Fagor Washing Machine Error Codes

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Error code Fault value Causes Remedy
d01 No water supply.

If the CM gives error d 01, then the water intake system is clogged.

Also, the inlet valve or the main module may have failed.

  1. Check for water in the water supply.
  2. Examine the inlet hose; it may have bent or clogged.
  3. Check the mesh filter of the valve for clogs.
  4. Replace the inlet valve in the event of a malfunction.
  5. Test the managed module.
d02 Water drain error. What does the error D 02:
  • mean? A blockage occurred in the drain system;
  • defective SMA drain pump.
To reset the error:
  1. Check for drain plug, filter and hose.
  2. Inspect the pump. Install a new pump if it breaks.
d03 No water heating.
  • Heater breakdown.
  • Failure of the thermostat TENA.
  • Faulty control unit.
  1. Inspection of heating elements, installation of a new element.
  2. Temperature Sensor Check. Replacement at breakage.
  3. Diagnostics of the electronic board.
d04 Control module malfunction. Broken triac on the board. To remove the error, you need to replace the main module or repair the board.



The hatch door is not tightly closed. If the code d 07 is on the display, there are problems with closing the door.
  1. Check the handle and door lock.
  2. Test the electronic lock( UBL) on the performance. Replace if necessary.
d10 The MCA tank is full of water. In the washing machine Fagor the pressure switch or the control unit is faulty. How to solve the problem:
  1. Replace the pressure switch.
  2. Check and replace the main unit.
d21 Electronic card error. If the display showed the code d 21, the control board failed. Installing a new part.
F01 There is no water in the washer tank.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Clogged filler system.
  1. Unscrew the water supply valve to its full capacity.
  2. Check and repair the blockage in the inlet valve, inlet hose.
F02 Error plum. No drum rotation.
  • Drain pump out of order.
  • Clogged drainage system.
  1. Installation of a serviceable pump.
  2. Cleaning the drain pipe, hose and pump filter.
C03 At C 03, the drum does not work.
  • Drive belt defective.
  • Worn motor brushes.
  • The Fagor washing machine engine failed.
  • Failure of the electronic module.
  1. Replacing the drive belt.
  2. Replacing the brushes of the electric motor.
  3. Checking and reinstalling the motor.
  4. Change control unit.
F04 CM does not turn on.
  • No mains voltage.
  • Defective control module.
How to fix the damage:
  1. Check for mains voltage.
  2. Check the extension cable if the CMA is connected through it.
  3. Replace the control unit.



Fault in the heater. The heating element is out of order. Test and install the serviceable item.
F07 Problems in the pump circuit. The circuit between the module and the pump has been broken.
  1. Repair of damaged sections of the chain.
  2. Electronic Module Replacement.



The Eraser engine is faulty. Inspection and change of the electric motor.
F0 Failure of the electronic module. The module has failed due to a short circuit or moisture ingress. Reinstall unit.

Manufacturers strive to make the equipment as user friendly as possible, so the Fagor washing machine is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. If a breakdown is detected, it displays the corresponding error code on the display.

The table below lists all the CMA Fagor error codes. You will learn what the code means, what to do when it appears, how to fix the problem yourself.


washing machine fault codes When doing self-repairs, do not forget to adhere to safety regulations. Always unplug the washing machine Fagor from the network and communications before starting work.

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