Typical faults washing machines Ardo( Ardo)

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If you are interested in self-repair of Ardo washing machines, then the machine broke and you would like to save on repairs.

While others convince you to call the master, we will help you to carry out repairs yourself. To make it easier for you to figure it out, we will look at the main breakdowns, fault codes and provide detailed repair instructions.

TO FIND INSTRUCTIONS TO YOUR WASHING MACHINE ARDO CAN BE US ON THE WEBSITE.Is free! Instructions can be downloaded or viewed online.

Material content:

  • 1 Typical and rare breakdowns of washing machines Ardo
  • 2 Breakdowns typical for CM Ardo
  • 3 Frequent error codes of washing machines Ardo
  • 4 Eliminate breakages CM Ardo do it yourself
    • 4.1 Fixing clogs) in machines Ardo
    • 4.2 electronics Repair stiralka Ardo( F2, F13, F14)
    • 4.3 Replacement bearings with their hands
    • 4.4 Replacement heating element( F2) in the machine Ardo own hands

typical and rare breakdowns washing machines Ardo

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Master servicetsentrov claim that all the faults in the brands ARDO are divided into 2 types: typical and rare.

Typical. These are the failures characteristic of all erasers, not only the Ardo brand, but also any others. For example, such a misfortune can happen in every typewriter: water does not drain, it leaks, the drum is blocked, and so on.

Rare. Such failures are associated with the brand of the machine, and depend on the technology used in the manufacture of SM.These include a water-filled tank, insufficiently heated water, and others.

Caution! According to experts, in 9 out of 10 cases, Ardo’s washing machines with normal and vertical loading disturb owners with typical breakdowns that are not related to production features. This proves once again that the ARDO technique is quite reliable.

Breakdowns typical of CM Ardo

A series of symptoms usually indicate a breakdown. After carefully studying them, you can recognize a failure. Therefore, it is better to start with a review of signs of breakdowns that occur most often:

  • Water does not drain. This can occur for a number of reasons, among which, mainly, the blockage of the drain system, consisting of a nozzle, a drain hose and a pump( drain pump).It is extremely rare that this problem arises due to the failure of the thermal sensor.
  • Stopped warming up the water. This is especially noticeable on high-temperature modes of washing. Understand that the water is not heated, you can by the cold linen and unwash stains on it. Causes breakage failure of the heating element( heating elements).Limescale and scale slowly, but surely destroy the part, because of what it burns out. It is not excluded and wasted resource details.
  • Stopped spinning the drum - stuck as if dug. The device of the Ardo washing machines is such that the drum is driven by a special belt. If the belt falls off the pulley or breaks, the tank stops spinning. In this case, you need to correct or replace the belt.
  • Noise and “left” sounds - knock, hum, crash. If you hear them in operating mode, the reason lies in the bearings. Often there is a noise item caught in the tank - a button, a coin, etc.
  • Water leakage. Wines dangerous damage - violations in the pump or pipes. In the worst case, the bearing and seals of the Ardo washing machine will need to be replaced.
  • program crash. The machine does not start. All this is characteristic of the failure of the control module.

Do not panic, you can often do without a wizard. Perhaps, having correctly determined the breakdown and its cause, you can repair the washing machine yourself.

Frequently error codes of washing machines. Ardo

Modern erasers are complex devices, in which the microprocessor programmed breakdown codes. They appear on the display whenever a failure occurs.

In the most frequent cases, the Ardo brand CM displays the following error codes: E00, E01, E02, E03, F2, F4, F5, F13, F14.

Code Cause, problem
E00, E01 Clogged drain filter, so water does not leave the tank.
E02 The drain was broken during the spin cycle due to the incorrect position of the drain hose.
E03, F4 Discharge time is increased due to breakage of the pump( drain pump).
F2 Malfunction of the temperature sensor, heating element or electronic module.
F5 Self-draining machine, incorrect connection of hoses.
F13, F14 Failure of the electronic board.

We repair the damage of the CM Ardo with our own hands

If the Ardo washing machine showed one of the listed errors, repairing it with your own hands is possible in almost all cases except the last. Although, it is still possible to flash the electronic module if there are certain skills and tools.

