The use of succinic acid for seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other crops

Succinic acid is an inexpensive drug that perfectly stimulates plant growth. Dissolved in water, it is used when soaking seed material, cuttings, it processes root systems, sprays foliage. Below in the article we will discuss how to use it for seedlings of cucumbers, tomatoes and other crops.

Table of Contents

  • Description and Characterization of Succinic Acid
  • Application Guidelines
    • For Tomatoes
    • For Cucumbers
    • For Potatoes
    • For Strawberries
    • For Peppers
  • Solution Handling and Dosing of Tablets

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Succinic acid is sold by tablets( 0.1 g each) or by powder in capsules( 1 g each).For use in gardening it is recommended to purchase a powder composition. In addition, in pharmacies, it is also possible to find acid in the form of tablets. They contain additional impurities.

Amber acid tablets

Crystals of an acid dissolve with water, alcohol or ether. In plant growing it is customary to use only water-based solutions. It is produced succinic acid powders, tablets and crystals.

Previously, it was used in canning, pickling cabbage. But then they forgot about the beneficial properties of such a substance, and only a couple of decades ago, the unusual qualities of the drug were rediscovered. It turned out that it not only has a positive effect on plants, but also has a beneficial effect on the human body.

After treatment with succinic acid, certain results can be achieved:

  • plants better withstand cold and drought, can fight against diseases on their own;
  • if the solution treats the seedlings, and then shedding the plants once or twice during the growing season, it is possible to speed up the process of fruit ripening, increase the level of sugar and vitamins;
  • soaking seeds before planting will ensure their maximum germination, will accelerate growth;
  • amber preparation normalizes soil microflora, improves the conditions necessary for the vital activity of microorganisms.

It is recommended to use such a stimulant for tomatoes with caution. An overabundance of compounds trapped in the soil can cause opposite results.

The range of use of acid in the form of a stimulator for the development of garden plants is quite wide: from soaking seed material to spraying and watering crops at different periods of their development.
Powder of succinic acid

Instructions for use

The drug is considered safe, it has no negative effects on living organisms. Still, solutions for irrigation or spraying should be prepared taking into account all the recommendations. With the admission of an overdose do not worry, because the plant will absorb just as much drug as he needs.

Different concentrations of a substance are used in different situations. To make a solution, a certain amount of the drug is diluted in warm water, then the remaining liquid is added to bring it to the required volume. As a rule, spraying is carried out with a solution that contains 0.02% of the substance.

This composition can work for three to five days, then its effectiveness decreases due to decomposition.

For tomatoes

Apply a substance to tomatoes is necessary during the budding season. It is recommended to perform three treatments at weekly intervals. The dosage is calculated at the rate of two grams of acid in two buckets of water. Such a measure will help to significantly increase the productivity of tomato bushes.

For cucumbers

In a weakly concentrated solution( 2 grams per twenty liters of water), seeds are soaked for a day before planting. This will ensure the cucumbers amicable shoots.

Treatment of tomatoes with succinic acid solution


potatoes Tubers are processed before planting. The solution is sprayed over the planting material, the potatoes are covered for a couple of hours with plastic wrap. After that, the tubers are either immediately planted or left to germinate. The solution should be 0.01-%, its use to speed up the flowering process, increase yields.

For strawberries

Fans of strawberries use a solution composed of the calculation of 0.75 g per bucket of water. Such a measure stimulates the development of roots, gives the plant resistance to hot weather and diseases, increases productivity.

For peppers

Peppers must be sprayed three times. One is performed before the beginning of flowering, the next two - after it.

If, during the feeding process, you overdone it with fertilizer compounds containing nitrogen, the acid will help to lower its level.

Acid solution is applied in four ways:

  • presowing treatment of seed material;
  • treatment of cuttings to stimulate the formation of roots;
  • soaking the roots of perennials at the time of their transplantation;
  • spraying of crops.

Solution guidelines and dosage of tablets

Amber acid solution is considered a potent and active stimulant. It has an excellent effect on plants, but its direct contact with the human mucosa or into the gastrointestinal tract can lead to negative consequences. For this reason, when using the substance during spraying, care should be taken.

Preparation of a solution of succinic acid

Dropped on the body drops should be rinsed with running water. After application, the solution in which seeds or cuttings have been soaked should be immediately poured out, since its repeated use may become negative.

Working with the drug, it is enough to wear safety glasses and gloves made of latex material.

The skin areas on which the solution has fallen are treated with baking soda diluted in water, then rinsed. If acid gets into your eyes, wash them and see a doctor immediately.

The prepared solution should not be stored. As a rule, it is used for several days, until it loses its useful qualities.

It should be noted that in many growth-stimulating drugs, there is a certain amount of succinic acid. But many prefer this additive in its pure form. Then you should buy the substance in specialized outlets, because the pharmacy version of the drug for use in hydroponics is not suitable.

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