F10 error in the washing machine Atlant

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What should I do if the Atlant washing machine door is not blocked? In this case, the wash does not start, and the display shows the error F10.

Error F10 is decoded as a problem UBL: a locking device that locks the door at the electronic level.

In the CM Atlas models without a screen, the first and third indicators are lit.

Let's see in detail what the fault code means.

Material content:

  • 1 What does it mean error: causes and symptoms of breakdown
  • 2 Types of locks and reasons for their breakdownwith door closing. How to independently understand that there was a breakdown?

    When the supply of electricity stops, the plates of the blocker return to the mold. The door can be opened.

    If the electronic lock breaks, the door will not open until you de-energize the Atlas CM.Even when the machine is turned off with a button on the panel, the current is constantly supplied to the UBL.

    Another reason, when the Atlas Lant on the CMA Atlantic indicator is on the F10 error code, is a short circuit. The thermoelement of the lock breaks through, after which it stops heating. It is clear that when the door is open washing will not start.

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    How to fix the situation and clear the error F10?You need to check the lock device.

    Types of locks and the reasons for their breakdown

    Atlas automated washers are equipped with an electronic lock - the lock allows you to tightly close the door. It also serves as a defense against inadvertent opening.

    A hatch lock device malfunction causes the F10 error on the display: until the hatch is closed, the wash will not start.

    Types of UBL

    To understand how to fix the damage, you need to test the lock. To do this, let's understand the principles of the two types of UBL:

    1. Termozamok. It is based on two bimetallic plates - when electricity is applied, the plates expand and press on the lever. The door of the hatch is securely fixed.
      The reason for breakage of the locks is the wear of the plates.
      The photo shows the principle of operation:
    2. The electromagnetic lock is used less and less by the manufacturer. The device works only when there is electricity. If the electricity is turned off during washing, the hatch will not open until the current starts to flow to the lock.

    Checking and replacing the lock

    . Breakage can occur both with the door open and closed. If the hatch is locked in the closed position, you cannot reach the UBL.

    Let us analyze how to open the hatch and solve the problem. What should be done:

    1. Pull the plug out of the socket, de-energize the Atlant washing machine.
    2. Tilting the CM at 45 degrees, run your hand through the bottom of the car to the door( you may need help from the side).
    3. Try to release the latch and open the hatch.

    The same can be done through the top of the machine. To do this, unscrew the screws that secure the top panel to remove it. Run your hand between the drum and the body. Unlock the door.

    Now how to remove the UBL:

    • Open the hatch, unscrew the three screws holding the lock.
    • Bending the cuff, you will notice a metal clip. Hooking a screwdriver, remove it from the washing machine.
    • . After bending the cuff, pull out the UBL.
    • Remove the cover from the device by unlocking the latches.
    • Unclench and remove the harnesses.

    This is a hatch locking device.

    To test, use a multimeter in resistance mode. Connect the test leads to the neutral and phase contacts. If the display shows a number of 3 digits, then the lock is working. Then move the probes to neutral and common contact. If there is a fault, 0 or 1.

    will appear. If you found out the cause of the F10 error in the Atlant washing machine, install the new lock in the reverse order. Now run the wash and look at the result.

    In order for UBL and mechanical lock on the CM Atlas to serve as long as possible, follow the simple rules:

    • Do not let children randomly press the buttons on the panel.
    • Do not forcefully open the hatch after washing until the UBL is unlocked.
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