Proper planting of potatoes


The motor-block is a small-sized tractor, which can facilitate small-scale mechanization of the farmer's work in the backyard, dacha section or farmhouse farmstead. Adaptations for it determine the functionality of the application, are used for loosening the soil, planting potatoes and vegetables, transporting goods, hilling. An important factor in the expediency of acquiring a motor block is the amount of area to be treated.


Table of contents

  • How to plant potatoes under a motoblock
  • Technics for plowing fields
  • Trailers & semitrailers
    • Planting under the plow
    • Working with a disk miller
    • Potato planter
    • Application of a two-row hiller
  • Motoblock Neva
  • Firework
  • MTZ
  • Working procedure
    • Preparation of soil for potatoes
    • Insertion depth
    • How to check the readiness
    • Progress
    • Treatment after germination
    • Cutting furrows
    • Cutting beds
    • The role of the plow
    • Homemade plow
    • Moto Cultivator
  • Correct sowing scheme
  • Advantages of a horn
  • Mesh harrow for weeding

How to plant potatoes under a motoblock

There are agricultural methods of cultivation of our favorite potatoes, and they are very difficult. This culture

has a weak root system, and therefore the state of the soil must meet certain requirements:

  • structure
  • fertility
  • water permeability
  • sufficient heat

Technics for plowing fields

To begin with, you need to straighten the plot, plow, loosen it.
The difference between the motoblock and the cultivator is that the latter uses a cultivating mill

For this purpose, motorized appliances are used in the form of a motor block, a cultivator on a motor or a mini tractor. People invented a motoblock mechanism - the most suitable, low-cost equipment for planting potatoes.

Dignitymotor cultivatoris that with the help ofcultivating millthe soil is prepared, the beds for sowing are cut and inter-row cultivation is carried out until harvesting of the root crops.

Mini tractorsThey are used in small farms on plowing, transportation of goods, cleaning of territories. All small-sized equipment solves the same questions: how to help the workers of agriculture.


Trailers & semitrailers

To the motoblock, hook-up attachments have been developed: hillers, plows, potato planers. Ogorodniki prefer to have on the farm a device with a hiller, which can be adjusted for the width of the grab for you.

Whereinthe size of the plot and the variety of potatoes are taken into account.

Planting under the plow

Sitting potatoes under the plow is convenient for two. One man controls the technique, and the second manages the tubers into a furrow.

The passage in the opposite direction is accompanied by the closure of the furrows with soil. This method is used frequently, and heredo not need to pre-mark the area under sowing.

Working with a disk miller

The landing is also carried out by a disk hill-topper. This device is a nozzle for the motorized unit in the form of a special frame, on which metal disks are suspended at an angle to the surface of the earth.

Hillernot only cuts the ridges to land, but also loosens the soil.

Disk heeler

Potato planter

Planting with potatoes is different from the previously mentioned methods in that no markup is required, manual spreading of tubers. This process is fully mechanized.

The use of potato planers is advisableover large areas. But the specificity of the design of the equipment requires an additional careful selection of seed material by size.

Potato planter

Application of a two-row hiller

Other devices are also used, for example, a two-rowed hiller. It would seem that the work should be halved by the time. But there are particularities of planting potatoes with a motor-block with a two-rowed hill-osier.

With this technology is processedat the same time two ridges. It is difficult to control both ridges at once, so people try to simplify the planting process.


Motoblock Neva

To produce small equipment for households in the Russian Federation, the countries of the former USSR began long ago. The leader in this direction is the enterprise "Red October-Neva".

Designers have been working for more than a decade, new models are being mastered, and hinged mechanisms are being improved. As a result of active design activities, an aggregate forwide range of tillage operations.

Motoblock Neva


Second place in popularity is the motoblock "Salyut" power, hp. For the planting of potatoes, you must have in addition to the unit an additional plow, a hiller, and, above all, a means of coupling to the ground.

The planting of potatoes by the motoblock "Salute" basically looks as follows: the mechanism moves in one direction andcuts a groovefor seed placement, the same unit is returned back andcloses the furrow with soil.

The feature of the motoblock is expressed in the selection of the appropriate attachments.
Motoblock Salute


Motors MTZ came to us from the Soviet Minsk tractor plant, they are popular now, they are in demand among the population of Russia.

The minimum size agricultural machine turns out to bemultifunctional and universal. Worthily fulfills its purpose.

The model has drawbacks:

  • there are problems with shifting gears;
  • The load of physical forces is required when the differential is switched.

Every business executive gets himself a technique based on considerations of value, expediency. Requirements for agrotechnical methods do not change.

Motoblock MTZ

Working procedure

How to plow a motoblock for potatoes? To get a decent harvest of potatoes, you need to comply with the rules of soil cultivation, care of plants, including inter-row processing, timely harvesting.

