17 breeds of ducks for home breeding

Amazing bird - duck. Farmers are aware of rapid growth, undemanding of the content, and most importantly of its tasty meat. The variety of breeds is amazing. Consider what types are and their characteristics.


  • best breeds and varieties of domestic ducks
    • Cantaloupe( indoutka)
    • View Duck Blue favorite
    • Aghidel
    • Bashkir
    • Beijing
    • mulard
    • Cherry Valley
    • Star 53
    • Blagovarsky
    • Indian Runner
    • Ukrainian gray
    • Russian crested
    • Cayuga
    • Temp
    • Moscowwhite
    • Black white-breasted
    • Khaki campbell

The best breeds and varieties of domestic ducksluchila, thanks to a cross with a turkey. In fact, the reason for this was the external similarity. Domestic musk duck was a long time, but we appeared in the 80s of the XX century. Since then, spread and loved poultry farmers.

The musky bird has distinctive features:

  • wide, elongated body;
  • wide chest;
  • head extended;
  • large, dark eyes;
  • growths on the face.
The main purpose of growing musk duck is meat. The weight of an adult bird reaches 5-6 kg.


  • do not make noise;
  • healthy meat;
  • get along with other poultry;
  • eat greens;
  • rush a lot.


  • grow slowly;
  • do not walk the herd.
Musk( indooot) is widespread and loved by poultry farmers

Duck species. Blue favorite

Appeared in the late 1990s. Place of appearance - Bashkiria. Name received for the color of plumage. The breed is large. Some poultry farmers managed to grow a “Blue Favorite” the size of a goose of the same age in six months. Feedback from farmers about the bird positive. The main reason for the popularity is a good survival rate.

The Blue Favorite is distinguished:

  • with a neck of medium length;
  • short legs;
  • with large, tight-fitting wings;
  • blue with a smoky hue.

The advantages of this bird weight:

  • simplicity in food;
  • growth rate( even with poor feed, duck quickly gains weight);
  • survivability;
  • the ability to contain in different conditions.

Of the minuses stands out that the “Blue Favorite” poorly incubates eggs.

Duck The blue favorite is distinguished by good survival


It appeared recently. It refers to the type of meat broilers. Popular in countries exporting meat. Quickly gaining weight in all conditions of detention. Thanks to breeders, the bird adapts to climatic and weather conditions. Meat "Agidel" has a pronounced taste. Ducks are not terrible, common diseases.

Got a wide, long torso with an impressive mass. Plumage color is white. The beak is bright orange. In appearance is a meat duck. The two-month duckling weighs up to 3 kg.

The breed is very productive.250 eggs - duck egg production for one period.


  • disease resistance;
  • rapid growth;
  • unpretentiousness in food;
  • high productivity.
Agidel received a wide long body with an impressive weight


One of the best birds in terms of price-quality ratio. Spreading "Bashkirok", the owner receives a beautiful, meat ducks while not spending a lot of money on the content. Breed received two variants of coloring: black and white and "khaki".

Bashkir duck is productive and immune to disease, which simplifies the breeding process. On average, the weight of an adult duck is 4 kg. With good food and care, this figure increases. Does not require special conditions of detention.

The pros of distributors include:

  • cost of maintenance;
  • attractive feather color;
  • the possibility of breeding on farms( for business purposes);
  • tender meat.
When breeding at home, you should pay attention to the temperature and lighting.
The Bashkir duck has an attractive feather color.


A popular breed. Often found in households. Many people call the best meat duck. Bred long ago, so that and managed to spread around the world.

Exterior Features:

  • tight build;
  • wide back and chest;
  • bulging forehead;
  • massive, short legs;
  • powerful wings;
  • plumage white or cream.
Adult male weighs up to 4.2 kg, female - 3.8.In addition to tasty meat, Peking ducks are good layers - up to 130 eggs per year.

Peking ducks are an amazing breed. Thanks to them, today subspecies of these waterfowl are bred.

She has a lot of advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • is a good growth;
  • unpretentiousness in food and content;
  • good laying hens and hens;
  • delicious meat.

The disadvantages are not the biggest weight by today's standards.

Peking duck is distinguished by the delicious meat.


Moulard appeared due to the interbreeding of indoutok and other domestic breeds. This allowed us to get fast-growing and large individuals. Mulardov easy and cheap to breed. Ducks are easy to distinguish from other poultry. They have a large body and a long neck. Plumage - black or white.

Do not start a mulard for offspring. They manifest sexual instinct, but fertilization of eggs does not occur.

The advantages of the breed, except for weight, include:

  • dietary meat;
  • rapid growth( with good feed, the duck weighs up to 3 kilograms already in two months);
  • enough space for the content of the site.


  • cost of ducklings;
  • is more difficult to grow than other breeds.
Mulardy have dietary meat

Cherry Valley

Are in demand of farmers in Russia and the CIS countries. Hardy and strong ducks. They gain weight fast and are resistant to disease. For 50 days, the duckling is able to gain up to 3 kg. Stand out by egg production - up to 150 per year. The survival rate of ducklings is 95%.

For rapid growth, ducks need to be provided with a variety of food and water. Feed better at the same time. Food must contain vitamins.

The meat of an adult duck received excellent taste, although slightly harsh. It contains many vitamins, especially if you slaughter individuals at 7 weeks.

Cherry Vell Meat is slightly harsh

Star 53

Low-fat meat, unpretentiousness in feed and care, slaughter for 50 days of life - this made the French breed "Star 53" very popular among farmers. Congenital features and proper care will help grow a duck weighing up to 4.5 kg.

