Proper planting potatoes according to the method of Mltlider

When planting, they make narrow ridges and wide aisles, and also very carefully take care of the ridges, water them daily, apply fertilizers, mulch, but do not pile up the bushes. But it is also very important to choose a well-lit area so that the plants do not accumulate nitrates. Consider the rules of planting potatoes according to Mitlayder.

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  • Mulching
  • Fertilizers
  • Watering
  • Top errors in this method
    • Watering potatoes
    • Selection of the composition for feeding
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      Example of disembarking on Mitlayder

      Feedback on the method of, Chernihiv region

      " I have a small piece of land for planting, because of this, the Meatlider method helped very much."the need to loosen the ground and spud the beds.

    • Very strong savings in land area occupied by plantings. In addition, the yield increases simultaneously.
    According to the Mietlider method, potatoes can be grown on any land, even depleted, in any climatic zones.

    Disadvantages of the

    1. method Not all places are suitable for for planting potatoes using this technology; areas on the northern slopes, swampy, lowland, peaty areas where water can stagnate are not suitable.
    2. You will need to buy a large amount of fertilizer and spend a lot of money.
    3. The main thing when planting is to choose a place, well lit by the rays of the sun , in the shade the number of harvested vegetables will decrease by 3-4 times. And the potato itself will contain a large amount of nitrates.
    Sunlight abundance is important for potato yield

    The advantages of narrow beds

    Narrow beds and wide aisles provide potatoes with good lighting, so it is actively growing, it favorably affects the yield.

    How to plant

    Potato preparation

    First, is selected for large, healthy tubers, small tuber crops are not suitable for planting.

    You can plant potatoes in the beds on the garden plot, or in the boxes at home, and then transplanted.

    Preparation of tubers before planting on the beds of

    • should be placed in water , having a temperature of + 50-60 ° C for a quarter of an hour;
    • after put them on for 5-10 minutes. in a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate;
    • Spread tubers in a single layer in shallow boxes and set to sunlight;
    • once a week, sprinkle with a solution of superphosphate and water;
    • after the appearance of the eyes on the tubers, their is cut into several parts of the , so that each part has a germinated eye.
    Pre potatoes are first planted at home in boxes, as carrying young bushes at the beginning of the growing season stimulates their growth. In addition, with such a planting, you can dig up tuber crops from the soil much earlier.

    Preparation of seedlings

    At the bottom of the boxes, fill in sawdust with a layer of 3 cm. Spill sawdust with 0.2% solution of copper sulphate. Put the potatoes right next to each other. Sprinkle them on top with sawdust with a layer of 1-1.5 cm.

    Place the boxes in a room with a temperature of + 12-14 ° C.In a week, stubby but short sprouts and small roots will grow on the potatoes.2 hours before planting , water the tubers with compound fertilizer solution.

    You can not keep the tubers in boxes for too long, because if the roots are long, they will be damaged during transplantation.

    Planting pattern

    In the ridges with a shovel, dig holes 10-15 cm deep. Bring boxes of tubers to the site. Take each tuber from the box and transfer it along with the sawdust. Plant tuber crops in 2 rows in a staggered manner.

    Mitlayder landing scheme

    Plot breakdown

    1. Pick the spot most lit by the rays of the sun, align it.
    2. In the autumn, dig up the soil, remove weeds and roots, fertilize the soil with specially invented mixtures.
    3. Dig through narrow, long beds from north to south. The distance between the beds should be 0.7-1 m. It is advised to make the length of the bed 9 m, width 45 cm. Then the bushes will be lit up as much as possible all day. If you decide to plant potatoes on a slope, then form the beds in steps, like terraces.
    4. Row the soil on both sides of the so that the sides of the are 10 cm high. Then the moisture will evaporate less and the weeds will be easier to remove.
    5. Dig in 2 rows of holes, observing chess order. Indent between the holes at 30 cm, and the holes themselves are 7–12 cm deep.
    6. Pour 1 tbsp into each well.a spoon of vermicompost, put the potatoes with your eyes up, and cover with soil.
    7. Inter-row do not dig the .Do not change anything in subsequent landings.

