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Thanks to breeders of cultivation area of ​​southern thermophilic crops has significantly expanded, absorbing the district centers of Russia and Central Black Earth region. The result of the work of scientists of the Research Institute of Lupine was Revna's sweet cherry. Variety description, fruit photo and gardener's reviews prove its value.

Bryansk, where the Lupine All-Russian Scientific Research Institute is located, cannot be attributed to the traditional places for the cultivation of sweet cherries. And, nevertheless, local gardeners, as well as gardeners in the Moscow region and other areas of central Russia, have the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of juicy fruits from their plot every year.

The breeders used seedlings of the variety Bryansk Rosevaya, which they bred, as the starting material for the production of Revvna cherries. During tests of the new variety, she confirmed the excellent frost resistance, the quality of the crop being harvested and the resistance to common diseases of stone fruit. The variety was included in the State Register for the Central Region in 1994.

Peculiarities of Revna cherries

With proper planting and care, Revna cherries quickly come into growth, and within 4–5 years the tree forms an average thickness and crown height. Thanks to the skeletal branches extending from the trunk at a large angle, the plant is strong enough to withstand abundant fruiting, which begins just from 5 years of age.

Crohn's wide pyramidal shape allows free penetration of light and air inside, thereby helping the tree to withstand damage by mold fungi and pests.

In spring, cherry-tree shoots are covered with large, ovate leaves with pointed tips, a rounded base and strongly jagged, biconicular edges. On the leathery dark green surface there are visible relief streaks, turning into a dense, short petiole. He, like the young shoots, is almost completely painted in brownish-green tones.

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The Revna cherries are characterized by late blooming. Up to 80% of 4–5 flowers collected in each case are revealed on the bouquet branches. The corollas with white petals have a wide, saucer-like shape. In the center a pistil surrounded by stamens is clearly visible. Due to the excellent winter hardiness in the harsh winters of the Central region, the cherry is slightly damaged.

For sunken bones, skeletal branches and kidneys are not afraid of sunburn. However, during spring freezing, up to 17% of growth buds and about 70% of flower ones can suffer.

Fruiting and pollinating for sweet cherry Revna

If by 4–5 years a forging pruning is correctly done on a tree, it will bloom and form the ovary for the first time. According to the description and photos, Revna cherries are medium late. Fruits weighing from 4.5 to 8 grams are kept on the branches with the help of strong short fruit stems. Among the similar varieties of cherries of the Bryansk variety, they are distinguished by a wide rounded shape, a noticeable funnel, a rounded apex and a dark, almost black skin. On the section, the sweet cherry is dense, filled with thick juice, and the pulp is saturated red.

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The oval bone of a milky-beige color makes up only 5% of the mass of a ripe fruit. It is not easy to separate it from the pulp, which is extremely important not only when using fresh cherry, but when making jam, compotes and other types of preservation. According to the expert advice and photos of Revna cherries, its fruits have an attractive appearance and an excellent, worthy of 4.9 points taste.

Unlike many other varieties that quickly deteriorate, due to the dense flesh, Revna cherries can be well stored and transported.

For a thermophilic culture that is accustomed to a longer and hotter summer, the Revna cherries variety shows the high quality of sweet fruits. In successful years, per 100 grams of pulp accounts for:

  • 12.6 grams of sugars;
  • 18.8 grams does not interfere with the taste perception of fiber;
  • contains only 0.3 grams of organic acids, of which ascorbic acid accounts for 13 mg.

Features of planting and caring for the sweet cherry Revna

In order for the sweet cherry to be sweet and juicy, it needs sun and moisture. Planting fruit trees is necessary on a sublime, closed from cold winds, but sunny place, and before the beginning of ripening the garden must be watered.

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As can be seen from the version and photo of Revna cherries, the variety has a high winter hardiness and survives the cold season without serious losses, before the onset of stable frosts, care should be taken to protect the boles. For this:

  • planting necessarily watered;
  • remove fallen leaves and garbage from pristvolny circles;
  • the lower part of the trunk is wrapped with non-woven material, cardboard, or thickly covered with coniferous branches.

In the summer, when the ovary is poured with juice and is already being painted, it is useful to shelter the crown from uninvited guests, including sparrows and starlings, who willingly eat sweet treats.

Useful and tasty fruits of sweet cherries will also appeal to adults, little gourmets. However, a bountiful harvest can only be waited when planting nearby varieties for cross-pollination. Among the pollinators for Revjana cherries, experts on agrotechnology call the Compact cherry and Veliyaminova cherries variety, bred by Iput Bryansk breeders, as well as Ovstuzhenka and Tyutchevka, adapted to the temperate climate.

If you do not take care of the useful neighborhood in time, the cherry orchard will give no more than 5% of the possible yield.

Regular treatment of trees from pests will help to increase the yield of the garden. Despite the resistance of the variety to most diseases, trees will not be prevented by preventive spraying, as well as sanitary pruning.

Sweet cherry planting and care -

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