Proper planting of beet seeds in open ground

Beetroot is a widely known and useful vegetable. It is easily grown, long stored. In fairly harsh conditions of our country provides us with essential vitamins during the harsh winter and during the spring of beriberi. Under the conditions, if you take care of and love the plant, planting this vegetable with seeds in open ground is not difficult.

Table of contents

  • The right time for planting beets in open ground
  • One of the best means of protection are lifts for growing cottages in a cottage or garden Gardens for planting in Siberia and the Urals
  • Planting
  • for planting beet seeds in Siberia and the UralsAutumn planting
  • Planting on seedlings at home
  • At what distance and according to what scheme to plant in the ground
  • The correct time for planting beets in the open ground

    Beets are planted differentin different ways. It can be planted with seeds or seedlings. Do it in the spring or autumn, it is important to comply with the correct dates. Spring planting of seeds in open ground is carried out by

    in 1-2 decade of May by , after the soil is fully heated.

    If the seeds are placed in an insufficiently heated soil, seedlings will begin to shoot out and you can not wait for a good harvest.

    You can plant beet seeds in autumn, at the end of October or in November , it depends on your region. Landing is done when the air temperature drops to -4 degrees. Do not rush to planting, if the seeds planted wake up under the influence of heat, they will die.

    When planting seeds in seedlings, boxes are stored at home or in a greenhouse.

    Sometimes beets are planted in seedlings. With this method, the seeds are planted at home in special boxes. You can plant seeds at the cottage in a greenhouse or greenhouse.

    Seeds for seedlings need to be sown in early April , one month before they can be placed in open ground. Planting beet seedlings allows you to get an early harvest and save seeds, because you can plant on the beds and sprouts that remained after thinning.

    The most popular varieties for growing in the country or garden

    Beets can be sugar, fodder or dining .Varieties of sugar and fodder are usually grown on an industrial scale and are not sown in summer cottages. On garden beds it is more usual to see red beets.

    There are a lot of popular varieties, they differ in growth rate and storage time. All table varieties are distinguished by high taste and brightness of color. Here are just a few:

    1. Detroit .Early variety, specimens are not very large with excellent taste. Root crops of bright claret color without rings on a cut, weighing about 200 g. The grade provides high yields.
    2. Cylinder .Mid-season fruit root. Fully justifies its name. Beet red, cylindrical form up to 16 cm in length. Resistant to disease, long stored.
    3. Darkie .Mid-season variety with excellent yield. Delicious, does not lose color when cooked. Weight 300-350g. It has good keeping quality.

    Some varieties are excellent for the middle lane, others for the Urals and Siberia. When choosing seeds for planting, be sure to consider the weather features of your region.

    Grades for planting in Siberia and the UralsThese varieties are distinguished by excellent resistance to disease and cold, high yields. The cylinder is also well accustomed in these regions.
    Cold-Resistant 19

    To plant

    in the suburbs of Moscow In the Moscow region and western regions many varieties are grown. Some gardeners prefer juicy early varieties that can not lie until spring, but very tasty and provide vitamins in the fall and winter. Others, planted later varieties, less juicy, but stored for very long.

    Early grades include Red Ball, Detroit, Mulatto .All of them give high yields, differ in color intensity and good taste.

    Bordeaux, Cylinder and Mona , also attracted Muscovites. These are later varieties, with a high yield and remarkable taste, they are stored for almost a year.

    Instruction for planting beet seeds in outdoor soil

    Soil preparation

    Before planting a vegetable according to the step-by-step instructions, you need to prepare a bed for beets, make it work, you need to get this a program, and then you should apply this code to work on the table. Any sunny, open well-drained place is chosen, on which cucumbers, tomatoes or onions grew before. Vegetable grows poorly in places where carrots or cabbage used to live. Does not transfer the neighborhood with celery and garlic.

    It is possible to plant a vegetable in the same place in 3-4 years .It does not tolerate waterlogging, it is better not to place the beds on clay soils. Sunny, well-drained areas for planting, what this vegetable needs for good growth.

