletal branches. So usually cultivate a variety of pollinator, if the garden area is small. Grafting can correct the taste, size, yield of the stock.

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Experimenting with vaccinations in the fall can be a short period. It is necessary that the cutting be started before the frost comes, and the sap flow stops.

What fruit trees can be grafted on

sweet cherry cherry is akin to stone fruit, but the growth force of all trees is different, the structure of the wood, too. Therefore, for better survival, inoculations of cherries are performed on the plum. The vaccination can be performed partially, and then plums and cherries will share food from the roots. But sometimes they take a stock to create a sapling. In this case, the stock must be at least 1 cm in diameter.

At a height of 20 cm from the ground, a reed incision is made on both parts. The stock with graft is connected and secured by winding. The operation site is sealed with a bag to retain moisture. When the leaves appear, the package can be removed. On the stock all the shoots are removed. After 2 years, the seedling should enter into fruiting.

What else can you instill in sweet cherries? On cherry plum. It makes the cherry more resistant, and allows you to place the tree where there is an excess of ground moisture.

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