How to connect an alarm with a siren with your own hands

How to connect an alarm with a siren with your own hands


Today, most owners of summer cottages and country houses want to feel safe. Not always a high fence can protect against penetration into the territory of strangers. In this case, they turn to the latest technologies, acquiring modern alarm devices, which will not only frighten off intruders, but will also inform neighbors about the attempt penetration. Therefore, the most simple and inexpensive solution can be a siren (howler) made by own hands.


  • 1Details about the Sirena-revun system
    • 1.1Table: Advantages and disadvantages of an autonomous siren
  • 2Description and operation principle of the siren
  • 3Factors for choosing alarms with howler to give
    • 3.1Which factors are most important
    • 3.2Types and models of alarm with a siren
      • 3.2.1The most popular alarm devices
  • 4How to connect a siren in the country
    • 4.1Wired alarm connection with howler
      • 4.1.1Video: wired GSM alarm system
    • 4.2Wireless alarm connection with siren
      • 4.2.1Video: stand-alone wireless alarm system for home, villa, garage
  • 5Is it justified to use a siren
    • 5.1Video: how to connect the siren howler at the cottage
  • 6Why the alarm does not work

Details about the Sirena-revun system

Basically, in such systems, infrared motion sensors and sound alarms of varying degrees of loudness are installed. The main purpose of the siren is to frighten strangers with a sound signal. The most common and easy to install are "howlers which are sound signals of autonomous action.

The system has a built-in motion sensor and turns on the siren when a person passes by

If you connect a GSM module to such a system, if the device detects a protected area, the device will not only turn on the siren, but also send a corresponding message to the phone. The siren can be just sound or light and sound. In the second case, not only a loud signal will be heard, but a powerful searchlight that attracts the attention of the surrounding people will turn on.

Table: Advantages and disadvantages of an autonomous siren

Benefits disadvantages
  1. There is no need to pay for security.
  2. Affordable price of the device.
  3. Confidence that a sound signal will scare away criminals.
  4. Easy installation without the involvement of specialists.
  1. When the sound signal is turned on, the security service will not arrive.
  2. There is no monitoring of the protected area.

Household sirens consist of the following elements:

  1. The receiving-control device.
  2. Detectors reacting to abnormal situations.
  3. An autonomous power source.
  4. The signal device.

Siren-howler capable of responding to:

  1. Movement on the site.
  2. Opening or closing doors.
  3. Beating the glasses.
  4. Attempted breaking.
  5. Strong smoke, etc.
For small rooms, you can use one device that is equipped with an infrared motion sensor and a siren installed in one protective housing.The sound device is intended for installation both indoors and outdoors.

Description and operation principle of the siren

Siren-howler - a device for security alarm directed action.

Such devices produce a complex of actions on intruders:

  1. They create maximum discomfort indoors and outdoors.
  2. They have a powerful psychological impact on people.
  3. They give a signal to others.

The boar may, if necessary, be connected to any security or fire alarm system. Such devices operate on one installed system: when the detector is triggered, the relay comes into operation and closes the siren's contacts.

Alarm systems are of two types:

  1. Wired. The connection of the siren, control device and sensors is done by wire.
    All connections in such systems are made using cables
  2. Wireless. In this case, the siren is equipped with a receiver, and the monitoring device is equipped with a special transmitter, which operates at a certain frequency.
    When installing wireless systems, there is no need to lay the cable, but during use, some devices periodically have to change the batteries

By its design, the howler consists of a piezoceramic plate, which acts as a membrane that vibrates at the required frequency. The generator on the chip provides the necessary frequency of sound. Sound pressure can rise to 120 decibels, which is higher than the pain threshold for the human ear.

The siren has a compact body and an elegant appearance, but when the sensor is triggered it provides a high level of sound, painful for nearby people

The microchip, which is installed in the howlers, works in different modes:

  1. It gives a constant sound signal.
  2. Alternate sound and pause.
  3. Works in two-tone mode.

Basically all household sirens have a voltage of 12 V. Being in a "sleeping" mode, such devices practically do not consume electricity, so one battery is enough for a long period of operation. The sound siren for outdoor use is manufactured in a shockproof plastic case that reliably protects the device from external factors.

