How to clean a backpack at home

A backpack is a very necessary thing for students, schoolchildren and tourists. Some time after purchase from the daily use of the material is contaminated. And then the owner gets a logical question - how to wash a backpack? The way to clean things depends entirely on the materials that were used in its manufacture. Most backpacks can be washed in a washing machine, but for products made of polyester or other fragile materials, only hand wash or dry cleaning is suitable.

Preparation for washing

First of all, you need to get all things out of the backpack, carefully check all the folds and pockets. If there is at least one item left in the product( a piece of clay, a pen, etc.), it can stain the cloth with washing and spoil it greatly. Before washing your backpack, wet the cloth, squeeze it thoroughly and try to wipe off small stains, remove traces of dirt, small debris and dust. Smooth hard material can be cleaned with a wet brush or sponge. In the distant folds of a backpack, garbage also usually accumulates; these places should be cleaned with a narrow nozzle.

If you can not reach hard-to-reach places, you can use a toothbrush. Do not forget to remove from the product all the removable elements - straps, pockets and hanging accessories. It is desirable to clean the fabric parts separately from the backpack. In some models there is a special orthopedic back with a cavity where the frame is embedded. It is necessary to pull it out, otherwise it will deteriorate during washing.

Before removing individual stains, carefully read the information on the product label. Most often, manufacturers sew a label to the side seam of a large compartment. The label indicates which tools can be used to clean the bag, in what way and at what temperature to erase.

If there are no special recommendations, you can clean the stains as follows:

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  • Try the selected detergent on a small piece so as not to spoil the thing.
  • If the experiment is successful, you need to moisten the contaminated areas with water, soak the material with a stain remover and leave it for about 30 minutes. Do not use bleach, as it can spoil the color of the fabric. If there is no special product, mix liquid soap and water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • After half an hour, you can once again clean the material, which is still not washed off, and then rinse with water.

While the portfolio is not dry, quickly proceed to the main procedure - washing. If there are no visible stains on the backpack, you will not have to wipe anything before washing.

The secrets of proper hand-washing

Wash your backpack manually conveniently in a large basin, bath or sink. You can not wash the backpack in hot water, as the material sheds.

Use mild detergent without fragrances, chemical compounds and dyes. Potent chemicals can ruin the water-repellent surface of the backpack and disrupt the structure of the fabric, and flavors and dyes provoke an allergic reaction. Completely immerse the backpack in the water, if it is not prohibited by the instructions. Thoroughly clean all contaminated areas with a toothbrush or sponge( if the item is made of delicate fabric).

After washing, the backpack must be rinsed thoroughly to completely remove the remnants of detergent from the material. To properly squeeze the bag, wrap it in a towel and twist it to absorb moisture. It is necessary to twist the product very carefully so as not to damage the linings, belts and zippers.

Drying your bag is best in the open air under the rays of the sun. This will help get rid of odors. The backpack must be completely dry, otherwise a mold may appear in it.

If hand washing did not help to cope with soiling, you can wash the backpack a few more times by hand, dry-clean it or turn the machine in the drum, if this method of treatment is not prohibited by the instructions.

How to wash a backpack in an

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It is possible to wash a schoolboy's bag or student’s satchel in a washing machine if it is sewn from ordinary fabric without impregnation. It is very important to choose a high-quality laundry detergent and set parameters on a typewriter. Before washing, it is advisable to soak the bag in a weak solution( baking soda + vinegar) and hold for at least 2 hours. To preserve the integrity of the straps, cords and buckles, place the backpack in a special laundry bag or pillowcase.

Load the bag into the drum and set the machine to delicate mode at the lowest temperature. It is advisable to wash the backpack with gel powder, as this tool is completely washed out of the fabric and will not leave stains. If there is no gel product, a minimum amount of dry powder can be used. In this case, an additional rinse will be required.

After washing, all pockets, cords and straps should be carefully straightened and turned out. It is desirable to dry the product in the air until all signs of moisture disappear.

If you didn’t manage to clean the portfolio with the first time quality, you can wash it again, but first hold it for a couple of hours in a stain remover without chlorine.

How to wash a tourist backpack

Travel backpacks manufacturers do not recommend washing, since the material of such products is very capricious and after improper processing loses its valuable properties.

Machine washable travel backpack is prohibited for such reasons:

  • chemicals detergents can change the composition of a specially impregnated material( for example, polyester);
  • dense bag material can not be rinsed even after many cycles;
  • from mechanical stress in the drum of the machine stretch the seams of the product, and over time, gaps appear.

Modern products for tourists are equipped with important features. Many models have a double bottom, wire base and orthopedic back, so they are difficult to put into the drum of the machine, so as not to damage important parts. Even if it turns out to immerse the product in the machine, it is unlikely to be able to clean it properly.

Therefore, manufacturers recommend regularly cleaning the tourist backpack using household soap shavings. If the walking bag is made of polyester, all detachable parts should be cleaned separately, as this material perfectly absorbs and stores various odors.

Prepare a cool soap solution in a bath or deep container and immerse the product there. You can use a thick sponge or a regular soft-bristled brush to clean extremely dirty areas. It is necessary to act quickly so that the backpack has been in the water for no more than 20 minutes. Next, you need to drain the water and rinse the product in lukewarm water. To dry the backpack well suited shaded place with excellent ventilation.

Experts advise to wash backpacks in case of visible stains or focus on the degree of contamination. You can not wash the backpack too often, because the fabric will quickly wear out, having lost the appearance and its practical properties.

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