What to buy a heater

Let us try today to give a detailed classification of climate control devices, so that the consumer has decided to buy a heater. You will see that the choice is not too great for every occasion. In practice, the main dilemma remains - gas or electricity. The owners of private homes, in addition at least two options: Boiler ventilation and heating. Today is the first dominant, the second is gaining popularity. Because constantly have to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of heaters. So, down to business!

Infrared heater

Infrared heater

Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are endowed with good efficiency and will save. Partly true with regard to efficiency, all electrical appliances consumed energy is converted into heat. The gas portion of thrown to the wind. Researchers fixed in kettles 50 - 65% of the nominal power of the burner. However, manage to usefully spend this energy. Make up against the chimney ventilation shaft, dividing a steel wall. In this case, air backup will create heat and work, regardless of the windows, update microclimate not produce intake valves. Gas is endowed with a great potential if used correctly.

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It is interesting! Turn on the chimney branch exchange in the heat exchanger unit to heat the house.

Infrared gas heaters

Group heaters extensive, but ordinary people know little about the instruments, for the apartments most of the devices does not apply.

  1. Bright infrared heaters are suitable for heating a sector in front of him. Used outside for gazebos, tables, indoors as fireplaces. A distinctive feature will serve a lot of power. Portable models operate on liquid fuel, fitted with a stationary natural gas.
  2. Heat guns are made from the injector, fan cooled. The combustible mixture is formed and fired on the fly from the nozzle. It turns out a kind of vetroduvki, but much more powerful. These instruments are used on construction sites, in addition to burning diesel barrels holed.
    Gas heater

    Gas heater

  3. Dark infrared heaters are essentially similar to the heat guns, but the combustion products undergo an endless path along the tube length, which is a heat source. French experience known studios, along the ceiling which zmeyatsya black communication from under the roof giving a warm room.
  4. Fisherman knows that a collet attachment on the balloon's possible to buy an infrared heater from steel mesh. This will warm the tent and allow the cook simple meals. Cylinder enough for two hours leisurely fuel combustion. Plus system low weight. Heater with a tank easily fit into a backpack.
  5. Gas burner suitable to cook and warm. You see modification, since the usual type tiles until the ceramic bricks are hidden behind a grid and provided with a hose to the respective cylinder type. If necessary, select the device on the taste and color. We recommend to give preference to heaters with control of gas combustion.

Cylinders meet different. For portable models appropriate collet and screw. Especially for cars manufactured cylindrical gas cylinders. For domestic use using standard steel or composite capacitance ratings of a number specified in the text. Refilling is carried out a high-calorie gas of propane and butane. We believe that this is due to a trivial savings. When calculating the economic feasibility, consider the calorie fuel. It differs in 2 or more times.

Natural gas is cheaper overwhelming mass regions. Profitable home heating circuit heater with natural gas.

Electric infrared heaters

Electric infrared heaters are many. Certain modifications:

  • Lamp distinguished by the ability to shine. In the dark is possible to estimate where the heat falls, IR moves as visible. Turn off the lights and watch. Heard of quartz and carbon heaters - you will find among the lamp. Information on the quartz slab are either potolkovym heaters other designs. Tube items will delight all but fragility. With these heaters save energy, if you want to illuminate dark areas, and leave the rest in the shade. This is a good and cheap heaters.
  • Ceiling infrared heaters with steel radiator, like a peony, stronger. Surface emitter much colder spiral lamp, it is necessary to increase the area. But according to the temperature drops. These infrared heaters are similar to fluorescent lights. Only instead of glass lids are made of steel. The rest is the equivalent of tube heaters with the known advantages. Disadvantage known in comparison: lamp night light, easy to understand where the heat falls. With these models it will not work.
    Micatermic Heaters

    Micatermic Heaters

  • Micatermic heaters are manufactured in outdoor performance. Are hollow slab with lattice edges, standing on a stand or a movable platform with wheels. The heat passes through the grating, which is an additional heat emitter. The device has two infrared light beam - on both sides of the curved plates (visible spectrum because of the small wavelength is scattered). The heater is easy, by weight reminds convector, warms horizontally. Of course, part of the heat is carried away by passing a stream for this purpose in the casing left hole across the bottom and top. It is believed that the emission spectrum of the device is good for health, power provides a remarkable effect.
  • Infrared heaters slab type nesusvetno heavy. Spiral grouted concrete, after hardening of the product will be securely protected from disasters. With this durable appliance. Plate consists of quartz, marble and binders. Heating is to a temperature of 60 - 70 degrees, the thermostat is often not. We believe that the developers already at the manufacturing stage in the laid slabs consumption equal dispersion at normal temperature (20 degrees Celsius in a room). Thus, the plate can not overheat. Dignity in stability, which is controlled by the external thermostat. The device is endowed with excellent designers inertia. The housing has a small area, there is no irregularity, the lion's share of heat losses out by radiation. Therefore called infrared heaters instead of convection.
    The heater is mounted on the ceiling

    The heater is mounted on the ceiling

  • There are also panels. It warms samples of art. Introduce pad weight of 300 grams, an area of ​​slightly more than one square meter, releasing 500 W of heat. Described infrared heater-panels. Hang the device on the wall are heated to 60 degrees Celsius (the temperature conditions selected from the destruction of bacteria in the thickness of the material). Otogreet back with radiculitis. I want to buy a heater, mat, if the weather played out.


Fan cooled spiral invented long ago. It is noticed that cooling of the surface increases with increasing flow rate. This principle is used. In the segment we recommend buying a good heater, as opposed to cheapness. Heat fans are no different fire safety. This quality is necessary to purposefully further developed than the busy design offices. When buying, make sure that there is at least two steps:

  • Protection against overheating.
  • Turning off the rollover.

Prefer security model when deciding what to buy a heater.

oil heaters

In a class of devices only drawback - bulky! The rest is more than far-fetched. Warm not on nameplate capacity, and the number of sections. A heater according to concertina length gives different amounts of heat. It is not always necessary to buy a heater industrial or decorative in terms of performance and unique properties. Sometimes it is better to take a mobile battery cheaply than is the oil heater.

Safe, if there are three steps of maintaining the temperature (thermostat tank control, control of PETN). Sometimes there is an additional protection against overturning. Recommended to take an oil heater with a chimney effect. According to reports, not too dry air, and the specific shape of the body contribute to the rapid heating of the room.

By the way, the difference in cost is not so significant, and the plastic shell softens the possible impacts of the oil heater.

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