To date, sensors, which can connect the siren-howler, are in great demand.

Factors for choosing alarms with howler to give

  1. Sound volume. This is the main parameter of the siren, it is measured in decibels. The most powerful devices can create sound pressure from 100 to 120 decibels, which corresponds to the roar of an airplane taking off. Since the volume of the siren decreases significantly as you move away from it, for large areas it is necessary to choose powerful howler, such as Ademco ES-58 (power 117 dB) or PoliceCam SR02 (power 120 dB).
    Despite the small size, the PoliceCam SR02 siren provides a high level of signal strength when triggered
  2. Variants of sound. Sirens can generate a wide variety of signals. For example, the Secure Dog devices, when the control detector triggers, begins to emit a piercing bark that grows into the growl of a huge evil dog. Naturally, such a siren will have a huge psycho-emotional impact, based on human fear.
  3. The presence of GSM-module. Wired sirens with GSM modules allow you to manage the system through mobile communication. An example of such a device can be low-cost signaling of the brand "Xital". Due to the high level of compatibility, the system can easily integrate an external siren, as well as other stand-alone sirens. An additional advantage is the possibility of remote control of gas boilers, power supply, water supply and other devices.
    The wireless siren with built-in GSM module will not only react to any signal from the connected sensors, but also will notify the incident on the mobile phone
  4. Method of commutation. Wireless siren is an excellent choice for those who want to protect their property from external intrusion and at the same time do not spend additional funds for installation work at installation. It will be enough to buy a siren-howler, which your neighbors can switch off on their own, if necessary. Such devices do not require the laying of wires. Alarms with radio control type "Leader Crow, Falcon Eye, "Astra Visonic and others make it possible to turn off the siren from a distance of about 300 meters.
    If you intend to install an alarm with a large number of sensors, the wireless system will be preferable, since it will be possible to save considerably on the installation of wires

Which factors are most important

Before installing the siren, it is very important to ensure that all of its elements are hidden from prying eyes. Unexpectedness is the main factor that will ensure the necessary result. If the motion detector and the sounder are in different places and connected by wires, the offender can easily "neutralize" the siren by determining its location. That's why the systems that combine two devices - a motion sensor and a siren sound - are in great demand.

Together with the howler can be used and a powerful searchlight, which will cause fear of the offender and alert people of the invasion of others. An autonomous security system with a good siren and a powerful searchlight is much cheaper than an alarm connected to the security desk.

If you use a powerful searchlight along with the siren, the effect of an unexpected alarm will greatly increase

On the site of a private house, you can install several sirens, so that the whole territory of home ownership is covered. The main thing is to regularly change batteries or batteries. The greatest discharge occurs during the operation of the siren.

Types and models of alarm with a siren

Currently, there are a large number of different sirens issuing an audio alert. The most simple variant is the detector with the IR-sensor, which includes the howler.

The biggest demand is the sound device with an additional motion sensor. Due to the built-in memory, it is possible to record any type of voice announcement on it for a duration of about 10 seconds. If the sensor is triggered, the player comes into operating mode and the recorded text is heard from the speakers. The message can be of any character for scaring off uninvited guests.


The information system has three modes:

  1. "Security"-the alarm is activated.
  2. «Information»-When the motion sensor is triggered, a beep sounds.
  3. "Voice recording"-the recorded voice message is activated.

