Which oil heater to buy

Manufacturers produce goods, and dealers say that oil heaters burn air or dry. In Europe, the temperature of the radiators is maintained at 60 degrees Celsius. In Russia, this limit is too high, but in practice we also see 37.

So it turns out that we are thinking about buying an oil heater that does not dry the air.

Oil heater

The principle of operation of the oil heater

The temperature of the oil heater is monitored by a bimetallic plate in the electronics unit. He clung to the side of the main accordion. The air passes from the bottom of the compartment, is heated on the sidewall, comes to the surface. Few people think about the temperature of the sectional radiator.

The manufacturer has many models of heaters. For each pick up parts - the cost will be a bit much. As a result, the device will lose the main advantage of a low price. What to do in this case. Models from the line are completed in the same way. There are identical protective relays and bimetallic plates.

On the other hand, the oil heater has great inertia due to its massiveness. This means the air warms up slowly. Work of TENA is controlled by a bimetallic plate. The device is heated until the bimetallic plate works. The temperature of the radiator in the oil heaters remains the same.

The oil heater consumes energy of electricity, sending on TEN.The power of the heating element depends on the resistance of the spiral. Both small and large appliance are consumed equally. A specimen where the oil is more is heated longer and gives off more heat.

Heater for a small room

  • The power lost by the heater surface is proportional to two values: the temperature difference between the room and the oil, the area of ​​the metal accordion.
  • Approved: the device, where 12 sections, produces heat twice as much as with 6 sections, and with the same power consumption.

The fact is that the temperature difference is the same. This means that in a large device the heating element is constantly working, and in a small one - a fair amount of time stands idle. Although the resistance of the spiral is the same. Conclusion: when choosing an oil heater model, aim at the number of sections, and not at the power consumption.

By the way, the temperature of the device radiator does not rise above 80 degrees Celsius, by definition. But you can get burned about the oil heater( think European standard).They dry the air like a radiator. They have a similar temperature.

Oil heater life

Advantages of oil heaters in fault tolerance. The simplest design resembles irons, working for years. Lack of electronics, afraid of power surges. Oil heaters are not afraid of falling, a number of models are protected from this.

Home heater

Which will last longer, large or small? The first one more often works with heating elements, the second one will wear down on a bimetallic relay. To check the uptime, we’ll find the facts or ask the manufacturer for information on the mean time between the first and second parts. Calculate the cost of repairs. Single copies are knocked out of the line, but statistics, on average, are known.

Less chance of accordion breakdown in a large radiator. His inertial properties are great, so the modes are smoother. Consequently, temperature deformations do not have tangible force. Sections are larger, therefore, the probability of failure increases proportionally. You see that in terms of longevity it is difficult to stop at a fixed size.

Oil Heater Power

Already said that the temperature is raised faster by a heater with a large radiator. But consumption may be the same for models. Shows how quickly the oil reaches the set temperature. Producers maintain an amazing consensus on consumption. It is 1.5 or 2 kW.It is important to understand that the rate of heating the room depends on the size of the device.

One can endlessly discuss the pros and cons of oil heaters, but there is a merit: it is allowed to dry wet things. And for TENA there is little danger in this, because the radiator in an unforeseen situation will turn off the emergency relay. Try to read the guide on the convector - it says that the device can not be covered. From this point of view, an oil heater is indispensable in winter.

Heater with dryer

Oil heater weight

Considered heaters of relatively large weight. The body is made of steel and, in addition, oil. Mass enters the disadvantages of oil heaters, as well as the fact that the devices dry the air. The device has considerable inertia. This means that if the heat effect disappears from the infrared heater as soon as the power supply is turned off, the oil battery keeps the temperature longer. This will recommend a heater in the area where there are interruptions in the supply of energy.

Oil heater does not differ immense efficiency. Raises the temperature above a given, since inertia is high. Due to this increase in losses through the walls of the house. As a result, we warm the street.

Oil heater functions

Oil heaters are considered a primitive product, but show interesting options:

  1. Manufacturers of oil heaters looked at convectors and introduced frost protection. The thermostat will detect the temperature passing point through +5 degrees Celsius and turn on the device. This will not allow the house to freeze. If we take this, then with a fall protection, at least.
  2. Fall Protection turns off the device when the case is tilted. From the bottom of the electronic compartment protrudes a rod that actuates the microswitch. This ensures the fire safety of the device.

We recommend that you consider a means of moistening the room in which the oil heater is operating. Not bad to put on the radiator heating bath with water. It is not safe to put liquid on the oil heater. Additional capacity will help maintain the moisture level at the desired level.

Many may not understand why there is so much talk about it. The fact is that doctors have found that winter epidemics are not caused by frost, but by low humidity in the room. The level must fit in the range of 40 - 60%.It is better to use external control devices for measurements.

Fireplace effect in oil heaters

This is a remarkable option, equaling the oil heater with a convector. A flat-shaped body with two rows of slots - bottom and top - will provide directional air movement, due to which the room warms up faster. The infrared effect of the device is greatly reduced. We believe that choosing an oil heater of this type is due to the fact that hitting it hurts a lot more difficult. The body is made of plastic, and not as tough as accordion steel.

We believe that now readers understand the principle of operation of an oil heater. Add to this that TEN consists of two unequal parts. This will provide three thermal conditions. It is known that speed of an exit to the mode depends on it. It is logical if you want to do so:

  1. The oil heater is first turned on at full power( both buttons).
  2. Next in standby mode, leave one helix( as a rule, low-power).

The second step and show the real power output of the oil heater. And not a parameter prescribed by the passport. In this case, buy an oil heater with less consumption, but the same radiator size. An oil heater is also used to blow one helix. In this case, the output mode lasts longer. Such a reservation will play a role when the time comes.

We hope sincerely that we have helped determine the choice of an oil heater. The device is inconvenient to store. Find him a place is impossible. The townsfolk do not like littering the pantry and the apartment. Another disadvantage is that the oil heater does not indicate itself during operation. This means that you can get burned and hit in the dark. From this point of view, convectors hanging on the walls and infrared heaters hiding on the ceiling look better.

Undeniable plus devices in the price. Maximum 2500 rubles. This is not bad for the heater segment, with the exception of wind edifices, about the danger of which many legends go.

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