Description and characteristics of tomato variety Cosmonaut Volkov

The development of breeding made it possible to create completely new varieties of vegetables and fruits, and even with the given parameters. Tomatoes, perhaps, the favorite "field for experimentation" of breeders. Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov" - the fruit of amateur breeding, awarded the title of "the most delicious tomato in the world" in one eminent competition, below in the article we consider its characteristics and description.

Table of Contents;Maslov, in the past the engineer of space technology, after retirement began to develop new varieties. One of the tomatoes he received, a handsome hero, Maslov gave the name "Cosmonaut Volkov" in honor of his friend-hero.

Tomato was widely known and recognized for its great sweet taste, large fruits and high yield.

"Cosmonaut Volkov" - is a hybrid of the determinant type , i.e.bush growth is not limited and can reach a height of 1.6m to 2m or more.

The formation of brushes occurs on a single stem along the entire length: the first one is laid in the sinus of 8-9 leaves, and then - every 2-3 leaves. On the hands, an average of 3 to 7 ovaries are formed. For the season from one bush you can get

up to 7 kg of tomatoes .

Sugary, very sweet and fragrant, large fruits - from 200 to 400g on average, but lower specimens can reach a mass of 600-800g .

The variety has large fruits, the average weight is 200-400 grams

The shape of the fruit is round, and the stem is ribbed. The color may be different - from yellow-orange to red .Fruits contain up to 4.5% of sugar, about 7% of dry substances( ie, all useful substances, except water).

Tomatoes of this variety are recognized leaders in a balanced content of sugars and acids, high content of vitamins.

This variety is for growing in the greenhouse , where you can get the highest yield, but in a warm climate with a long summer, the Cosmonaut Volkov tomato also gives a good result. This is due to the fact that the hybrid belongs to the mid-early varieties, the term of maturation is 120-130 days.

Tomatoes can be harvested as immature, milky brown in color, and then ripened to make the fruit even more sweet.

The main advantages and disadvantages of

Very many gardeners choose this variety for planting both in open ground and in greenhouses. Negative reviews practically does not occur, who tried to grow a tomato, note the following advantages:

  • great taste and aroma of fruits ;
  • very large size of tomatoes;
  • high yield;
  • good disease resistance.
The large size of the fruit and the high yield are the advantages of the variety Astronaut Volkov
The only drawback, and very doubtful, is the need for pasynkovaniya and tying up lashes.

Growth Technology

The Cosmonaut Volkov indeterminant tomato is excellent for growing in greenhouses, greenhouses, and gardens .In this case, apply the usual agrotechnical techniques, but still there are some features of care precisely for this variety.

Preparation of seeds and soil

We begin with the preparation of seeds for sowing. To do this, you need to calibrate, process the solution of manganese and harden. Calibration consists in selecting of the largest, healthy, symmetric grains.

After selection, the seeds must be hardened so that occasional cold snaps or frosts are not terrible for future seedlings. To do this, the seed is wrapped in a damp cloth, cleaned for a couple of days in a cold place - on the balcony, in the refrigerator, but the temperature should not be below +1, +2 degrees. Sow seeds in the ground without drying.

Tomato seeds Cosmonaut Volkov

seeds can be treated with a solution of manganese ( this is the simplest, most affordable, and at the same time effective way).Planting material should be put in a gauze bag and dipped in a pale pink manganese solution for 2 hours. This will kill bacteria, fungal spores, and prevent seedling diseases at an early stage of growth.

The soil is prepared as usual for any seedlings - 1/2 soil, 1/2 humus, you can add 1 cup of ash to a bucket of prepared soil. Pile it in wooden boxes for seedlings or plastic containers / cups with drainage holes.

Sowing of seeds

Since the Cosmonaut Volkov tomato is very thermophilic, it is usually grown in greenhouses.

Planting in open ground can be carried out, , when the probability of frost is completely eliminated, and not earlier than 60-65 days after the seedlings emerge.

Each gardener can calculate approximate dates of sowing of seeds, taking into account local weather conditions, usually they fall at mid-end of March .

Seeds are sown in containers at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, buried by 1-1.5 cm, the soil is slightly moisturized and cleaned in a warm, well-lit place.

Growing seedlings must be done in a warm, well-lit place.

Care of seedlings

When the first shoots appear, seedlings need to feed .It is best to use complex fertilizers, potash.

When 2 true leaves appear on sprouts, their swoops , pinching the root, in a separate container. If you plan to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, you can put in a permanent place. On one sq. M 2-3 plants are placed, if the bushes form in 1 stem - 4 plants.

This variety of tomatoes is unpretentious to the soil, but since the plant is tall, has a high yield, large fruit, additional feeding is necessary, and in several stages. Carry it after landing in the ground during flowering and formation of ovaries.

Basic care for adult bushes is timely feeding, removing weeds, loosening the soil after watering.

Tomato likes infrequent, but abundant watering with warm water.
Tomato must-be staked

Be sure to carry out pasynkovanie , i.e.removing side shoots and tying bushes so that they do not get damaged by the weight of the fruit. At the end of July, you can pin the main stem, so that the plant directs all its forces to the growth and ripening of fruits.

The Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato is resistant to typical diseases, but it is necessary to monitor the health of the bush and the fruits and to carry out preventive treatments with the usual preparations, boric acid, in time.

The Cosmonaut Volokov Tomato possesses the best qualities of tomatoes: excellent taste, yield, unpretentiousness. Many gardeners prefer this variety in order to enjoy the taste and aroma of sugar fruit, for which it is worth trying to grow this crop.

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