As washed blinds: cleaning methods, care rules 7 and 5 prohibitions


  • 1 Methods for cleaning up
    • 1.1 dry processing
    • 1.2 wet processing
  • 2 7 rules of operation
  • 3 5 "no" to care
  • 4 Output
In the photo - roller blinds, kotoroye fit well with any interior.In the photo - roller blinds, kotoroye fit well with any interior.

Roll curtains decorate several rooms in my house. It is very stylish and practical way to adjust the amount of light in the room. But sooner or later it is necessary to wash the blinds. How to wash blinds with their hands without much effort? This we understand.

Methods for cleaning up

There are two basic approaches how to clean blinds in the home:

  1. Dry treatment.
  2. Wet processing.

dry processing

Instructions how to carry out dry cleaning of blinds:

Picture Procedure
table_pic_att14933943791 Method 1. damp cloth
  1. Moisten flap clean warm water soft tissue.
  2. Expand the blinds on the entire length.
  3. Accurate movements rub the whole body from top to bottom without too much pressure.
  4. Leave for 30 minutes, the fabric is able to dry.
  5. Finally, take a sheet.

This treatment should be done regularly. At least once a week.

table_pic_att14933943812 Method 2. A vacuum cleaner
  1. Maximally expand the canvas.
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  3. Put on a special vacuum cleaner nozzle for fabric.
  4. Smooth movements vacuum the whole body from top to bottom.

There is another way in which the curtains are advised to clean up steam. We strongly do not recommend it, as the steam can dissolve the special water and dust-repellent coating.

wet processing

Before proceeding to the purification of the curtains, you need to carefully remove the roller blinds. Fastening mechanisms may be many, but as a rule, they consist of a chain of command, a few brackets and roll the fabric itself.

The most common method of securing these curtains.The most common method of securing these curtains.

Algorithm, removing the blinds properly:

  1. With twist-chain regulator web into a roll.
  2. Remove the bracket cover (Scheme above item 2).
  3. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the main bolts on both sides (in the diagram above, paragraph 5).
  4. Remove the tube from the web with a bracket (Scheme 11).

We now proceed to the question of how to wash the blinds in the home:

Picture Procedure
table_pic_att14933943854 Step 1

Remove the curtains and lay on a flat surface. Remove all side mounting.

table_pic_att14933943865 step 2

Make any weak detergent solution with a neutral pH.

table_pic_att14933943876 step 3

With a sponge soaked in a solution process the entire surface of the web. Try not to rub strongly and do not press on the canvas.

table_pic_att14933943897 step 4

With clean balances and leave the shade to dry a damp cloth.

table_pic_att14933943898 step 5

Finally, hang the curtains in place, using the same algorithm as for the removal, but in reverse order.

7 rules of operation

We figured out how to wash the blinds in the home. But still need to understand the basic operating instructions and safety precautions. Typically, these curtains are made of a fabric that perfectly absorbs dust, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

How to care for roller blinds:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14933943909 rule 1

Hang curtains are only away from the open and closed heat source (plate, battery, heat source).

table_pic_att149339439110 rule 2

Fabric blinds do not like excessive moisture and heat (in the bathroom to hang them entirely unreasonable).

table_pic_att149339439411 rule 3

Displace curtains when doing cleaning or cooking, so they can save you from unnecessary pollution. Fabric very quickly absorbs odors and soot.

table_pic_att149339439412 rule 4

Try to eliminate the appearance of creases and wrinkles in the fabric. Get rid of them is very problematic.

table_pic_att149339439513 rule 5

Resort to wet processing is desirable only if the dry cleaning of blinds does not help get rid of dirt.

rule 6

Ventilate the room with lowered shutters, so you can get rid of accumulated dust.

table_pic_att149339439714 rule 7

If the lifting mechanism starts to squeak, lubricate it with special silicone grease (available at any hardware store, price - is available).

5 "no" to care

Now I tell, what not to do with roller curtains in any case. The detailed recommendations are presented in the table below:

Picture rules
table_pic_att149339439815 1 ban. Washer

Can I erase the blinds in the car machine? Strongly I do not recommend it. Such treatment irreversibly ruin the fabric.

table_pic_att149339439916 2 ban. Drying

Drying such products can only be on a flat surface.

Ban 3. Valet

To stroke the cloth, use a special mesh ironing.

Iron can include only the minimum temperature.

table_pic_att149339440317 Prohibition 4. powders

Washing powders can not be used with the abrasive particles. It is better to use liquid detergent.

table_pic_att149339440418 Prohibition 5. Chemistry

It is not recommended to process webs aggressive chemicals - benzene, acetone and other solvents.


We found two main ways to clean blinds. And if you do not forget the basic rules for the care and maintenance of such products, the general cleaning of curtains you will rarely engage. Videos in this article will show all the details of both wet and dry processing curtains. In comments to leave your questions and comments!

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