A detailed description of the tomato variety manhood( Auria)

The variety of tomato manhood has a second name - Auria. This variety is able to surprise not only its appearance, as well as excellent taste and good harvest. Description of the characteristics of this variety - the advantages and disadvantages, we will discuss in the article.

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  • Description and Characteristics of Tomato. It was bred in Novosibirsk in 1997 and received registration in 1998, as a variety intended for cultivation in the greenhouse and in open ground. In the southern regions of Russia it matures in open ground. Recommended cultivation of this variety in greenhouses for Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Baltic States and Siberia.

    The bush of this variety of tomatoes is lianoobrazny, not sprawling, reaches a height of one and a half to two meters. The stem is long, flexible, needs to be tied to a support. The leaves and branches on the stem grows in an average amount.

    Shrub needs compulsory shaping.

    Fruits have an elongated cylindrical shape with a split at the end. Thanks to this unique form of the fruit, the variety got its name. The length of the fruit is 13-15 centimeters, weight 130-250 grams. The fruits are shiny, red in color with dense pulp and a small number of seeds. The taste is sweet.

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    Fruit ripening time from July to September. Used fresh and canned.

    Description of properties of tomato Auria

    Advantages and disadvantages of the variety manhood

    The advantages of this variety are:

    • resistance to temperature changes;
    • low susceptibility to disease;
    • tolerates moisture deficiency;
    • high yield;
    • excellent taste;
    • good transportability;
    • is not prone to cracking;
    • good presentation.

    Among the disadvantages worth noting:

    • not all fertilizers are suitable;
    • fragile stems( often broken);
    • difficult to get seeds because of the rarity of the variety;
    • small shelf life.
    Tomato shrub varieties manhood

    Tomato seed preparation

    In order to get a rich harvest with good taste and eliminate the likelihood of disease, you must properly prepare the seeds for planting. Begin seed preparation in February. Seeds sorted out, selecting the largest of them.

    The seeds are then placed in a saline solution and left for 15 minutes. Rising seeds are thrown away, and those settled on the bottom are well washed and dried. After this, disinfection of seeds is performed. Seeds are placed in a container with a 1% solution of manganese for 20 minutes.

    The next step in preparing for sowing is soaking. The seeds are wrapped in a gauze napkin and put in a glass container with warm water. Water should cover only half the seeds.

    We do soaking for 12 hours. During this time, we change the water three times.

    When changing water, we take gauze with seeds from the tank in order to provide oxygen access to the seeds. After soaking, you can proceed to germination. Spread the seeds on a damp cloth and leave in a warm room( the temperature in the room should not be below +20 degrees). Care should be taken to keep the cloth always wet. Before planting seeds for seedlings, it is advisable to harden.

    Soaking the seeds before planting in potassium permanganate

    To do this, place the seeds in the refrigerator for 12 hours( temperature +2 degrees).After that, within 12 hours, the seeds are heated at a temperature of +20 degrees. This procedure must be repeated 3 to 5 times. Seedlings grown from hardened seeds tolerate temperature changes more easily, bushes grow faster, yields increase by 45–50%.

    . Cultivation of seedlings.

    . On seedlings, seeds are sown 60-62 days before planting beds and 45-55 days before planting in the greenhouse. Before sowing seeds, prepare the soil. If the soil is taken from the garden, it should be disinfected. To do this, the earth is well watered with a strong solution of manganese and put in the oven with a temperature of 170-190 degrees for 20 minutes.

    After processing, remove the soil to fresh air for 14 days. The prepared soil is poured into oblong boxes, making the grooves to a depth of 1 centimeter. Between the grooves, the width should be 3-4 centimeters.

    Lay out the seeds so that the distance in the row is at least 1 centimeter. Sprinkle the groove on top with a thin layer of earth, stretch the film and place it in a room with a temperature of +28 degrees. Airing of crops is necessary every day until the first shoots appear.

    To do this, you need to remove the film for 30 minutes, and if the soil is dry, you need to moisten it. After the first shoots appear, the film should be removed and the temperature in the room should be reduced to +20 degrees.

    The main condition for growing seedlings of tomatoes is to have good lighting.

    For this, seed boxes must be kept on the windowsill on the south side. If there is not enough natural light, additional lighting is recommended with special lamps.

    Tomato seedlings auria

    Seedlings care

    Proper maintenance of the seedlings ensures a high yield. First of all, should be properly watered seedlings. This is done using a spray bottle, as watering from a watering can can damage the tender roots of the seedlings. Watering is carried out once a day. In hot weather, you need to water twice. Watering should be moderate, since excess moisture can cause fungal diseases.

    Do not forget about the mandatory dressings. The first feeding must be done 3 weeks after the emergence of shoots. For feeding, use fermented mullein or bird droppings. Make the feeding should be after the morning watering. It is necessary to dive seedlings 21 days after sowing.

    Seedlings transplanted into a pot with a capacity of 1 liter. After the appearance of three leaflets on the seedlings, it is necessary to perform a hardening procedure. Seedlings need to be ventilated, starting from 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time. In May, seedlings are planted in greenhouses. On open beds planted in early June.

    Cultivation and care

    The manhood variety needs pasynkovanii. On the stalk is left one stepchild. It will serve as the second stem. All other processes are removed. Since this variety is tall stalks should be tied to a support, and the branches back up.

    In addition to the stepsons, you also need to remove excess leaves, leaving 2-3 leaves for each brush. In the period of development, the bushes of tomatoes must be fertilized. The first feeding should be carried out when transplanting seedlings to a permanent place of growth. The second - in the flowering period, the third - in the period of fruit set.

    Diseases and pests

    Although this variety is not very susceptible to diseases, it can get sick with dry spot. You can fight it with the help of such means as Antrakol or Tattu.

    Pests of this class include:

    • ;
    • spider mite;
    • whitefly.

    Strela is recommended to combat these pests.

    tomato Harvesting and storing

    From the moment of first sprouting to ripening fruits, on average, 115-125 days pass. In warm sunny weather from 1 square.meters can collect up to 12 kg of tomato. Fruits are easy to transport and maintain a marketable appearance for a long time and do not lose their taste.

    The dense pulp of the fruit is well suited for the preparation of pastes, ketchups and sauces.

    Convenient for canning in cans. In fresh form is used for making salads.

    Due to its unusual appearance and excellent taste, this variety will undoubtedly beautify any table.

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