Review of Vestel refrigerators: models, features, reviews

Vestel refrigerators are not the most popular ones against famous and popular brands. But they are in demand because of the low price. We offer to learn more about the technology "Vestel" - who is the manufacturer, the pros and cons, which models are the most popular.

material Contents:

  • 1 The brand
  • 2 Benefits refrigeration Vestel
  • 3 Cons
  • 4 Technologies and development
  • 5 Overall parameters
  • 6 Features of operation
  • 7 Popular models
    • 7.1 VDD 260 VW
    • 7.2 VNF 366 VWM
    • 7.3 VNF 386 VWE
  • 8 Frequent faults
    • 8.1 refrigerant leak
    • 8.2 failure of compressor motor, its failure
    • 8.3 Broken system No Frost
    • 8.4 clogged capillary pipe
    • 8.5 A lot of frost is growing
    • 8.6 Sensor breakdown

About the brand

The country where the main office is located is Turkey, so it may seem like Turkish refrigerators like Beko. However, models released for the Russian market are assembled at our factory in Alexandrov.

Positive user reviews give the impression of Vestel refrigerators as being modern and functional. Therefore, in the economy segment, they are among the leaders.

Note. The company was founded in the 80s of the XX century. Within a few years, representative offices of a Turkish company appeared in European and Scandinavian countries.

Benefits of Vestel refrigeration equipment

Vestel equipment is bought up so quickly that sometimes a decision is made on additional production.

Let's highlight the main advantages:

  • When assembling , too complex parts and components are not used, so the person who is of any age will use the refrigerator. Practical buyers appreciate the basic functions and do not need additional problems.
  • If breaks, you can install non-original parts .If something happens, the repair will not hit the wallet.
  • Each customer will find his own version - single-chamber or two-chamber, small or roomy, with an upper freezer or from the bottom.


Major flaws:

  • After years of use cooling quality deteriorates .The temperature slowly rises - until the device completely loses its cooling ability. Usually, troubleshooting requires replacing the fan.
  • Speakerphone .Wizards of service centers refute this opinion of users, recalling that the instruction obliges the device to be installed correctly: on a flat surface and level. In the case of the correct installation will be quiet.
  • Depressurization of the system .One of the most unpleasant moments, because it causes food spoilage due to temperature increase in the compartments. In most cases, it is worth replacing the sealing gum.

You will learn more about faults at the end of the review

Technologies and Developments

Vestel equipment is safe and environmentally friendly. The latest models belong to the energy efficiency class A, which makes them economical.

For ease of use and to avoid manual defrosting, engineers have equipped cameras with modern No Frost systems. The fan, constantly working, does not allow the cameras to become covered with ice and snow "fur coat" from inside.

Some models are supplemented with an electronic display for easy adjustment and control of temperature conditions in the compartments.

Useful option "Superzamorozka" helps you quickly and accurately freeze a large amount of food. Turning it on, you lower the temperature of the freezer compartment on average to -24 degrees.

Free Zone - a compartment in which the temperature is maintained close to zero. Suitable for storing perishable products: meat and fish, cheese and butter, vegetables and fruits. Read more about the possibilities of separation in the article “ What is a freshness zone in the refrigerator”.

Overall dimensions

In the case of Vestel, a compact version with an upper freezer is suitable for a small room. Typically, the width of such models is no more than 54 cm, and the height is a maximum of 150 cm.

For a large family and roomy room, a two-chamber model with a bottom freezer is suitable. Volume - not less than 350 liters. There are several shelves in the freezer - not only for daily needs, but also for long-term freezing. The main camera is also equipped with 3-4 shelves, which can be adjusted in height, as in all the latest models.

Temperature control is provided in all refrigerators produced today.

Features of operation

The use of technology is as simple as possible, because all models are targeted at a wide audience. Each refrigerator is accompanied by a clear user manual, which describes the scheme and device, there is a first-start instruction, defrosting rules and other important points.

Important! Violation of the rules prescribed in the instructions, leads to a loss of warranty, if it is discovered that the failure occurred due to your fault.

Popular models

VDD 260 VW

General information:

  • stationary model, freezer on top;
  • case is made in white;
  • control - electrician;
  • energy efficiency is 288 kW / year and corresponds to class A;
  • 1 compressor;uses isobutane gas as a refrigerant( ozone-safe grade R600a);
  • case dimensions are 54x60x144 cm.

Freezer: chamber volume is 48 liters, defrosting of manual type. Freezing capacity - up to 2.5 kg per day.

The refrigerated compartment has a volume of 187 liters( the total displacement of chambers is 235).Provided drip thawing system.


