Calculation of power infrared heaters

Lack of infrared heaters in the warming sector. But this is a key advantage, which saves money. The enterprise Uralkali has taken advantage of this, having given out awards to employees for fresh ideas more than 10 million rubles. Impressive. And what we get by calculating the power of infrared heaters. This issue is planned to address in this review.

Why infrared heaters will save

Let's see how to calculate the heaters for the home. Usually we go to a specialized website and enter the numbers to get the required total capacity;or refer to the SNiP, which is very costly. As a result, power is required. The program on the site requires:

  1. Room space.
  2. Thickness and wall material.
  3. Type of glass.
  4. The number and size of windows.
  5. Type of ceiling and flooring.

According to the parameters, a model is built that fits in certain weather conditions. Most calculators suggest information about the climate zone, asking to indicate the outside and inside temperature. The program for the algorithms laid down finds losses through the walls, windows, ceiling, floor. Sometimes in the calculation appear the door. The total power of the instruments exceeds the loss. It helps to calculate heaters for the home. Then the devices are divided into types, decide where and what to put, what and how much to buy.

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The loss in this calculation is important. They depend on temperature differences on different sides of the wall. In the case of radiators, they heat the wall and the surrounding space( the carpet is warm, although the air jet goes up).The temperature in the room is the same. Due to this, the losses coincide with the calculated ones. Let's see what happens when infrared heaters come on the scene.

This type of instrument became famous for having a radiation pattern of heat radiation and doesn’t heat the whole room, but only the selected part. Suppose, initially, the calculation was carried out according to the specified algorithm. We figured that the power consumption of infrared heaters is so much and think about the price. The process of solution optimization begins. Accepted to think and divide the area into sectors. The result is that space for life is greatly reduced. We calculate the required amount of energy, we see profitable savings.

If you leave some of the quartz lamps on the ceiling, the losses through the walls will fall. Leaks depend on the temperature difference on both sides, and if only the center is heated, the differentiation drops sharply. At the expense of what, the heat losses are also reduced, therefore, we get the gain due to the skillful sectorization of the area and throw less money into the wind( street, outside the window) than with a different heating method. We notice a minus: when designing, the point of freezing of the wall was laid, but now it will move inwards due to the temperature drop in the room. Calculate this moment in another program, decide on the results whether it is necessary to perform external wall insulation. Having invested in construction times, then we constantly win on heating.

Due to the laid insulation, losses will fall again, therefore, the savings are expected to be appreciable.

How to calculate infrared heaters

How to heat a room by sector. From this point of view, we would recommend using the old calculator and starting the selection of power according to the criteria:

  • The specific power per square meter remains as if the area had been heated to the last inch.
  • When choosing a heater, it is estimated to hang the devices at different heights, which will change the power flux density. Preference should be given to heaters with a radiation pattern that most closely matches the desired sectors. For example, Armstrong's tiled hinged ceiling section is appropriate above the desk. The radiation pattern forms something similar to a square with smoothed corners covering the workplace. In kindergarten, the Peony Ceramic is more appropriate, forming an oblong line on the floor. Please note that when away from the infrared heater, the power density falls, position the devices so that the heat spots intersect at the edges. How to choose a distance. This will help remote thermometer, fixing the same length along the strip. The contours of the directional pattern strongly depend on the design, and it is impossible to give practical advice for all occasions. It is easier to take two pieces, making a reservation that the wholesale lot will follow, and according to the results of the experiment, we will already consider the question of a specific quantity.
  • Complexes The warm ceiling is mounted on the whole area, although in really large rooms they structure the rooms as needed. Leave a space of at least two or three meters. In this case, the directivity pattern is not expressed, which will require a margin.

This applies to ceiling and wall models. But with fireplaces it is possible to roughly do something similar. The radiation of an infrared heater will cover one side, which is not very pleasant from a human point of view. We assume that the devices are placed on opposite walls to compensate for the effect. Or supplement the side lighting with ceiling fixtures. The fireplace is heated by radiation and convection, it is appropriate to place this equipment under the windows. In this case, the incoming draft will warm up from the body of the device. There are also mikatermichesky models. Then the calculation of the power of infrared heaters is carried out along a different path.

Estimate the specific value of a square meter, we get the personal space of a person.

The micatermic emitter loses some of the energy on the protective grid and due to convection, but is willing to bet that there is no place in the middle lane where the power of a standard device will be small for an individual. In this case, there is no difference in choice. If you intend to raise the temperature in the room, again refer to the calculator. We count losses, we remember the amount of power available. We find the difference missing for the conditions specified in the calculations. The obtained power is significant, and infrared heaters will not demonstrate the main advantage - thrift.

Bear in mind that with sector heating, the temperature in the other area of ​​the room is lower. The air is heated by objects, it rises up above the surface illuminated by infrared heaters. The approach should take into account drafts that make a significant contribution. On the way of such winds you will have to put the instruments more powerful, or finally block the interference with a thermal curtain. The most powerful infrared heater is in trouble. The gain of the considered class of devices is ensured by the correct directionality of heat. The efficiency of infrared heaters is high. Fireplaces do not boast a high value.

If you talk about stone structures, we recall that electrical models are varieties of windmills. These are not heating devices, only imitations with weak functionality of warm air jets emitted through the slots of the front panel. Power of electric fireplaces rarely exceeds 2 kW.Gas models are more productive, but for units it is necessary to choose a place and punch moves for the discharge of combustion products. This is inconvenient, buyers are forced to use imitations, where the effect of the visibility of a flame is created by a generator on an ultrasonic vibrator that evaporates water at room temperature. We'll have to face the scum, there is a plus - increasing the humidity in the room.

In the winter, doctors say that dry air is the cause of increased morbidity. In this light, an electric fireplace acts as an acceptable parameter regulator, the main thing is not to overdo it: at values ​​above 75%, the fungus begins to multiply percussionly, for a person such relative humidity is no longer useful.

We hope we helped calculate the power of the infrared heater and decide on the choice of type.

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