How to use a double boiler

Those wishing to understand how to use a double boiler, let us know about the device device. First, we plan to give a brief instruction to the ladies, then move on to a close examination. Most of the devices are arranged on the same principle, the review will be surprisingly boring. Let's dilute with a couple of tales based on real events, depriving the story of tediousness. It will be told how to use a double boiler.

Two-Level Steamer

Properly Fill the Steamer Tank

Inside the double boiler, fill the tank with water before filling. Eliminating the male part of the planet from the need to maintain the device, follow half a dozen simple rules.

Steam has a temperature above 100 degrees Celsius. No wonder the workers boiler get terrible burns. Culinary food processing leaves careful. Vitamins, nutrients remain.

Purification of water for refilling the double boiler

The first remark concerns the hardness of the water. Learning to use the steamer correctly, find out the meaning. First, they produce special auxiliary strips, sold complete with dishwashers, steamers, steam generators. Reminds a pregnancy test, the manufacturer specifies the rules for use. Print the packaging with a strip, then submerge in water for half a minute. The test is removed so that the value does not go down.

The number of stained divisions indicates the stiffness. Conversion to standard units is carried out according to the table. For example, one division equals one unit. If the water hardness is within 2-3, it is unprofitable to take measures. Otherwise, to use a double boiler, water should be softened. Do not use special salt dishwashers. Reducing stiffness is a different way. For example, you can filter the water, boil several times. Evaporate the distillation device.

Filling the vegetables with a double boiler

A different way is invented. Reliable, less popular. Seen on the shelves of stores frozen oil. The liquid is cooled to low temperatures, water crystals are eliminated. The oil remains fluid. Similarly, clean the tap water from salts. Before we explain the essence of the methodology, we want to thank the website Let's start:

  1. To use a double boiler, remove obvious impurities from the water. It is better to filter the liquid. Water is highly polluted - household methods are not suitable. We buy a high-performance water filter. Allows you to perform a primary cleaning.
  2. The second step is to remove the salt. Sea water freezes at minus 24 degrees Celsius. Take the 5-liter plastic bottles with cut-off necks. Remains of vessels resembling barrels. Fill in four-fifths with water filter, put in the freezer. Well, if the temperature is 15-18 degrees frost. Or close to zero. Allows you to remove a maximum of salts. It will be in the order of time, the temperature of the mass of water will drop, we will remove the tanks. Mostly formed ice, cut through the wells with liquid. The last is salt. The male half takes a drill, in the two corners on the diagonal makes drain holes. The fluid drains into the sink. The remaining ice is water. Wait for melting or grind in a stationary blender. Then. ..

    Delicious and healthy food

  3. Remove heavy water: deuterium oxide. Heavy water contained piped in the overwhelming number of cases. Doctors soothe: the toxicity of the substance is less than table salt, deuterium will leave the body in a couple of days. Given that the stock is renewed daily, avoid looking indifferently at the problem. Ask, in a double boiler a little water. Dine on the mustache( spit), in the household is useful to prepare the first dishes. Deuterium is a medicine against some diseases in an amount of up to 600 ml per day. Those who refuse to be treated do the following. Melt water is bottled in 5-liter bottles with a lid. Put in the freezer. Deuterium oxide forms ice at a temperature of 3.5 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if the working chamber of the refrigerator is set to give 1-2 degrees of heat( freshness zone), it is better to place the bottle there. We follow, we shake capacity. After a while, deuterium oxide crystals form inside. We turn 3-4 gauze layers, pour the water into the vessel. Frozen deuterium will remain, stopped by an improvised filter.

Drink water, use cooking, in a double boiler. Plus significant: the amount of salts decreases, some other harmful impurities are removed. Water will not leave a double boiler scale, the products will fill the benefits. By the way, if there are no test strips for determining stiffness, we will call the appropriate city service. According to the rules, stiffness is limited. Better conscientiousness of officials not to check, very often the rules are violated.

Filled steamer

Instructions for instant mastering of the steamer

The steamer is equipped with a light-transmitting cover. Often diagrams are drawn, reminiscent of cooking time, we will explain later. Under the hood are several tiers. Everything needs to be removed, including the bottom. A view of the various forms of the collection cup of the condensate discharged by the lid will open, bypassing the central opening, and the tank is visible.

If the device does not need to be cleaned, we begin refueling. The maximum water level is determined( noted) by different methods. In the simplest case of risk. The location is determined by the design of the double boiler. Finding a label is not difficult. Fill the water inside. We make the bookcase from the shelves, filling it with products( ingredients).

At the same time avoid cooking with strong and weak aromas. An exception is the case when it was intentionally decided to saturate a side dish with, say, rice. Hot is on the contrary laid out on top. The bottom of the shelves is permeated with a thick network of holes, the juice will flow freely down.

Commercials manufacturers avoid focusing on the temperature difference between the tiers. Unless instructed, there is no difference. On the lower tiers should be hotter, let's remember that the steamer cooks using natural convection. Hot air will rise up. The last tier is the hottest.

Cooking times are marked with visual icons. The dish is schematically drawn, signed, an interval in minutes is put next to it. It is difficult to make a mistake. If different types of food are being prepared, a part will have to be removed. It would be reasonable to place such on top. The mode is not disturbed too much.

During the cooking process, observe the water level, monitor the amount of condensate. Markers are determined by the design, some steamers can be automatically turned off, noticing the low water level of the tank, excess condensate. It is useful to buy the device, equipped with a timer, you can use another available. For example, convection oven, microwave. The timer is mechanical, sometimes works when the power is off. Before buying a device, consider how you will use a double boiler. In the absence of a timer in other equipment, you should select the appropriate option in the store( equipped with a clock).

After cooking:

  • tiers, it is desirable to wash;
  • condensate drains;
  • better empty the bowl with water.

Some food steamers contain a button for preserving vitamins with food. It makes it possible to cook at low temperature. There are more beneficial substances in the finished product. Directly adjust the temperature of the double boiler is not possible.

Steamer Operation

In conclusion, we describe the operation principle of the double boiler. Will solve controversial situations. Under the tank is an ordinary heater. Often a cylindrical element. Reaches temperatures above 100 degrees. If the level of the liquid is controlled, it is more often done with the help of a special sensitive element like a bimetallic plate. The bottom of the tank is heated in the absence of water, a switch is triggered at a temperature of 130 degrees.

If in a humidifier there is often a float in a tank, exotics are not used with steamers. In the process, the flow rises, holding the central hole, at the same time goes horizontally. A whirlpool( air) is formed. Extra steam is condensed by the walls of the lid, shaking it into a container. Not reused.

We hope readers have figured out how to use a double boiler.

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