How to choose a coffee grinder

Surprisingly, inexpensive coffee grinders do not allow to regulate the degree of grinding of grains. At least, it is written in the Yandex directory. Let's discuss a number of nuances. For example, performance. We hope that the information will help to solve the problem of choosing a coffee grinder.

The division of coffee grinders into professional and amateur

A trick is known that makes it easy to divide coffee grinders into professional and amateur: it is necessary to determine productivity. Professional models are able to grind large volumes quickly. The description includes speed( revolutions per minute).The specified parameter of professional coffee grinders varies in the range of 2-11 kg / h. As for domestic models, the speed in the description is not mentioned at all.

We will conduct screenings in the Yandex-market electronic catalog. Put in the minimum limit, for example, 2 kg, a set of professional coffee grinders will appear on the screen. Performance models are relatively high, and the price bites. There is no need to pay 500 dollars to grind 2 kg of coffee per hour.

Knives chop coffee beans

Household coffee grinders from professional differ in the materials used and the engine. Professional equipment is more durable, the grinder motor is more durable, the resource is significantly extended.

Which coffee grinders sell

There are two main types of coffee grinders on the market:

  1. Knife with a sickle blade at the bottom of the bowl, grinding grains. The disadvantages are uneven grinding. This grinder resembles a blender. As for coffee grinders of a similar type, such models are relatively cheap. In the category up to 1000 rubles, 95% are occupied by devices with sickle-shaped knives.
  2. Millstones made of steel or ceramic. Such a variety of materials is difficult to explain. It can be assumed that the reason lies in the fact that ceramics is endowed with greater inertness. Moreover, iron and aluminum are poisonous by themselves. And steel is a modification of the first metal. On this side, pottery is preferable. But on steel chipped are not formed, at the same time ceramic millstone is relatively fragile.

Experts recommend taking steel as a durable option. But, as mentioned above, the rationale for the choice is not given. Obviously, a home with a small size and an attractive price is better suited for a home. If you really want millstones, it’s permissible to take a manual coffee grinder instead of an electric one. Mechanical models are quiet work, it is their undeniable advantage.

Have a manual coffee grinder adjust items. To establish the gap, however, will have approximately, because the factory modes in the device there. New nuance: professionals complain that the manual coffee grinder gives too fine grinding. But hand-held devices differ, it is quite possible to choose the appropriate model. Another thing that check before buying a coffee grinder in practice is impossible. If at the largest setting, the gap between the conical millstones is distinguishable by eye, the grinding will not exactly turn out to be small.

The minus of manual coffee grinders is considered low productivity, labor intensity and accelerated wear mechanisms. This is especially true for coarse grinding. In this case, the trimmer screw is vulnerable, and the transverse loads on the shaft greatly increase. Anyway, it is quite possible to fix a manual coffee grinder at home, which cannot be said about electrical appliances.

Criteria for selecting a coffee grinder

In solving the problem, how to choose a coffee grinder, the following parameters prevail:

Grinding grains into powder

  • Turnovers! Experts recommend looking at this option. At a rotation speed above 400 rpm, the coffee will overheat and lose useful qualities. A nuance is overlooked that the temperature of the flour depends on the linear velocity. For the simple reason - the diameter of the millstone is different. Thus, for a large coffee grinder, we will reduce this parameter twice. Understand simply: take a sample, measure( approximately) the radius. The circumference is proportional to the diameter. Consequently, at the millstone twice as large, 200 rpm is already coming out at a constant linear speed.
  • The power of the grinder should not be too big: the motor will overheat. By the way, this is an indicator that distinguishes professional models from household ones. The former are capable of operating at a 100% power level, without showing signs of fatigue. The engine in this case is massive, dissipates heat and is cooled forcibly. In cheap household models there is no such function. If the power is too high, the chance of a failure of the device increases. It is advisable to buy a coffee grinder with overheating protection.
  • Following the power is useful to know the cycle of work. The coffee grinder( home), like most kitchen appliances, does not operate continuously, especially under load. Sometimes, the mention of this is present in the manual, it happens that manufacturers, without mentioning, install overheating protection in the device. It is better to buy a coffee grinder with a forced cooling engine. Air intake and discharge are conducted through the slots of the housing.

    Electric Grinder

  • For simple models of domestic coffee grinders introduced the concept of capacity. This is the amount of grain that the grinder will crush without interruption. True, the time period of the work cycle is not specified. Often coffee is ground for use in rozhkovy coffee makers. In this case, suitable device temperature. This is a tool for tamping coffee into a tablet. Flour poured into a horn, then squeezed tightly by the power of the hand. When buying, you need to follow the coincidence of the diameter with the diameter of the horn.
  • There are a number of high-performance coffee grinders that work continuously. There is a difficulty in limiting the time of their work. There was an idea to organize a portions counter. The difficulty is in properly setting up the device. The concentration of americano and espresso is different. However, in the latter case, all the same technology diluted with warm water. Out of the situation is enough, most importantly - the ability to dispense the process.

    Coffee grinder with

  • bean container The noise level( sound pressure, measured in decibels) will be the last criterion for selection. A number of devices simply can not be turned on at night. The difficulty lies in the fact that the manufacturer is in no hurry to advertise this information. At night, according to the standards, the noise level does not exceed 30 dB.According to science, we will measure the soundproofing qualities of the wall, then we will evaluate how the equipment will look in working condition.

There are a lot of small options that are difficult to list. Is it possible in this case to recommend the choice of products of proven manufacturers? In principle, a Bosch grinder with a sickle-shaped knife really takes over 1000 rubles. The manufacturer of the device is worth looking at because of the high quality of the materials used.

Everything related to food and clothing must be of good quality. Not worth saving.

In conclusion, we say that making coffee is a true art. The type of plant is important. Professionals invent their own secrets. Some put even butter on the tip of the knife. Because a lot of secrets. Connoisseurs, for example, do not buy ground coffee. The product must have an exposure not exceeding a certain amount of time, after which the bouquet is lost. That is why ground coffee capsules are sealed.

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