Characteristics and description of tomato variety Tolstoy F1

Tomato Tolstoy F1 - a popular, time-tested Dutch hybrid. Its main advantage is complex resistance to diseases. This variety is able to bring a decent harvest, even a novice gardener.

Do not confuse Tolstoy F1 with the new Russian hybrid Leo Tolstoy F1 from Gavrish.


  • import selection
  • Characteristic features and tomato Tolstoy F1
    • Fruits
    • Bushes
    • Harvest
    • Endurance
  • merits and varieties disadvantages
  • Subtleties agrotechnics
    • Selecting seed
    • seedling period
    • Features of cultivation in the greenhouse
    • Care outdoor beds
    • Some errors

Importedselection of

The seeds of a hybrid tomato Tolstoy F1 are supplied to the market by the well-known agricultural corporation Bejo Zaden ( Holland).Russian firms make bulk purchases of seed material and pack it for retail sale in garden stores.

In Russia, you can buy tomato Tolstoy F1 in a package from such large companies as Gavrish, Prestige, Poisk, Plasma Seeds and some others.

At the end of the XX century, Tolstoy F1 successfully passed a series of tests in the Russian climate. In 1999, it was entered into the State Register and recommended by for the widespread cultivation of in Russia.

Suitable for both greenhouses and open ground.

Characteristics and description of tomato Thick F1


The average fruit weight is 100 grams
  • Tomato size according to the description on average is 100 g .The minimum weight is 80 g, the maximum( in the first brushes) is 150 g.
  • The shape is round;the surface is smooth, sometimes slightly ribbed( above).Hybrid "blood" is manifested in the fact that all the tomatoes look smooth, as in the selection.
  • The color is bright scarlet, very saturated. Coloring is uniform, without spot near the stem.
  • Brushes carry through 6-8 ovaries. Tomatoes on one hand are poured and ripen almost at the same time. Collecting the whole brushes is possible, so it is convenient to transport and store.
  • Taste - classic “tomato”.The aroma is not too intense.
  • The density of the skin and pulp is quite high, like in most hybrids.

Assignment mainly canning and pickling .Size and shape are ideal for wholegrain pickling and pickling in jars with a standard neck. Salty products are strong, not watery. In addition, tomatoes are well stored.

Plucked unripe, able to lie in a cool room until the New Year to decorate a festive salad.


Shrubs of the Tolstoy variety look powerful and strong

In general, the plants look powerful, strong, healthy.

  • The height of the stems in the greenhouse is determined by its ceiling .In the garden beds bushes grow into human growth. The development occurs on the indeterminant type, without a natural stop. Restrictions impose weather conditions or people.
  • The foliage is light, medium in size. It does not overload the bush, does not obscure the ovary.


  • Duration of ripening of the first fruits - sredneranie : after 105 days from germination, 70 days from transplanting. Fruiting lasts a long time, throughout the season.
  • The yield of is potentially high .With minimal care, it is 5 kg per square meter in open ground, and if you try, the same amount can be obtained from one bush( especially in the greenhouse).
The average yield of Tolstoy tomatoes is about 5kg per 1 sq.m.


Hybrid tomato Tolstoy F1 develops normally and bears fruit even in bad weather , is not afraid of heat and cold weather. It tolerates shading, temperature fluctuations and even lack of power.

The variety successfully confronts a whole complex of harmful diseases: cladosporia, fusarium and vertical wilt, tobacco mosaic virus.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

variety The hybrid was created in the last century, therefore, according to some characteristics, it can be inferior to the breeding novelties .Someone modern hybrids seem more delicious and stuffy. They are not so quickly overgrown with stepchildren, and their yields are higher.

As for the lack of complete resistance to the phytophthora, here Tolstoy F1 is not alone: ​​it has not yet been possible to create tomatoes that completely reject this infection.

In the open field, growers refuse from this variety if it is not possible to put high supports.

Tomato Tolstoy F1 is highly appreciated by gardeners for its combination of remarkable properties, has proven unpretentiousness and reliability. Despite the great competition, he does not go the distance.

Tomato Seeds Thick F1

The cost of the seeds of the F1 Thick hybrid is much lower than the analogues of .This is the best option in terms of price and quality.

Subtleties of agricultural engineering

Selection of seeds

Tomato Tolstoy F1 is popular and in high demand, so there is a risk to stumble on a fake. Therefore, you need to choose bags from the most reliable companies in trusted stores.

Dutch seeds have already been processed by manufacturers, and additional pre-sowing procedures are not needed.

If the expiration date is about to expire, you can to stimulate the germination of by immunomodulators such as Appin or Zircon.

The seedling period

As a rule, seeds of hybrid tomatoes germinate a little longer than usual. Knowing the optimal age of seedlings before transplanting to a permanent place( 55 days), sowing time is calculated in advance. This is end of February ( for greenhouses) or the second to third decade of March ( for street ridges) - in climatic zones such as Moscow region, the Southern Urals, and Western Siberia.

Seedlings of the variety are prone to pulling.

. Young seedlings of are prone to pulling. , so you need timely picking, good lighting, moderate temperature. Top dressing in the seedling season is not at all mandatory.

Features of growing in the greenhouse

  1. is placed on one square meter with 3 bushes.
  2. Pastage mating required. Plants lead to 1-2 stems, no more than .At the end of the season the tops pinch.
  3. In hot weather, you need to establish through-ventilation.
  4. Comprehensive dressing is desirable to give weekly, alternating between root and foliar.
  5. Soil in the root zone should be moderately wet all the time. Helps mulching .
  6. It is necessary to carry out prevention to protect against phytophthora. If before aggressive outbreaks of the disease were not, regular spraying with Fitosporin-type biologics is enough. In case of heightened danger, one will have to resort to permitted chemicals( of the most modern ones - Previcur).

Caring for a garden bed

  1. Complying with crop rotation will help prevent phytophthora outbreaks.
  2. Planting density - 4 plants per square meter.
  3. Mandatory garter to high support.
  4. Shrubs drive into one trunk, removing all stepchildren. In the first decade of August cut the tops of the stems.
  5. With abundant preplant refueling of the wells, feeding may be carried out not too often, 1-2 times a month. In June, nitrogen nutrition should prevail, then - complex with microelements. If August is cold, spraying with phosphate fertilizers is needed.
When grown in a greenhouse, the formation needs to be in 1-2 trunks, on the street - into one

. Work on errors

. Failures in the cultivation of tomato Tolstoy F1 are least dependent on the weather. Usually they happen because of gross mistakes of the host.

  1. Seeds germinate for a long time at too low a temperature; you need to make +25 +30 degrees .
  2. Seedlings does not develop in heavy soil and in the absence of drainage holes in the tanks.
  3. Flowers in the greenhouse disappear due to excessive heat.
  4. Low yields and small fruits are in thick plantings, without staking.

Reviews of a hybrid tomato Tolstoy F1 - always complimentary. Both beginner and experienced gardener makes sense to pay attention to this variety.

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