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    • 1.1 The operating principle of a mechanical grinder and differences from the electric model
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With the grinder you can quickly and easily get the stuffingWith the grinder you can quickly and easily get the stuffing

Chopped meat is minced to state can only chopper. And although the technology now take their betting on the shelves of our kitchen electronic appliances, but the good old manual grinder used to this day. Unlike an electric meat chopper, mechanical driven efforts hands. I'll tell you how to assemble properly.

device features

Today the market offers two types of devices to scroll through the meat:

  • grinder;
  • manual models.

Overall this devaysa diagram of the device is simple enough, but its main function is the processing of meat products to a homogeneous soft mass.

Electrical and mechanical Soup found in every kitchenElectrical and mechanical Soup found in every kitchen

The operating principle of a mechanical grinder and differences from the electric model

Driving device with manual transmission is clear even to a childDriving device with manual transmission is clear even to a child

Before you figure out what's the difference of electric and manual meat grinder and how to properly assemble the grinder immediately prior to use, it is necessary first to draw attention to some points.

It is important to understand the operation and have an idea of ​​the appearance of the parts, and only then assemble electric grinder or hand-analog does not make the big work.

What is in chopperwith manual mechanism:

Picture Details Hand grinder
table_pic_att15009951263 metal housing

Typically, this entire cast myasopriemnikom container with a wide upward leaving the tube.

table_pic_att15009951274 helical shaft

This screw shaft serves as a push device for supplying meat to the chopping knives.

table_pic_att15009951305 Knife

It may be in the form of cruciform or discoid parts with sharp edges and a hole in the middle.

table_pic_att15009951306 Discoid grate with holes.

In some meat grinders such arrays could be several, and the diameter of holes in them allows you to adjust the degree of grinding meat.

table_pic_att15009951317 Clamping cover a wider nut

It allows you to firmly press the shaft insertion blade and grille to avoid backlash.

table_pic_att15009951328 A pen

Put on the protruding part of the body of the screw shaft and is secured by a special holder. It is the movement of the handle provides a helix rotation within the housing, and so there is chopping meat.

table_pic_att15009951349 clamp

It allows to fasten the device on the working surface.

For reliable fixation manual metallic table grinder to sufficiently enclose a piece of soft tissue between the top and mount the device, then the latter will not slide and firmly locks.

The main difference between the electric device by hand is how driven screw shaft. Unlike mechanical analog to an electrical grinder equipped with a special motor, which rotates the shaft. Just turn on the device to the network and press the button on time by placing the meat in the receiver.

Manual assembly is attached to the working surface using a special clampManual assembly is attached to the working surface using a special clamp

Stepwise assembly of hand-held device

Assembly manual meat grinder may seem daunting, but after the first time the procedure will take a matter of seconds and seem elementary.

How to properly and quickly assemble a manual meat grinder? Table describes in detail every action, and attached to each step of the photo allow visually navigate and perform all the steps correctly:

Picture instruction
table_pic_att150099513911 Step 1

Spiral (screw shaft) is set within the housing so that it is completely located inside.

In a special hole in the housing should be easy to get the shaft part for attaching a handle.

table_pic_att150099514012 step 2

Now it's time to set the knife and bars. The blades must be mounted on the shaft so that the flat surface of the blade facing the grate.

This will be the answer to the question, how to put a knife in a meat grinder.

table_pic_att150099514113 step 3

When the blade has taken its rightful place, the grid is placed nearby. It remains to fix the mechanism by means of a screw cap in the form of a large nut.

table_pic_att150099514314 step 4

The handle is attached and twisted from the opposite side grinder.

table_pic_att150099514415 step 5

On the issue of how to set the grinder on the working surface, no big deal. It is enough to fix the unit on a flat sturdy table with a special screw.

Making a rotating screw movement, we set in motion clip that securely locks the grinder.

Quality processing of meat depends on correct assembly and the sharpness of knives, so it is crucial to their natachivat and monitor the condition of the moving parts.


The use of manual or electric model - the choice is purely individual. For the purchase of a device affects the planned frequency of use, and the price factor. For example, the price is above the grinder several times. But, as practice shows, reliable and affordable way of meat processing to the state stuffing it is just a device for grinding with manual mechanism.

Video in this article demonstrates how to assemble the grinder in just a minute or two, showing in detail each of the stages. Having dealt with the device the device, its installation will take a minimum of time, and will not pose any difficulty.

If you have any questions - happy to answer them in the comments!

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