Advice to housewives which meat grinder is better for home

Choosing a meat grinder, it is important to understand that increasing the number of options raises the price. The trend is clearly visible on the example of the company Zelmer. The choice of the meat grinder is not limited to knowledge of the characteristics, it is necessary to understand the principle of pricing. Bosch Meat Grinder - A significant amount is paid for the brand. But the manufacturer provides a guarantee and helps to perform repairs during the warranty period. Plenty of nuances, consider the details that help the buyer to determine the best meat grinder in the window.

The work cycle of the meat grinder

We constantly discuss the work cycle, which determines the price. The site Moulinex indicates the performance of 5 kg / min. How long does the equipment work? Grinding 5 kg of meat at such a rate consumes more power, generates heat, how is it discharged? Is the cooling due to the high overall dimensions of the engine or is it provided to be forced?

Different grinders

Practice shows - Moulinex uses the second technology. The meat grinder constantly ejects warm air, like a vacuum cleaner, in a smaller volume. The stream carries heat, as a result, the meat grinder runs longer without interruption, a greater amount of product is ground. The engine's feature is forced cooling.1-2 impellers are installed on the shaft, directing the flow of warm air to the outside.

It happens that the manufacturer silences the numbers( they already described a hand blender, where they illustrated this fact).That is, if the instruction to the meat grinder is silent about the parameters of the cycle, in combination with an acceptable price, the desired long-term operation mode is not ensured.

  1. The Mulenex meat grinders have satisfactory cycle indicators: long work, short rest period, i.e., an engine with forced cooling( blades on the shaft, warm air comes out of the meat grinder body).Before going to the store, look for a similar engine, try to determine by appearance the presence of blades on the shaft. The alternative is reconnaissance in the store. Ask to turn on the grinder and check the output air flow.

    Kitchen grinders

  2. The optimum cycle of operation, combined with performance, provides a massive collector motor without cooling, its surface is capable of dissipating significant heat. The weight of such a meat grinder exceeds the average, the size of the body is large enough. But the woman will cope with the unit-heavyweight. They do not carry a meat grinder in the backpack, and the massiveness of the steel body reduces the level of vibrations, even if it functions noisily - a feature of the collector engine.

The third way to remove heat is not yet invented; special material is needed that has superconductivity under normal conditions far from absolute zero.

Protection against overheating

Meat grinders are divided into three types of protection against overheating:

  • Devices without protection against overheating of the engine.
  • Meat grinders with thermal fuses.
  • Models with protective thermostat.

The work of the

meat grinder In the first case, the task of protecting the engine lies entirely on the owner’s shoulders. It is necessary to note the time and independently control the work-rest cycle.

The second option is better not much - there is protection, but one-time. We'll have to repair, to the joy of the master-repairmen: replacing the fuse - a minute deal with a penny rates, but the fee will take, as for replacing the engine. As in the previous case, the work-rest time is detected manually.

The protective thermostat switches the grinder off at the right moment. Models with thermal relays are more expensive. When it is not clear what overheating protection is, choose a unit that can protect itself.

Among the grinders with a relay there are modifications that can continue to work after the protection has been activated, they are equipped with a special button. Not the best option.

Mincing using the meat grinder

Type of protection of the meat grinder against mechanical overload

Recently, a topic was reviewed, a series of videos was posted on YouTube. We repeat the explanation of which meat grinder is better from the point of view of protection from mechanical overloads. Gears are made of plastic, protecting the motor from failure when the shaft is seized when the rotor stops. The current flows to one section of the collector, the shaft does not rotate, thermal power is fully applied to a single winding. The engine fails in seconds.

In the following, thermal protection is assumed. But fuses and relays have inertia, do not have time to react. It is more efficient to provide constructive methods:

  1. Plastic gears breaking under overload. Usually a couple of teeth breaks down, there are exceptions - the row crumbles completely.
  2. Plastic bushings break, 5-6 pieces are included in the kit, you can order a dozen for the price of one gear, taking into account the shipment by RF mail - their cost is low.

Video on YouTube about the restoration of gear cause a smile, anticipating complaints about their absence in the store, we recommend:

before buying, familiarize yourself with the range of offers of spare parts for models( not brands!) Meat grinders. Name gears( bushings) on a specific model of the unit write down exactly the letter in the letter.

Breakdowns that occur during overload are described in the instructions. If information is missing, initially pay attention to the material gear. Plastic parts break easily.

It is reasonable to purchase a protection kit at the same time as the meat grinder. Remember, protection against mechanical overload does not prevent overheating. Observe the working cycle, otherwise you will have to throw out or sell a broken meat grinder together with spare parts on the cheap. Rewinding the stator takes a long time, is expensive.

Choice of capacity of the meat grinder

Productivity is directly related to the power. High power means a short period of work cycle activity. Take an interest in the presence of an electronic thyristor block for stabilization of turns - they are not provided in all meat grinders. Without a stabilizer, the power consumption is uneven, the auger speed jumps depending on the load.

It is difficult to find the necessary information - consultants and merchandisers do not have information. The best option is to call the technical support service, where they clarify whether the stabilizer is installed in the specific meat grinder model. For example, Philips food processors are provided with stabilizers, perhaps meat grinders, too. To eliminate doubts, contact the company's support service, at the same time assessing the level of service.

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