"Star 53" has a fast metabolism, so that the absorption of vitamins is lightning fast. Ducks do not accumulate fat, which makes meat a dietary one.

The appearance of the breed is quite typical. A powerful chest is the first thing that catches your eye. White plumage. It stands out a massive back.

Main advantages:

  • unpretentiousness to feed;
  • rapid growth;
  • Disease Immunity.


  • do not like cramped rooms;
  • requires temperature and light control.
Ducks Star 53 do not like cramped premises


Breed combined in itself productivity and beauty. Farmers note the profitability of the establishment of these ducks. Breed appeared recently and bred in Russia. Have a pronounced meat type and great taste. Juveniles grow rapidly and lose a minimum of weight during the plumage.

Poultry farmers do not have to spend money on feed. In food, the individual is unpretentious, productive - from 80% of eggs, offspring appears.

With the right combination of feed, the weight gain is 1 kg.


  • for the maintenance of a sufficiently equipped barn;
  • ducks are calm and balanced;
  • active growth.
Blagovarskaya duck is not whimsical in food

Indian runner

Breed 2 thousand years. Ducks run fast and swim. The presence of a reservoir is optional. When running, they do not spread their wings, which surprises poultry farmers. Breed calm - only worry when there is danger.

The weight of an adult individual is about 2 kg. Efficiency - 280 eggs per year. Meat is small, but is considered a delicacy. Breed - egg.

Pros "Runners":

  • calm character;
  • productivity;
  • ease of care;
  • ability to live with other birds;
  • attractive appearance.


  • Low weight.
Indian runner has a rather interesting appearance.

Ukrainian gray

Artificially bred breed. Differs in good health and love of freedom. It has developed muscles. Spends a lot of time in the water. It is distinguished by thick plumage and beautiful coloring. Size - medium. The legs are short but powerful.

You can keep a duck in Spartan conditions. In food she is unpretentious. She is not afraid of many diseases. Weight can reach 3.5 kg.

The disadvantages include the love of water. Birds must be constantly released on the free-range.

Ukrainian gray can live in Spartan conditions.

Russian Crested

. The breed is interesting to many breeders and farmers. The main feature - the crest on the head. The duck has an interesting appearance and calm nature. The bird does not grow big - the maximum weight is 2.5 kg. Very flexible, thanks to a developed musculature.

Farmers noticed that the larger the crest, the lower the productivity.

In food unpretentious. It treats reservoirs calmly. It is not worth much to feed them - you get a carcass, swum fat.


  • unpretentiousness in food and content;
  • productivity;
  • rapid growth.


  • low weight.
Russian Crested is not capricious both in food and in content.


Bright and very beautiful breed of ducks. Color ducks - green with a metallic tinge. The breed belongs to the meat-bearing species, but is used more often for decorative purposes. Meat because of black hemp has a not very appetizing look.

Another distinctive feature - Cayuga are black eggs. About 150 pieces can be carried in a year. Ducks willingly hatch them.

In general, ducks are not picky, which allows them to be kept in any conditions.

Advantages of the breed:

  • beauty;
  • high productivity;
  • beautiful hens;
  • unpretentiousness.


  • light weight;
  • prone to disease.
Cayuga - a bright and beautiful breed of ducks.

. Temp.

. A popular breed that does not require serious care. Even a beginner farmer can cope with ducklings. They do not need a body of water and special food. Chicks grow quickly, are immune to disease, mobile. Very good ducks tolerate low temperatures.

Individuals quickly gain weight - in 7 weeks up to 3.5 kg. Meat is dietary and odorless. For a year, a duck can carry up to one hundred eggs.

When keeping in cold months, it is necessary to provide heating. Otherwise, the feed will not give weight gain.
Duck Pace per year capable of carrying 100 eggs

Moscow white

Breed of meat orientation. Very prolific ducks with high meat quality. Have an attractive appearance. Capable to gain weight up to 4.5 kg. Excellent egg production - up to 150 pieces per year.

The breed is unpretentious in food and can do without a reservoir. Disease resistant. The character is calm. You can buy ducks for a low price. With the right feed, “Moscow whites” grow up to 2 kg.in 2 months.


  • price;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • egg production.


  • maximum weight.
Moscow white ducks can do without a pond

Black white-breasted

Appeared in the middle of the last century, but could not gain popularity among farmers, although it has good characteristics. "Black White-breasted" is growing very fast and does not require special feed. The weight of an adult can reach 4 kg. The meat is tender and pleasant to the taste.

Bird egg production is 130 pieces per cycle, but it refers to broilers. Very high survival of offspring. Easily tolerate cold. The main thing for them is dry litter.

You can feed almost everyone. It is necessary to calculate the amount of food in order to get a large, healthy individual.

Black white-breasted duck is especially good for the survival of offspring


Breed of egg and meat orientation. Very common in Russia. Are grown up both on farms, and on private farms. Ducks are very active and mobile. They are small in size. The color of the plumage is “sandy”.


  • weight up to 3.5 kilograms;
  • egg production up to 200 eggs per year;
  • tasty meat.


  • do not hatch eggs;
  • requires a lot of space and water.
Khaki Campbell ducks do not hatch eggs

When choosing a duck breed, the main thing is to know what you want to get from it in the end - meat or eggs. Many waterbirds are similar, and only an experienced farmer will notice the differences. The productivity of any ducks depends only on the efforts of the owner.

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