How to wash the carpet at home: 3 possible ways


  • 1 Special Products for Carpets
  • 2 Preparing the wash cycle
  • 3 Methods for washing
    • 3.1 Method 1: in the bathroom
    • 3.2 Method 2: room
    • 3.3 Method 3: in the yard
  • 4 Practical tips for carpet drying
  • 5 Output
carpet washing technology: sparing agents, brush, water and your hard work.carpet washing technology: sparing agents, brush, water and your hard work.

carpet wash-house - a laborious and lengthy process, which without the knowledge of certain nuances may lead to an unexpected result. For example, the product may lose attractive bright appearance or deformed. How and what to wash the carpet at home, and I'll tell you.

Special Products for Carpets

Do not use conventional powdersEspecially with bleach: wash all the powder is very difficult because of thick cloth. Therefore, use a special detergent for washing of carpets:

Picture Categories in character actions
table_pic_att14995793241 Means 1: moist powder.

It absorbs quickly settled in pile dust and dirt.

of dry washing instructions:

  • Evenly sprinkle the carpet.
  • Brush rub into the pile.
  • After half an hour with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

If the result was unsatisfactory wet cleaning, to select liquid detergents and wash with copious amounts of water.

table_pic_att14995793252 Means 2: a liquid concentrate.

Effectively eliminates stubborn dirt.


  • Dilute the concentrate with water.
  • His hands and lather sponge solution.
  • Apply the foam to the pile of brush and walk.
  • After drying, vacuuming.
table_pic_att14995793273 Means 3: a cleaning solution.

If there is no powder, can make their own detergent composition. With it, you wash off the dirt, and urine stains.


  • Dissolve in 5 liters of water tablespoon spoon dishwashing gel, 100 g of vinegar and 50 g of ammonia.
  • Whip foam.
  • Wipe the surface.
  • Vypoloschite.

The sharp smell of alcohol will evaporate after drying cloth.

Preparing the wash cycle

Carpet washing efficiency depends on surface preparation and selection of equipment:

stages instruction
table_pic_att14995793274 Step 1: test means.

So that the result does not disappoint, test the chosen remedy on an inconspicuous area. That is, put it on the pile and leave it for half an hour.

If the villi are not faded, not to damage the weave (look at the seamy side) - feel free to use the entire surface.

Step 2: clean from dust.

Before the start of vacuuming their carpet cleaning. Inspect, identify the dirtiest areas that need to be thoroughly washed.

table_pic_att14995793305 Step 3: pick inventory.

Only with the help of a soft brush, but with numerous long bristles can be qualitatively to wash even a long nap.

table_pic_att14995793336 Step 4: The stain removal.

With the carpet surface from natural materials:

  • Coffee, wine, remove the glycerin: grease spot, and after 2 hours wash off with soap and water.
  • Contamination of urine, blood, cover with a towel for an hour, soaked in soapy water. Then rinse the treated portion under running water

For synthetic surfaces:

  • Apply alcohol (tablespoon).
  • Rub the stain with a sponge soaked in alcohol.
  • Rinse with water.

Methods for washing

Carpet wash house, depending on the size of the product:

  • in the bathroom, if small;
  • in the room or in the courtyard, if the value is considerably Palace.

The maximum allowable temperature when washing the carpet - 40 degrees. Even complex unacceptable pollution output of hot water.

Method 1: in the bathroom

The best option for small products - soaking and rinsing in the bathroom.The best option for small products - soaking and rinsing in the bathroom.

It will be convenient if the clean rug in the bathroom:

  1. Fold or roll up the roll fabric.
  2. Fill the bathtub with water and dilute detergent.
  3. Place the mat in the bath, and wait half an hour to pile soaked foam.
  4. Brush rub the available space, and then turn the product on and continue cleaning.
  5. Drain and type clean without removing the product.
  6. At the end turn on the shower - so the jet will beat out the remnants of soap suds.

Method 2: room

Wash large carpet in the bathroom impossible. Therefore, if you can not bring it into the yard, cleaning spend in the room.

By using detergent cleaner can quickly clean up a large carpet in the room.By using detergent cleaner can quickly clean up a large carpet in the room.

Stages of washing in the room:

  • Podstelil cellophane, so that moisture does not soak into the floor.
  • Whisk detergent solution rich foam.
  • Distribute the foam on the carpet.
  • Scrub brush.
  • Collect moisture cloth.

This method I clean the carpet is not very dirty. And if you have spots only requires thorough washing with rinsing.

Method 3: in the yard

The most effective treatment - in the summer on a sunny plot.The most effective treatment - in the summer on a sunny plot.

Washing in the yard - the best way: you can thoroughly clean off all the dirt and quickly dried in the sun.

Before you wash your carpet, it is necessary to knock to get rid of dust.

Next - 2 Solutions:

  1. Wash with a hose flat surface and spread it on the carpet.
  2. Hang hairiness product on a sturdy rope, pipe, horizontal bar or stick.

And you're ready to wash:

Photos of the washing step Description
table_pic_att149957934410 stage 1
  • Hose abundantly pour carpet.
  • Apply foam agent.
table_pic_att149957934411 step 2

Brush clean the entire surface.

table_pic_att149957934612 step 3

ANDIntensity pour water from a garden hose.

You can take advantage of modern technology: at the car wash carpet. It will perfectly clean (service price - about 2 USD per square meter). Only this method, I do not recommend for carpets on the basis of the adhesive.

Practical tips for carpet drying

The intelligent solution - drying in the fresh air.The intelligent solution - drying in the fresh air.

When washing the carpet is an important stage of its drying:

Picture Description of the way
table_pic_att149957934914 Method 1: hang out in the open air:
  • on the balcony;
  • on the bar;
  • on the fence;
  • a special device (see photo).
table_pic_att149957935115 Method 2: conditioned.

Turn on the heating function and point the blinds down.

table_pic_att149957935216 Method 3: fan.

This is the quickest option, which is used in the dry cleaning industry.


Now that you know the ins and outs, washing carpets in the home will not be for you challenging. Check out more video in this article - this is a good example and advice. A question to ask in the comments.

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