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What kind of earth would it be if there were no different plants on it? Fortunately, we are surrounded by a whole galaxy of flowers, and the entrance to it is through iberis, the photo of which is admirable.

As soon as the warm spring rays have warmed the soil, green leaves of iberis appear. How do flower lovers rejoice at these evergreen bushes poking out from under the snow. They, as the first heralds of the revival of the earth, are reminiscent of the approach of summer. Evergreen iberis, the photo of which is presented below, like a business card to the world of spring flowers.

The first acquaintance with the majestic flower

For the first time iberis was discovered on the expanses of southern Europe and the slopes of the mountains of the Mediterranean. Especially a lot of it grows in Spain, in the form of lush thickets of meter width. In the photo of iberis flowers you can see the structure of its original buds.

Small cups of the plant, 1.5 cm in size, are collected in elegant baskets. In one inflorescence, there are up to 40 pieces. During flowering, which begins in late April, they completely cover the green leaves, dressing the bush in a delicate shawl. Such beauty is preserved for a month. Iberis flowers are white, pink, scarlet and purple color. Sometimes there are buds of purple.

In the natural environment, iberis is found as an annual and perennial plant. Annual variants branch well in the warm season. Some garden flower lovers call it a stennik. To grow it, it is enough to sow the seeds in the spring in a well-heated soil. After 10 days there will be young shoots that should be thinned. When the bush fades, the buds need to be cut to create new ones, and the plant is gaining momentum. In this photo, iberis can be seen in all its glory.

In August, in order to admire the flower bouquets of an annual Iberis, you should plant it in mid-May. According to the observations of botanists, annual plant varieties bloom much longer than perennials.

Iberis perennial has the original structure of the inflorescences. Delicate petals of one bud have different lengths. Because of this, the bouquets seem more luxuriant and stately.

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Usually perennial iberis bloom in the second year after planting. They are cold-resistant, so they tolerate cold winters comfortably.

In order to successfully breed these perennial evergreens, several factors should be considered. Iberis love:

  • rocky places;
  • sandy soil;
  • open area;
  • a lot of light.

Especially often plants are used to decorate decorative hills or combined flower beds with stones. The main condition is to preserve the shape of the bush.

In nature, there are different varieties of Iberis, the one-year breeding and perennial. Detailed consideration of some options will help to plunge into the flower galaxy of beauty.

Popular varieties of annual garden beauties

To create an oasis of beauty at the cottage, gardeners use different types of annual Iberis. The lush flowering of such a bush attracts the eyes of guests and passersby. It happens:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • lilac;
  • lilac.

The most famous varieties of Iberis annual - bitter and umbrella.

Iberis Bitter

The shrub of this plant grows up to 30 cm. The branching stems are covered with a delicate white fuzz. Annual leaves are back-lanceolate. The edges are notched.

Iberis bitter blooms in late spring or early summer. White inflorescences. Sometimes there are purple instances. The form of flower garlands resembles a hyacinth, which gives the plant some charm.

Iberis bitter is ideal for decorating the interior. In cut form, it retains its original appearance for about 10 days.

Gardeners also note other varieties of bitter Iberis.

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Majestic "Iceberg"

The plant of this species grows up to 40 cm. Such bushes have large toothed leaves and luxurious long garlands of buds. During the period of violent flowering, about 70 days, white iberis resembles an air cloud settled in the garden. Its inflorescences are very similar to large hyacinths, which causes admiration.

Hyacinth variety "Empress"

The iberis bush of this hyacinth variety is similar to a candelabra. The leaves are large lanceolate. The edges are notched. Buds resemble inflorescences of hyacinth. Color - white.

Iberis umbrella

Umbrella annual bushes can be low - up to 15 cm and high - about 40 cm. The inflorescences are collected in the original umbrellas of these colors:

  • purple;
  • white;
  • purple;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • cream.

Bud buds are quite dense, so during the flowering bloom all the greens are completely covered.

Impresses with its charm iberis pink variety Pink Dream.

A low shrub with dark green leaves, during flowering, is covered with a huge amount of bright pink buds. The plant withstands small frosts, so long decorates the dacha.

Incredibly beautiful variety that can beautify any area - iberis Cvit Candy.

Gustovetvisty shrub covered with fragrant garlands of inflorescences of different shades.

Luxury varieties of perennial garden decorations

Many gardeners prefer perennial iberis varieties. Their advantage is that they do not need to be planted every year. Shrubs miraculously tolerate Russian winters and bloom annually in suburban areas.

Among the most popular varieties of this perennial are the following options:

  • Gibraltsky;
  • Crimean;
  • snowflake.
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Each of them has its own charms.

Iberis Gibraltar

This luxurious shrub, whose birthplace is Spain and North Africa, grows up to 25 cm. Iberis Gibaratarsky blooms in spring with small pink or purple flowers. It has oblong leaves on slender branched shoots.

Likes sunny spots and drained soil. Plants are used to decorate the rocky lawns of the backyard territory.

Iberis of the Gibraltar chameleon can often be found at the dacha plots. This shrub has dark green leaves and fragrant flowers.

Inflorescence color gradually changes from purple to white. Suitable for registration of rocky landscapes in the suburban areas. Looks great in pots or containers.

Crimean iberis

The name of the plant speaks of its homeland. Crimean Iberis grows up to 10 cm in height. The leaves are brown-green. Buds lilac with white petals.

Used to decorate the borders of garden paths. Can also be grown on the balcony.

Iberis snowflake

The plant grows in the form of neat bushes. Iberis snowflake blooms with white tender buds that resemble snow caps on evergreens.

Low dense bushes grow up to 30 cm. Inflorescences are umbrella-shaped in white. Plants are used for gardening garden paths. Excellent grow near the curbs and stony decorative alleys. The Iberis sort similar to it, snowfall comfortably tolerates the winter cold without additional shelter.

Considering the various types of iberis, you can see that the whole plant is unpretentious to the habitat. Therefore, gardeners boldly bred it in their country cottages or personal plots. Some manage to grow iberis on the balcony. Surrounded by such cute bushes to live becomes more fun.

Video about the types of iberis

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