The most popular alarm devices

  1. The Sensor Alarm model is a wireless alarm that is a motion detector that is combined in one instrument with a siren. There are 2 key fobs, working in remote mode from AA batteries. The device has the following characteristics:
    • range detection of the object - 15 m;
    • angle of coverage - 110 °;
    • the siren's power is 105 dB.
      Simple wireless alarm Sensor Alarm consists of a motion sensor with built-in siren and control panels, which you can turn on and off the system
  2. The Secure Dog model is designed for installation in apartments. Equipped with a microwave motion detector, which determines the approach of an unauthorized person. If the device is in the armed mode, the sensor is triggered and the dog barking is heard. Characteristics of the device:
    • range of coverage - 8 m;
    • the angle of coverage is 360 °.
      A distinctive feature of Secure Dog signaling is the notification of the sound of dog barking
  3. Model MT-1020 is a device that, when the motion detector is activated, automatically turns on the audible alert or produces a recorded message. Characteristics:
    • perimeter of coverage - 3 m;
    • angle of coverage - 30 °;
    • the message transmission time is about 10 seconds.
      The sound alarm MT-1020 can give out a pre-recorded message

How to connect a siren in the country

Siren-howler are the most simple and inexpensive sound alarms, which operate in an autonomous mode and are installed by owners of cottages and country houses. The wireless system can be easily installed with your own hands, and wired will require some effort.

If you choose a wired system, you need to be sure that there will always be uninterrupted power supply in the territory of the site. For installation in the street, you need to choose devices in a durable, moisture-resistant housing that can withstand any atmospheric phenomena.

The alarm on the basis of a siren-howler usually consists of:

  • control panel with power supply;
  • the siren itself;
  • light indicator;
  • battery;
  • electronic keys;
  • code reader;
  • wires to connect the system.

Wired alarm connection with howler

  1. We mount above the door a siren and a light detector (lamp). It is best to install all the instruments higher so that they can cover a large area of ​​surveillance over the territory.
  2. We set the motion detectors in the necessary places. It is best to mount them above the entrance doors or under the ceiling in the corner of the room.
    Motion sensors are best placed in places where it is difficult to immediately notice them
  3. The alarm control panel is mounted inside the house.
    If the alarm has a separate control panel, it is better to install it at the entrance door so that it is convenient to turn the system on and off
  4. If necessary, mount the sensor on the front door.
    For security alarms, you can purchase door open sensors that work on infrared rays or on a magnet
  5. We lay the wires from each sensor to the control panel. If you are not sure that you can connect all the cables yourself, then it's best to contact the professionals, since the reliability of the wiring depends on the life of the entire system.
    The wires from all the sensors must be brought together and connected to the corresponding connectors
  6. We install the reader of electronic keys and program the keys.
    In order for the owners to enter the premises, they must have special electronic keys
  7. Adjust the motion sensors. To do this, we need to set them the right direction and angle. We establish a certain degree of sensitivity and operating conditions.
  8. At the final stage, we program the signaling unit.
    When programming the control unit, the main parameters of the system are set: the names of the protected zones, the telephone number for sending alarm messages, the siren operating time, etc.

Video: wired GSM alarm system

Wireless alarm connection with siren

For country houses and suburban areas, a wireless alarm system with a GSM module is the best option for protecting the territory and household property. Thanks to mobile communication, the owner of the dacha will always be informed of the events taking place on his site.

The peculiarities of the installation of wireless signaling will be considered on the example of the "Sentinel" system. This is a simple and convenient alarm system, which in its standard configuration is equipped with motion sensors and door openers. If additional security functions are required, you can separately purchase a smoke, gas or water leak detector.

Set of wireless siren "Guardian

  1. The central console.
  2. Source of power.
  3. Battery backup power.
  4. Keychains - 2 pcs.
  5. Open sensor.
  6. Motion Sensor.
  7. Siren.
  8. USB cable.