    Which potato varieties are suitable

    Any potato varieties are suitable: early ripening, medium and late. But it is better to use zoned varieties.


    Mulching is the method of protecting young bushes. At the same time, heat and moisture retain better, weeds grow worse, plants grow faster.

    Shredded bark, humus, finely chopped dry grass and cane, and compost are used for mulching potato bushes. These compounds have a positive effect on the soil, the content of organic matter in it increases.

    Lay a layer of mulch 5-10 cm thick. If the mulch becomes thinner due to precipitation and watering, then the land is mulched again.


    Mitlider advises 2 compositions for dressings:

    • Mixture number 1 .Mix 40 g of boric acid and 5 kg of dolomite flour. For 1 m² of beds, use 100 g.
    • Mix # 2 .Mix 0.5 kg of magnesium sulphate, 1.4 kg of ammonium nitrate, 0.6 kg of ammophos, 5 g of molybdic acid, 1.1 kg of potassium sulphate, 5 g of boric acid. Consume 50 g per 1 m² of beds.

    When feeding, first add the first mixture, and then the second.

    First, when digging up the soil, scatter 100 g of mixture No. 1 per linear meter, and then 50 g of mixture No. 2 per linear meter.

    Feed the second time when the sprouts are up to 15 cm high, the third time - before the blooming of flower buds on the bushes.

    Spreading dressing is scattered in the center of the bed, then the potato roots will not be burned.


    Mitlider advises watering the bushes on a daily basis so that the ground does not dry out. Watering can be a hose or do drip irrigation. If you water from a hose, then direct a stream under the roots. After the bushes ottsvetut, should stop feeding and watering.

    Top mistakes in this method

    Watering potatoes

    If you feed bushes at a rate, but water the beds 1-2 times a week, the compositions you make do not dissolve, but gradually accumulate to the concentration that will destroy the bushes.

    If you plant and grow potatoes using the Metlider method, it is best for to water them every day or every other day with .

    Constant soil moisture is an important condition for successful cultivation using this method.

    You need to constantly keep the ground moist, since the roots of potato bushes on mitlider rails grow close to the surface, so do not loosen the ridges.

    Selection of the composition for feeding

    If you have a land with alkaline characteristics, then adding dolomite flour to it, you will leach it even more, and bushes may die .

    In this case, instead of dolomite flour, you should take gypsum when making mixture No. 1, and if you have acidic earth, you can use dolomite, limestone flour, chalk.

    Poor mixing of

    fertilizers. If you scattered the top dressing, and after one or two spuds turned the ground, the fertilizer will be collected in some places, and it should be distributed evenly.

    Poor leveling of the ridge

    If the ridge is steep, then during irrigation the water will flow only in one direction. As a result, on one side of the ridge there will be a lack of fertilizers and moisture, and on the other side - an overabundance.

    Therefore, , try to level the surface of the using a building level and a bar. If the place is under a strong bias, then break the beds into pieces.

    The usual building level will help to align the beds as needed.

    Using additional elements in complex fertilizers

    Suppose you add magnesium sulphate to the mixture, you acquire “Mag-Bor”, in which besides magnesium there is also boron. As a result, you will have a surplus of boron.

    Therefore, when you make mix No. 2, then do not buy complex mineral fertilizers, since they, in addition to the main elements, contain trace elements, for example, iron.

    Buy items strictly on the composition of the mixtures, do not ignore any element.

    Amendments to the version for Russia

    In the Russian version, instead of the recommended fertilizers, you can replace them with an infusion of chopped greens and water. With properly selected fertilizers, potatoes are self-cleaning through photosynthesis.

    But if the area is not sufficiently lit, there is not enough watering, then will accumulate in potatoes, therefore it is better to use green manure.

    As a result of using the Metlider method, potatoes are harvested 15–25% more than from the vegetable garden, where the potatoes are planted in the traditional way.

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