What dryer for vegetables to buy

Dryer for vegetables provides a proven way for a person to preserve fruit and other goodies for use in winter. Regardless of the juiciness after processing, the products contain no more than 2% moisture. Stored in the freezer indefinitely. Today, the mistresses stock up in the summer with Bulgarian pepper, sprinkle with salt, dry up a little and feed the winter through the seven August dishes from a wholesome plant. During heat treatment, individual vitamins are destroyed, primarily ascorbic acid( C).Savvy manufacturers in commercials do not rest on the fact that the useful properties of products are preserved. Think about what kind of dryer for vegetables to buy, it is worth!

Dryer for vegetables in the household

Dryer for vegetables works, in addition to fruit, with a mountain of ingredients: pastila, seeds, nuts. Dried fish and meat is a dried product.

Filled Dryer for Fruits and Vegetables

Dried fish and meat are excellent nutritious foods, while maintaining a supply of protein in the indicated state. Food loses water, weighs much less. A significant percentage of the weight is removed from the mass of the meat product, passing through a dryer for vegetables. In a backpack, you will need less space, take more valuable. Dryer for vegetables solves the problem:

  1. Supplying the family with nutritious products in winter. There is evidence that most fruits may be soaked after a vegetable dryer, then used in cooking.
  2. Stocking for meals, suitable for hikes, trips, trips. Properly cooked in the dryer for vegetables product tastes better than purchased.
  3. Production of non-standard foods and stocks, for example, marshmallows. Liquid and semi-liquid dishes are dried, then diluted with water before use. Extends shelf life.

Laying apple slices in the dryer

This list is far from complete. Mention is made of the drying of medicinal herbs, spices and other aspects.

How is the

vegetable dryer arranged? It all starts with a pedestal. Here, the engine with a blade mounted on the shaft, blows the heating elements. Hot air is formed. It seeps through the slots in the upper bulkhead and rushes along the racks. Any submitted consists of a grid, removable or non-removable. The center is arranged mine, to facilitate the spread of flow. Humid air escapes through the cap.

It is important not to have fruit lobes close. Otherwise, the air will not pass the clogged rack to get to the new one. Temperature is often controlled by a mechanical handle. The principle of operation is similar to the iron: the handle drives the tensioning screw of the bimetallic plate, which operates at a given temperature. This will ensure consistency of conditions. To facilitate the adjustment process, on the top lid or near the regulator of individual dryers for products, food types with indications of modes are indicated.

Any rack retains some heat. As the floors rise, the air temperature drops. To choose a good vegetable dryer, look for one where the process is neutralized. We'll tell more about the models in the article.

Design of the dryer for vegetables Ezidri

No wonder the dryer for vegetables Ezidri bears the unequivocal name SnackMaker - a device for making snacks. In the set of dryers for vegetables, in addition to nets, there is a mat for pastes, drying rice puddings and individual fruits, such as seeds.

Bacteria do not multiply in the absence of moisture. Part of the worms die eggs. Additionally, we recommend salting meat and fish.

Dryers for vegetables Ezidri different design. See what's inside the Ezidri vegetable dryer:

  1. The support consists of two floors. In the lower engine compartment. From here air is sucked up( rises).The flow, passing by, at the same time cools the engine. Thanks to the option the dryer for vegetables works for hours tirelessly.
  2. Ezidri Centrifugal Vegetable Dryer Fan. Air, bypassing the engine, enters the center of the squirrel wheel and is thrown out horizontally in radial directions outwards.
  3. Here are the heating elements, which tell the flow a significant proportion of heat. The air rushes further to the periphery, where the entrances to the edge channels are located, of a sector shape.

    Home Dryer

  4. Each bowl around the perimeter is riddled with passages. The outer walls are like double. The flow rises through a variety of racks.
  5. In the side walls of the level rings of the hole. On them the air enters inside. The stream is divided into two parts by floor. Most of it goes further up, the rest is used for drying.
  6. At the center of each grid is a circular colonnade. On the formed vertical mine air rushes out.

The temperature does not drop too much with height, the grids are equal and connected in parallel. They lie on the same bus, as the electricians will say. As a result, instead of a netting, it is possible to insert a padding for pastes into the ring, performance will not suffer. Try to do likewise in a dryer for vegetables. This is a qualitative difference. When the characteristics of the vegetable dryers are indicated on the item card, these main points slip away.

Another advantage of Ezidri are the bundling and informational support. The training video shows how to use the supplied machine for cleaning apples and removing the core. The process is semi-automatic, which allows for real-time dexterity to lay slices into grids. Convenient to work in pairs. Similarly, the recommendation to buy a dryer for Ezidri vegetables becomes clear.

Infrared Dryer

Infrared Dryer for Vegetables

Rarely fit an infrared vegetable dryer that takes up a lot of space. It is permissible to make with your own hand the warm floor, as necessary to fold the sheets, and hide in the closet. It is easy to understand that the technique is borrowed from the sun. Such a drying machine simulates a hot day on the shelf, after a fixed time the result is achieved.

The device is a rack with removable shelves, similar to a trolley for baking bread. It is permissible, for example, to carry out the construction in the following way:

  • Shelves made of plywood sheet.
  • To prevent formaldehyde emission from under the action of water and heat, cover the shelf with a layer of glass. Take a sheet of glass, stick a warm film on the bottom side, and place fruit on the top one. An acceptable solution, but punching and expensive.
  • Film The warm floor is connected in series. Gain power for power flux density considerations. The value of this parameter on a sunny day at ground level, for example, at the equator. If the solar constant( integral power flux density in a vacuum at the distance of the Earth from the Sun) can be found in the astronomical reference book, then the light passing through the atmosphere is not described quantitatively anywhere. The publication on measuring the characteristics of solar cells indicated that the integrated power density of the AM1 spectrum is 925 watts per square meter.meter. This corresponds to the location of the Sun at its zenith( however, the latitude is not indicated).We proceed from the information received. The power consumption of our radiator does not exceed 1 kW per square meter.meter of dried products. The authors are aware that the film has an efficiency, but let it be better to have less watts.

Try to make a dryer yourself! FixPrice to help.

What dryer for vegetables to buy

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