Compatibility of plants in the garden will help increase the yield

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Some plants get along well with each other, others - hostile. If you plant a number of plants that do not like each other, the harvest will drop significantly. When planting compatible plants in the garden, you can get an increased yield, to achieve accelerated growth and luxurious flowering, to protect vegetables from pests and diseases.

What are the benefits of plant compatibility in the garden?

Thanks to the compatibility of plants in the garden, you will be able to:

  • rational use of the plot area;
  • co-location of vegetables of different ripening period;
  • eat fresh vegetables from their vegetable garden throughout the season;
  • application of the beneficial effects of different plants on each other.
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How to determine the compatibility of plants in the garden?

Onions and carrots are an excellent example of plant compatibility in the garden. Onions protects carrots from carrot flies, and carrots protects onions from onion flies. A good neighbor will be carrots for other vegetable crops: peas, radish, garlic, tomatoes and lettuce. Anise and dill get along badly with her.

Basil will help prevent infection by the bean weevil. Also favorably affects the yield of legumes, their proximity to cucumbers, radishes, sweetcorn, potatoes, mustard and spinach. But onions and garlic beans do not get along.

Pea feels great next to carrots, turnips, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce and parsley. It grows poorly near the wormwood.

Spray beans planted next to the eggplants will protect them from the Colorado beetles, and the thyme will accelerate their growth.

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Earth fleas are not affected by cabbage, if celery is growing near it. Dill will save the cabbage from the caterpillars. In addition, it will improve its taste. If medicinal borage is planted next to the cabbage, then the snails will not touch it. Cabbage butterflies will fly around the cabbage garden side if the salad grows on it. Rosemary, sage and mint will help scare off insects from cabbage.

The ideal neighbor for potatoes is beans. It will scare off the Colorado potato beetles and saturate the soil with nitrogen. If a plot with potatoes is surrounded by nasturtium, marigold, coriander, or tansy, the Colorado potato beetle will stay away from it. Go well with potatoes radish, cauliflower, corn and lettuce. Dislikes potatoes neighborhood with sunflower, celery, tomatoes and eggplant.

The crop of cucumbers will increase if celery, beans, beets, lettuce, corn and beans are planted near them.

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Corn differs friendly attitude to most vegetable crops. The exceptions are beets and celery.

Tomatoes are capricious and poorly compatible plants in the garden. They do not like potatoes, dill, fennel and kohlrabi. Take a neutral position with respect to corn, radish, garlic, beets and carrots. They treat favorably only Melissa and basil: from the neighborhood with these plants, tomatoes improve their taste.

If you take into account the compatibility of plants in the garden when planting, the garden will always please you, and the neighbors will envy your harvest.

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