  • the possibility of autonomous storage of cold up to 15 hours;
  • glass shelves;
  • door with a hinge on the other side;
  • noise - up to 42 dB.

Price - from 13 690 rubles.

User reviews:

Dmitry, Moscow

Picked up a refrigerator for parents to the country, asked to buy an inexpensive one, you know. .. As they learned how much it cost, they didn’t even believe that you could take something normal for such money. Impressions of mom and dad are: good capacity;the doors open easily, you can not make special efforts;spacious freezer. Complained that it is very inconvenient to get the "vegetable" box. Frost gives a good even in position "2".While not long used, so nothing more to say.

Sergey, Sochi

I was not very lucky. I liked the fridge externally - it looks very stylish. But it was awful. I say in the past tense, because I passed it to where I bought it, after the expert’s conclusion that the actual noise level is higher than what was stated. At about the same price, Atlant took it - it works several times quieter, freezes well. It’s not a fact that all “Vesteles” are such, maybe I got married, but be careful.



  • two-chamber with a bottom freezer;
  • control - electrician;
  • energy efficiency class - A;
  • dimensions in width, depth and height are 60x65x185 cm.

No Frost is present in each compartment. Work offline( cold storage) in the absence of a power supply is possible up to 13 hours. Freezing capacity - up to 4.2 kg per day.

The total volume of the two compartments is 322 liters. Noise - up to 44 dB.Construction weight - 70 kg. Price - from 21,765 rubles.

User Reviews:

Marina, Sverdlovsk

Not for that and praise. Buzzes scary. I never thought that 44 dB is a bit quieter than a jet plane. At the same time, the 5th year of work went on - not a single failure.

Lev, Tomsk

Good price and not very loud work. Frankly: the weakest point is the electrics. The lamp failed to withstand voltage surges and suddenly burned out in the very first month( although, perhaps, the wiring is to blame).By the way, our neighbors are the same - one to one. Roomy, simple - as, in fact, wanted.


Freezer at the bottom, body design classic, white. The model is equipped with electronic control with a display. The energy efficiency class is unchanged - A. Parameters: 60x63x200 cm.

In each compartment there is a “Frost Know”.Work autonomy - up to 14 hours. Freezing capacity - up to 10 kg of products per day. The total displacement of the compartments is 341.

Noise - 46 dB.Price - from 26 065 rubles.

User reviews:

Dmitry, Evpatoria

A quiet device, despite the Chinese origin of the motor - behind the wall is the neighboring Siemens and it works louder. Warranty - 2 years, when many manufacturers only 1 year. The backlight of the camera is soft, does not hit the eyes. A minus in a small distance between the shelves is not to place a treshka of tomato juice. By the way, keep in mind that the temperature indicator tells you the temperature you set, not the real values ​​from the chambers. And one more thing - it is very uncomfortable for tall people to open the door. A son-in-law came to visit - 182 cm tall, said that we have a dwarf refrigerator. The rest is full order. For such money, a normal technique.

Frequent malfunctions

Each brand has its own “weak points”.Vestel refrigerators also have a number of characteristic breakdowns.

Refrigerant Leakage

The first sign of freon leakage is fast food damage, there is no cold in the main chamber or the freezer is not frozen. Snow may build up on the walls, due to which the heat transfer in the chamber is disturbed. requires the elimination of leakage and refrigerant circuit charging.

Failure of the motor-compressor, its breakdown

Have you heard that the motor does not work , and sometimes there are clicks from the back wall? These are the first symptoms of compressor failure. The part cannot be repaired, therefore replacement is required.

No Frost

system breakdown The main compartment does not cool well, the freezer works, but not well enough. Need to inspect the fan.

Capillary line clogging

Constantly running compressor, does not turn off. At the same time the freezer is not working well. Capillary tube cleaning required.

Increases a lot of frost

If you do not know why constantly has water under the refrigerator or there is a lot of frost inside it, most likely this is caused by a failure of the thermostat. Refrigerant leakage is not excluded. If the temperature regulator breaks, its replacement is required.

Failure of

sensors If the air sensors fail, error codes can be E1, E2 or A2 error codes, and an exclamation mark is lit in models without a display.

Having noticed the slightest malfunction: the motor does not turn off, there is no cold in one of the compartments, there is water under the boxes for vegetables and fruits and other failures - contact proven masters.

Summarize. Cheap Vestel refrigerators, though from a Turkish company, but often domestic assembly. The feedback is mostly positive, but the damage is not excluded. Fortunately, the parts can be used not original, so the possible repair will not be costly. If you are looking for a simple, cheap and reliable equipment, Vestel has something to offer - the choice is yours.

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