Care leather jacket 4 principal ways and methods of recovery of the material


  • 1 regular care
  • 2 Correction of defects and reducing the material
    • 2.1 Restore luster
    • 2.2 Removing stains
    • 2.3 Elimination of scuffs and scratches
    • 2.4 Recovery of elasticity after wetting
  • 3 Output
Return the original appearance of the leather product will help both special and handy tools.Return the original appearance of the leather product will help both special and handy tools.

Clothes made of leather may eventually lose its attractive appearance: the material fades, there are scratches and abrasions. I'll tell you what should be the proper care of a leather jacket at home.

regular care

On the label contains the permissible and prohibited methods of care for leather clothing.On the label contains the permissible and prohibited methods of care for leather clothing.

Regular brushing, the use of special tools to help preserve the novelty of the product. I offer an easy way to care for your leather jacket:

Picture Description of the way
table_pic_att15049756302 1. A method for protecting from moisture.

Water repellent spray to protect clothes from getting wet.

2 times a week, treat the entire surface of the aerosol.

This means for forming waterproof leather jackets and invisible layer.

table_pic_att15049756313 2. A method of skin hydration.

Moisturizer for the care of a leather jacket to prevent the formation of cracks and abrasions.

Applying once a week moisturizer you protect clothes from wear and tear.

The reducing agent includes oil-impregnation and glycerin, reducing the elasticity of the material.

table_pic_att15049756384 3. cleaning method.

Penoochistitel care leather clothes gently wash away the dust and traces of precipitation:

  • First treat the collar, cuffs, pocket region. These places are quickly soiled and rubbed.
  • Then apply the foam over the whole surface and walk cloth.
  • Such skin care jacket is held once in two weeks with regular wear.
table_pic_att15049756395 4. Way to remove stains from the rain.
  • Walk with a soft dry cloth for the material.
  • Tread spots rub damp cloth or sponge for cleansing the skin.
table_pic_att15049756416 5. The method as store leather jacket.
  • Pretreated moisturizer.
  • Dry in a ventilated room.

Do not dry in the sun - so the skin dries and cracks are formed.

  • Hang on a hanger, straighten thing and close the zipper. The pocket put sachet with lavender (from moth, carpet beetle).
  • Put Case for clothes, it will protect from dust.

Correction of defects and reducing the material

Competent care of leather goods at home means not only preserving the appearance, but also the recovery in case of defects.

Restore luster

From the sun and rain the material loses its original shine.From the sun and rain the material loses its original shine.

Bring back the shine and natural leather jacket can update using the following means:

image tools application
table_pic_att15049756438 means 1

Glycerol restore shiny appearance:

  • Mix equal proportions of water and glycerol.
  • Soft cloth soaked in a solution, wipe the surface.
table_pic_att15049756459 means 2

The acid-alcohol solution for dark products:

  • Juice from 1 lemon mix with 1 tea spoon alcohol (or tablespoon of vodka). Pour into a liter of water.
  • Soak the sponge in a solution wring well.

Liberally moisten the skin can not, because the liquid will damage the base and the material hardens.

  • Treat the surface.
table_pic_att150497564610 means 3

Sponge for skin:

  • Special sponge, go over the material.
  • Shine and skin from the wear protection is provided. However, frequent use will lead to the darkening of the product.

Removing stains

In the washing machine can not clean the leather jacket - deteriorate. To remove stains, you should resort to proven methods:

Photos funds Description of the method
table_pic_att150497564811 Grease stains:
  • Add a few drops of gel for washing children's dishes in a liter of water.
  • Whisk with his hands a thick foam.
  • Scoop sponge foam and treat stains.
  • Wipe lightly moistened cloth with clean water.
table_pic_att150497565112 Salt stains from rain and snow:
  • Apply vinegar on a cotton pad
  • Treat stains from salt from the edge to the center.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth.
table_pic_att150497565213 The stains on the white skin:
  • Dissolve 100 g of water aspirin.
  • Moisten a cotton pad in the solution and rub the stain.

Elimination of scuffs and scratches

If in the process of wearing top leather clothing rubbed or scratched, it can be restored. Help such care products:

image tools The use of special funds
table_pic_att150497565314 masking scratches
  1. Apply a cotton swab drop-cream paint and paint scratches.
  2. Wax crayons by color jackets walk around the damage.
table_pic_att150497565415 From scratches and scuffs

Apply a liquid skin:

  • Polish the damaged area sawing-polishing nail.
  • Wipe with a cotton pad with alcohol.
  • Apply a liquid skin to crack.
  • After 10 minutes, rub with dry cloth.

Price "repair" of about 120 rubles.

table_pic_att150497565616 from scuffs

Use paint to smooth skin:

  • Clean the jacket and hang it on a hanger.
  • Spray aerosol paint on the surface.

Painted on the street is better not to stain the furnishings in the house.

  • Remove stains with a sponge.

Recovery of elasticity after wetting

If weatherproof clothes got wet, there are a number of rules, how to dry a leather jacket:

Picture Step-by-step instruction
table_pic_att150497565817 Step 1

Wipe the product with a towel or cloth.

table_pic_att150497565918 step 2

Dry garments in a ventilated area.

The thread sleeves rolled towels - so save the form.

table_pic_att150497566019 step 3

Castor oil - a natural moisturizer. Lubricate them dried product.

table_pic_att150497566320 step 4

Treat the surface with wax for leather products.

It softens the hardened material from moisture and prevent cracking.


Following my recommendations, and clear leadership in the video in this article, you will save a stylish look and novelty leather jacket, appeared zamaskiruete defects. If you have a question or need to clarify - write in the comments.

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