    The selected area is completely cleared of any parts of the plant( roots, seeds, leaves).Humus is introduced into the soil, a complex of mineral fertilizers and the earth is dug up to the depth of a shovel. To make the soil for beets less dense, the soil is mixed with sand or sawdust. An excellent vegetable food is wood ash.

    Beetroot does not tolerate fresh manure at all.

    If the soil in the selected area is acidic, add a little lime, changing the pH to neutral or alkaline. The best value for beets is 6-7.

    In spring, the soil in the garden is loosened with a rake and is applied with the complex mineral fertilizer .Culture requires nitrogen and potassium phosphate fertilizers, as well as treatment from pests.

    Planting seeds in spring

    Seeds of beet

    Seeds are sorted and they need to be kept for 24 hours in a solution of growth stimulant or wood ash. For the preparation of which 2 tbsp.l ash poured liter of warm water, mix well.

    After 2 days, the solution is drained, not only beets can be soaked in it, but also the seed material of other vegetables. Ash provides seeds with a complex of essential minerals. After a day, they are washed and placed in a damp cloth before planting.

    On the garden they make smooth grooves with a depth of 2-3 cm. in .These grooves shed water, some gardeners prefer warm water. When water is absorbed, large beet seeds are placed one by one at a distance of 10 cm from each other and sprinkled with earth.

    Beet seeds are multi-growth, one beet seed gives from 2 to 6 shoots. Sprouting seeds, thinned after the appearance of 2 leaves. The second time the procedure is carried out when 4 sheets appear.

    Autumn planting

    Often beet seeds in open ground are sown in the fall, when the air temperature drops to -4 degrees .In this case, the soil is prepared in the same way, but the bed is made high, 20-25 cm, so as not to be washed away by melt water. The grooves in the autumn planting deeper, 4 cm .

    You do not need to soak seed material during autumn planting and do not water the bed.

    When planting in the fall, dry seeds are planted in dry ground.

    The advantages of the autumn planting:

    • seed material perfectly tempered over the winter;
    • are provided with early friendly shoots;
    • is released time for other garden affairs;
    • harvest is much faster than .

    This method has only one drawback, but it must be taken into account. The harvest of beets planted under the winter is not stored for a long time .

    To protect the seeds from frost, a bed is covered with straw above, you can throw it with snow. In the spring, when the air warms up to + 7-10 degrees, straw is removed. This method allows you to get an early harvest, even when the spring heat lags.

    Landing on seedlings at home

    Seeds are planted in special boxes or under film in the country, a month before planting in open ground. The distance between the rows of 5-8 cm, between seed 3-5 cm. When 2 leaves appear, the seedlings are thinned out, leaving the strongest sprouts, after the appearance of 4 leaves, it is watered abundantly, carefully, together with a clod of earth transferred to open beds.

    Before planting in the ground, seedlings begin to harden, daily removing the film and airing the shoots at home. To sprouts accustomed to them, you need 7-10 days .

    Planted one sprout, after 10 cm .At a tender age sprouts perfectly take root in a new place. Such a good way allows you to get a high, early harvest and save on seeds, because all the sprouts can be planted.

    Seedlings of beets are planted into the ground one sprout after 10 cm

    At what distance and according to what scheme to plant in the ground

    On narrow and long beds the vegetable is often sown across, while the distance between seeds 10 cm and between rows 2025 .This method facilitates the care of crops. This is a single line method.

    With a two-line landing method, two smooth grooves are made at a distance of 25 cm from each other, then leave a free tape 50 cm wide. So alternate landing. They also use a three line diagram when the vegetable is planted in 3 rows, through 20-25 cm .This is done to facilitate watering, weeding and loosening the soil.

    To grow a large crop, beets need to be watered regularly and loosen the soil in the garden beds.

    Beet unpretentious vegetable, which gives excellent yields, if you follow the described tips and secrets. Gardeners grow it in the southern regions, Belarus, the Chelyabinsk region, the middle belt and the northern regions. It is good, in the familiar to us first dishes, various salads, from it make preparations for the winter.

    It is wonderfully stored, providing us with the necessary minerals and vitamins before the new harvest. It is able to clean the blood and normalize digestion. All these qualities have made beetroot popular with various nations, and the history of its cultivation has been calculated for many centuries.

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