The benefits and harms of lettuce leaf salad

Lettuce Lettuce - one of the main salad plants, characterized by great popularity among gardeners all over the world. Since ancient times, it has already grown Chinese, Egyptians and Persians. Eating lettuce leaves every day, people attributed to him painkillers, a sedative effect, the possibility of sobering up after drinking wine. The Romans cultivated the plant in such quantities that whole families worked on it.

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  • Ingredients and Nutritional Value of Lettuce
  • Useful PropertiesIn addition, the salad is enriched with: selenium
    • ;
    • zinc;
    • copper;
    • manganese;
    • iron;
    • phosphor;
    • magnesium.
    Calorie salad is low - no more than 15 kilocalories per hundred grams of a plant.
    Calorie leaf lettuce - no more than 15 kcal per 100 grams

    Useful properties

    Salad is considered an annual, it tolerates cold weather, has a good early maturity and high yield.

    The plant is able to provide not only dietary, but also therapeutic effects

    .It is recommended by doctors for inclusion in baby food and the elderly. Lettuce leaves perfectly help to recover from surgery and prolonged illness.

    Lettuce can have diuretic and sedative effect. perfectly helps with respiratory diseases because it causes expectorant effects.

    A leaf plant is recommended for use with for insomnia, tuberculosis, and atherosclerosis .Freshly made juice will help stabilize the gastrointestinal tract. Juice should be taken several times a day with diabetes.

    Traditional medicine is known for a huge number of prescriptions in which lettuce is used by in the over-stimulation of the nerves , to strengthen the immune system.

    Lettuce is indispensable in the diet and light salads

    Almost ninety-five percent of the salad consists of water, so using it will help saturate the body with moisture. The presence of fiber in a plant helps against constipation and obesity .It is fiber that creates a feeling of fullness, accelerates the movement of food through the digestive tract.

    Folic acid benefits pregnant women during fetal formation.

    The level of potassium helps to perfectly control the work of the heart and blood vessels, removes excess water from the body, relieves puffiness. Helps in the work of the heart and magnesium, which is necessary for the good absorption of potassium.

    Tincture prepared on crushed seeds perfectly helps nursing mothers, enhancing the lactation of milk .With the help of this infusion, the vessels are cleaned, the nerves calm down, the development of obesity is suspended.

    Tincture from lettuce seeds increases the lactation of milk.

    Harm from eating

    The plant should not be consumed with colitis and entocolitis, gout, urolithiasis .You can not eat lettuce, if the diseases of the intestinal system are aggravated, accompanied by diarrhea, in this case, the salad can harm the body.

    Another contraindication is bronchial asthma.

    Recipes with lettuce

    Folk medicine is prescribed using salad juice to get rid of toothache .If there are problems with the spleen, then you should drink the juice with the addition of vinegar. Seed mixture, lettuce, flour and vinegar will save you from leg pain. From such a composition is applied a bandage.

    Cough should be crushed twenty grams of foliage, brew a glass of boiling water, leave for two hours. All filtered and drink three to four times a day, 50 ml.

    A decoction of lettuce leaves helps cough and insomnia.

    For the same recipe, a composition for insomnia is prepared, only it should be insisted no more than thirty minutes and taken 1– ml before going to bed.

    Seeds in the amount of twenty grams pour boiling water( 400 ml), insist a couple of hours. It is necessary to accept nursing mothers on thirty milliliters twice a day to improve a lactation.

    For cystitis an infusion of leaves is prepared, which must be taken two to three times a day in 100 ml.

    If there are problems with hair loss, then lettuce juice is recommended for rubbing into the skin of the head. Having added honey to juice, receive means from fight against dandruff. Grinded with yeast fresh foliage perfectly helps with carbuncles and boils.

    Salad masks are used to protect against sunburn, relieve inflammatory processes, get rid of oily shine, improve skin tone.

    To make a mask, you need to chop the lettuce leaves into a mush, add the necessary ingredients, apply on the face of the face for about twenty minutes.

    To prepare a mask of lettuce, the leaves before this are finely ground

    Recipes of masks:

    • refreshing composition - chopped leaves and sour cream( all two spoons) are mixed, half of a spoon of olive oil is added;
    • universal mask - foliage mixed with olive oil, lemon juice is added;
    • for dry skin - leaves, sour cream, some vegetable oil. The second option is foliage and heated milk;
    • oily skin - a couple of tablespoons of lettuce, eight drops of lemon juice, egg white. After applying the mask must be washed off with chamomile decoction. The second recipe helps with the same problem - a spoon of lettuce, as much parsley, three spoons of ryazhenka or kefir.

    Excessively sensitive to the sun, the skin can be protected - finely chop lettuce leaves, cook them for no longer than three minutes in boiling water( a quarter cup), filter. The resulting mixture should be applied to the face. Liquid is soaked with cotton wool, which is further washed off the mask.

    Lettuce masks are suitable for both normal and problematic skin.

    The lotion used by for normal skin. - a couple of tablespoons of salad leaves, olive oil, lemon juice. The skin is rubbed with a prepared composition, which must be washed off after twenty minutes.

    The tonic composition of is three tablespoons of leaves, radish, burdock, almond oil, lemon juice. Everything is applied to the skin, washed off after fifteen minutes.

    Salad and cucumber juice are mixed. Cotton pads soaked in them are placed on the eyes for about twenty minutes. Such a tool perfectly helps get rid of traces of fatigue and swelling.

    Adhering to a special diet, supermodels are consumed for dinner, combining it with beef.

    If this plant is used correctly in its diet, then there is an opportunity to get rid of many ailments. This beautiful product will help you keep your body slim and beautiful for a long time.

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