Eliminating blockage( E00, E01), replacing the pump( E03, F4) in Ardo’s machines

Having determined the breakage, decide right away - you will call the workshop or repair the CM yourself. Sometimes you really do not need to pay the master, because it is not difficult to eliminate the failure yourself. If we are talking about a blockage, then you can handle it without third-party help.

The main location of the blockages is in the drain filter. To clean it, proceed in this order:

  • Locate the small hatch on the front panel below and open it. No hatch? Remove the panel.
  • Put an absorbent cloth on the floor - the remains of waste water will merge into it.
  • Turning the valve to the left unscrew it.
  • Pull the filter towards you and remove it from the hole.
  • Wash it under the tap, remove wound threads, hair and other debris.
  • Reinstall the filter.

Difficulties can be caused by the fact that the accumulation of garbage is often not only in the filter area, but also in other places that come into contact with the waste water: a drain hose, a pump and nozzles. To clean them you need to disassemble the washer. If a small object is stuck in the tank, the machine will also have to disassemble.

Replacing and cleaning the pump( pump) is more troublesome, but quite real: you just need to know how to use the tools to properly disassemble, and most importantly - to assemble the machine.

How to disassemble the Ardo washing machine? Before the pump can be reached from the bottom( then you need to put the car on its side), or by removing the plastic bar. Details of the drain pump cleaning are shown in this video:

If you have determined that you need a drain hose cleaning to troubleshoot a problem with the Ardo washing machine, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove one end of the hose from the sewer pipe.
  2. Unhook the other end from the pipe connecting the hose to the pump.
  3. Take a flexible cable with a small brush on the end( usually this is how bottles are cleaned).
  4. After cleaning the hose mechanically, rinse it under the tap.
  5. Reinstall the hose in the reverse order.

Repair of electronics in the Ardo washers( F2, F13, F14)

Speaking about the replacement of the control board, one cannot say that it is too difficult - this is a repair of average complexity. The main problem is that one cannot always be completely sure that it is necessary to replace the entire module. Often, in order to get the SM back, you just need to repair the board.

Do not forget that the module is expensive, sometimes up to 1/3 of the cost of a new washing machine. Often, when the board breaks down completely, the owners of the Ardo washing machines decide not to suffer, and buy a new SMA.

Repair is so specific that it is not enough to be able to use the tool, knowledge in the field of electronics will not prevent it. A 100% specialist knows better how to deal with a module breakdown. Do not risk expensive parts, find better than a good master.

Important! There were cases when the home masters did a hands-on change of the module with a deplorable outcome: after connecting all the sensors and contacts, the new module burned out.

Do-it-yourself Bearing Replacement

The most complex type of repair will be discussed: replacing bearings and seals. In this case, you need to disassemble the machine completely, get the drum and not easily remove the old bearings. Tools and experience are necessary.

If you decide to try your luck and remove the bearings yourself and install new ones, this video will help you:

Replacing the heating element( F2) in the Ardo typewriter with your own hands

and burned, we will change it.

Buy a new heater, which fits your Ardo washing machine model( A 800, A 600, A 1000 x, AE 833, TL 800 EX and others) and proceed as follows:

  • Unscrew the back cover of the case.
  • Arm yourself with a tester and check if there is voltage at the terminals of the thermoelectric heater. You will quickly find it - the element shank sticks out at the bottom of the tank( during the test, turn on the CM in heating mode).
  • If there is no power, check the thermal sensor. Carry out two checks: at normal temperature and after heating( pour over hot water).If the resistance is stable in both cases, the sensor also needs to be changed.
  • Additionally check that the heater relay contacts are not jammed( the relay is located at the control board).
  • If power supply is on, then the heating element is blown and needs to be replaced.
  • To replace, remove the wires and unscrew the bolt that holds the heater in the area of ​​the shank.
  • Slowly loosen the heater from side to side and pull it out by pulling towards you.
  • Clean the place where the heater was, - there may be debris.
  • Install a new TEH by connecting all the necessary contacts and a temperature sensor.

As you can see, self-repair is a simple matter, if you treat it responsibly. Ardo's washing machines are of high-quality, and it is a pity to throw them in a landfill at the first breakdown, thinking that the repair will cost at an exorbitant price. You can significantly save money by repairing a washer with your own hands at home.

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