Preparation of soil for potatoes

The first step to victory in the struggle for the yield of root crops is the preparation of soil for the planting of potatoes by the motor block. To begin the spring works in the garden you needdetermine the area under potatoes.


For this purpose it is necessary to finddry place with sandy loam. Soil loosening is recommended in dry weather. The soil should not be turned over during spring loosening.

The process of tillage completely depends on the type of soil.

Soil composition is simple:

  • a small amount of land is taken and soaked in water;
  • The ball rolls from this soil, it will not turn out of the sandy soil;
  • A strip is drawn from the ball, if it did not work out, the soil is sandy loamy;
  • a strip was obtained - the soil was loamy or clayey.
Determination of soil composition can be carried out with hands

Insertion depth

For potatoes the most suitablesandy, sandy loamy. The owner decides for himself, at what depth the potatoes will be planted by the tiller.

Light airy sandy and sandy soils impregnate the air sufficiently, so you can not cut the combs, but put them in grooves. The depth of cultivation depends on the soil properties and the optimum value is12 centimeters.

How to check the readiness

Preparation of the motoblock for work is as follows:

  1. checkfuel and oil levelin the system, if necessary, add up to the desired value;
  2. make sure that the wheel drive levers are unlocked;
  3. open the fuel supply valve;
  4. Turn the ignition switch to the "On" position;
  5. pull the starter cord and pull it with force until the engine starts.
Before starting the engine block it is absolutely necessary to check the oil and fuel level


Planting process implies the whole complex of actions from the preparation of equipment and seeds to the completion of the landing time. Technological methods develop differently depending on even the weather conditions.

Under all circumstances, farmers practice the momentpresowing selection, vernalization and germination of tubers. For planting, select tubers with a mass35-50 g. Sprouts are laid in the ground when they become thick and green.

Treatment after germination

After germination, processing of potatoes is carried out in order to stimulate germination, increase yield, preventive disinfection against late blight, diseases and agricultural pests.

Cutting furrows

Seed material was prepared, alerted to the technique for cultivating the land, a timely question arose as to how to cut the furrows under the potato by the tiller. The medium-ripened and late potato varieties are planted in a row at a distance of up to 35 cm, and the aisles are kept at 60 cm. The cutting distance between rows of early varieties is maintained within 50 cm.

Cutting beds

People apply technology in accordance with their specific conditions. Using a motor-block cut furrows or beds. On the request, how to cut the beds for potatoes motoblock, there is an answer.

The first bed should be doneexactly on the line. In the next row, lower the wheelon the trail of the previous series. Everything turns out smoothly, if you put extension cords on rubber wheels, attach a two-row hiller, put the knives correctly in the center.

The role of the plow

What is a plow for planting potatoes for a motor-block is speed. Slice the furrows, lay the potatoes, return back, and the motoblock closes the furrow. The next furrow is laid at a distanceabout 70 centimeters.

Homemade plow

Experienced farmers without much difficulty make a self-made plow for planting potatoes with a motor-block. They understand the price preference for the product with their own hands.

In addition, intelligently calculated parametersfacilitate work, the plow does not break out of the furrow. The plow is operated at work and gives its pluses.

Homemade plow is combined with other adaptations.

Moto Cultivator

Moto Cultivator

Planting potatoes with a motor cultivator is also carried out. It is equipped with a gearbox and cultivating cutters as opposed to a motoblock that has wheels.

The cost of this unit ischeaper. Potato cultivation involves the use of a plow.

Correct sowing scheme

After planting and seedlings, care of plants continues. Inter-row processing of potatoes provides accurateloosening of the soilaround a row crop. The work is done manually, but this is a tedious, long process.

Minitractor processing accelerates the process, saves human power. Attachments perform work in good quality and quickly. Here they use hillers.

This is how the plant for planting potatoes looks like a motor-35 cm between tubers, 60 cm between rows.

The scheme for planting potatoes

Advantages of a horn

Pros of the hills are its multifunctionality:

  • when planting it forms furrows;
  • qualitatively loosens the soil;
  • bored plants.

Mesh harrow for weeding

Weeds in the garden grow next to potatoes. Forclearing the area from weedsapply special equipment.

Mesh harrow for weed removal

Weeding with a net harrow is easy. The harrow teeth are attached to the grid and face the ground, the grid is suspended from the frame. The technical tool stretches this scraper along the field, when weaving it weeds are pulled out.

Use a harrow when weeds appearafter plowing before emergence.

So, the tilled culture of potatoes, which the entire population loves, requires a special approach to themselves. Cultivation is interfaced with many agrotechnical methods. Designers, manufacturers of small-scale mechanization for rural workers make good gifts.

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