  1. Install the siren in any convenient place. It is best to mount it in a hidden way, because otherwise the criminal can simply break it or pull out the batteries.
    The siren is the main warning element of the alarm system, so it must be safely hidden
  2. We install the door opening sensor "Guard M-401". This is a simple device for wooden and metal-plastic doors. For metal doors, more powerful equipment will be needed. By its design, the sensor has two elements: we attach the magnet to the opening part of the doors or windows, and the sensor to the immovable. The reed element, thanks to the magnetic field, conducts a current that disappears when the contacts are opened. At this time, the alarm goes off.
    The door opening sensor consists of two elements, which, when removed, generate an alarm from each other
  3. We install a motion sensor that will monitor the movement of strangers in the house. Such a device operates on the basis of detecting a violation of the line of infrared rays that it generates. Install the sensor should be in places where it will be invisible and on its way there will be no obstacles (furniture, walls, glass and other interior items). It is best to place it at a height of 2 to, meters.
    Wireless systems provide complete freedom to choose the location of equipment, so the sensors can be mounted in the most inconspicuous places
  4. We mount the glass break detector "Guard M-601". Such a device is simply necessary in a private home, where it is easy to get through the window. The sensor is equipped with a special microphone that captures sounds that are emitted by broken glass.
    Glass breakage sensors respond to a characteristic sound when trying to penetrate a window
  5. If necessary, mount the smoke trap "Guard M-501 which uses an infrared receiver to detect smoke in the room. As a result, the siren also operates.
    A smoke detector is usually installed on the ceiling
  6. At the location of the gas equipment (boiler, stove, radiators) we install gas leak detectors "Guard M-502". They can detect the presence of natural gas in the house, butane and propane.
    The gas leakage sensor is one of the most important elements of the security system in private homes
  7. The central panel, which will monitor the entire alarm system, we install in any convenient place. Before this, insert the SIM-card in it without extraneous numbers and request for a PIN-code. Such a device will automatically perform GSM-communication with the selected mobile operator.
    The central unit of wireless signaling does not have to be placed at the entrance door, because it is controlled via a radio channel using a keyring
  8. We connect the backup (additional) power to the console from the battery so that in the event of a power outage the alarm remains in working order.
    When the voltage in the network disappears, the alarm will operate from the battery, and after correcting the problems it will automatically switch to normal power

The control of the siren (the installation of a guard or the removal of it) can be made by the usual free call from a certain number of the owner to the alarm number. If it receives an incoming call, the system automatically changes its state to the opposite. Thus, the owner of the house, leaving the territory, simply dials the number of the system and puts it under guard. You can also use the SMS commands, and being near the house - the remote control. In any case, before installing any type of wireless alarm, you must carefully study the manufacturer's instructions to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Wireless keychain has several buttons that are necessary for installing and removing alarms from the security function. Also on the keyfob there is an alarm activation button (the "lightning" icon) and its shutdown button (crossed lightning).

Wireless keychain is the main body of alarm management, and also allows you to send an alarm forcibly

Video: stand-alone wireless alarm system for home, villa, garage


Is it justified to use a siren

Many people become opponents of alarm with loud sirens, because, in their opinion, they disturb the peace of others. But experts believe that only light devices can not fully provide the necessary protection for remote objects, such as a cottage or a country house. They do not have such a psychological effect as sound sirens. Powerful sirens with sound announcers-howler-stunned intruders who want to penetrate into the territory of the suburban area and force them to abandon their intentions.


I would also like to note that not only the protection from criminals will be able to provide such a siren. Very often in dachas there is a fire due to short circuits in the old wiring, the wooden structures are inflamed because of various natural factors, etc. Operation of the siren-howler will attract attention of your neighbors and surrounding people to the fire, which will help to prevent the inevitable loss of property.

Video: how to connect the siren howler at the cottage

Why the alarm does not work

Siren-howler can sometimes fail for some reason:

  1. Power was cut off when installing a wired system.
  2. Incorrectly the whole system was connected.
  3. "Battered" batteries in the wireless device.
  4. The alarm was installed on the street.
  5. Manufacturing defect.
  6. Attackers have found how to disable the siren.
  7. The device got water, dust, dirt and closed the contacts.

When choosing any type of alarm for the siren-howler, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions to properly install and configure the system. Otherwise, your house will not be securely protected, and unforeseen situations may occur, for example, frequent false positives. Thanks to the sound notification system you can be sure that strangers do not penetrate into the territory of your country house or summer residence.

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