Early ripe Adam cucumbers, description

Cucumbers have many types and varieties. One of the most successful species is Adam. The fruits of this species ripen early, in the early summer of .After planting in the ground after a month and a half give their first fruits. This is a hybrid form of cucumbers. To buy seeds you need only the first generation of crossing. On the packaging should be a sign of F1.The article describes the variety and rules for its care.


  • grades Advantages
  • planting rules
  • Features care
  • Harvesting and storage
  • Diseases that can affect the cucumber Adam
    • White mold( Sclerotinia)
    • Gray mold
    • Root rot
    • copperhead( anthracnose)
    • Cladosporium
    • virus Cucumber mosaic
    • Powdery Mildew
  • Fruits of the cucumber Adam

Advantages of the variety

The variety Adam has excellent resistance to viral diseases .It does not affect powdery mildew and cladosporia.
Also, these cucumbers have high yields. They are capable of producing up to 10 kg of Zelentsov per 1 square meter. The first fruits are given at the beginning of summer. After harvesting, they are stored for quite a long time, especially in a cool place. The fruits of this variety are not large sizes, one bush gives a lot of cucumbers. They bear fruit throughout the season. The taste of the fruit is very sweet, tasty, crunchy.

Landing rules

Likes heated or unheated greenhouses, greenhouses with good solar lighting. They can also be grown in open beds.

  • To begin with, seeds should be placed in water at room temperature until germination.
  • A great way to germinate is to place the seeds in a paper napkin that needs to be wetted and placed in a warm place.
  • After the germination, the seeds need to be placed in the fridge for a day in order for the plant to develop cold resistance.
  • Prepared seeds can be planted in pots. They should be small in size. Suitable plastic or special peat-humus pots. Pots must be filled with nutrient soil.
  • Seedlings should be kept in warm conditions. At temperature not lower than +24 degrees C until the germination of sprouts.
  • After germination, the temperature should be reduced to to +20 degrees C, while at the same time maintaining good lighting.
  • After 4 weeks of , the cucumber seedlings can be moved to the ground.

    We soak and germinate

seeds. Planted according to the scheme 30x70.Between the rows should be 70 cm, and between the seedlings 30 cm. Some points should be taken into account:

  1. It is possible to plant in the ground only after the soil has warmed to 16 degrees C , and the air temperature will reach 18 degrees C.
  2. taken out on the balcony to develop resistance to cold weather and thus harden them.
A day before planting, seedlings should be plentifully watered with clean warm water. Perfect for this is suitable pre-prepared water, which should be defended for several hours.
Cucumber Seedling Adam

Care Features

For the cultivation of cucumbers, it is necessary at least to change the place of every five years. Otherwise, cucumbers will get sick more often and acquire new infections. For a good plant growth, it is necessary to weed ridges qualitatively so that the weeds do not interfere with cucumbers growing and do not consume their nutrients from the soil. Periodically, it is necessary to loosen the soil and spud the plants so that the roots do not become bare. Loosening should not be deep, so as not to damage the root system. Watering should be once a week during the flowering period and twice a week during the emergence of fruits on the bushes. Water gives extra strength to the plant, and allows the fruit to be juicy. Watered with water, free from chlorine, better in the evening. Cucumbers love to feed. Chicken droppings or cow dung will work well. You can also use special chemical fertilizers.

Strongened seedlings planted in the ground
For their own consumption it is better to use natural organic fertilizers. After the sixth leaf should pinch the stem, which will contribute to higher yields.

Harvesting and storage of

The first fruits can be obtained in early June. It all depends on when the seedlings were transferred to the ground. To harvest, you need to gently tearing a cucumber from the bush, so as not to damage the stem of the plant. Plucked fruit must be carefully folded in a prepared box to avoid damage.
Store cucumbers in a cool place .So they can maintain their fresh appearance for up to 2 weeks, and the appearance and taste will not change. Under normal conditions, it is excellent for a few days.

Crop of cucumbers Adam well kept

Diseases that can hit the cucumber Adam

White rot( sclerotinia)

With this disease on the stem of the plant white spots appear that spread throughout the bush. After a certain time, the affected areas rot. Appear because of fungi that hibernate in the ground. This type of fungus is very fond of moisture, so it appears when the soil becomes too wet. You can not fight only by cutting off the affected areas and treat them with lime or coal, which will help prevent the spread to healthy areas.

Gray rot

Leaves, fruits and stems are covered with gray foil. Arise due to excessive watering of plants. The affected areas need to be treated with a fungicide, this will help to suspend the process of the disease or completely eliminate infection.

Root Rot

Root Rot - spreads to the roots of a plant, due to which the leaves and stems do not receive adequate nutrition and begin to fade. It occurs due to overheating of the plant and watering it with cold water. To prevent the death of cucumber, you need to sprinkle the roots with fresh soil, which will give rise to new roots and save the plant.

Medyanka( anthracnose)

Symptoms - copper-colored spots begin to appear on the plant. The fungus lives in the upper layer of the soil. The fight against infection is the treatment of affected areas with copper sulfate.


The second name for this infection is brown olive spot. It manifests itself as brown spots on the leaves and shoots, which are gradually transferred to the fruit, so that the fruits become unsuitable for consumption, and the plant dies. Virtually all cucumber varieties are susceptible to this infection, resistance is a big advantage of the variety.

Viral cucumber mosaic

Another infection to which Adam cucumber is resistant. It spreads over the plant quickly. Destroys tissue cells. Yellow spots appear on the leaves, which spread to the whole plant, because of which it dies. The only way to deal with this infection is to cut the affected areas with scissors. Then cut off the parts need to burn.

Mealy dew

A fungal disease that appears white on the leaves. Because of the defeat, the plant cannot bind fruit and gradually dies off. Fortunately, cucumbers "Adam" are resistant to this type of infection.
Far from all infections that affect cucumbers are listed.

To avoid damage to plants, you should monitor the temperature and watering of plants.

Fruits of Adam Cucumber

Variety is most often used for vegetable salads, pickling, pickling .Cucumbers grow in length no more than 12 cm, weighing an average of about 100 grams. All fruits are almost identical, even, they have a marketable appearance, they can be stored for a long time, they do not deteriorate during transportation. The cucumber has excellent taste, it is sweet, the seeds inside are small. When canning pickled cucumbers are crispy and perfectly packaged in banks.
Adam Cucumbers are perfect for growing and for sale and for their own consumption.

Adam's cucumber fruits are good for salting.
Seeds, removed from the fruits of the second generation, can not give such results as in the first, therefore, plant seeds should be planted every year.
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