Which film heater to buy

Alson film is sold cheaply, and that people are thinking about choosing a film heater. Like heat, at the same time, there is a desire to save money. 1 sq. m. The film is worth 3500 rubles. The total capacity of the strip is 120 watts. This piece is suitable to heat the house, but when multiplied by the unit cost of square footage released annual salary of an ordinary citizen. Heating cable, which allows to do like, is not cheap. But 20 watts per meter buy for the price of 100 rubles. In the early 2010s these products were sold cheaply, demand is rising along with the price.

Film heater

film heaters

film heaters

We believe that the entry point may be incomprehensible, offer to talk about what is a film heaters. The concept provides for home improvement in terms of climate control. Originally appeared Warm floor and ceiling track. Film heater consists of two laminating layers is a conductive layer therebetween, wherein the power allocated. For example, a Nichrome foil heater protrudes. Sense in getting the right amount of power per square meter. meter.

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Note the example in the introduction, that the foil strip measuring 2.7 x 0.3 meters allocates 120 watts. It is easy to calculate that the area is square. meter. Said capacity - 120 W - is prescribed for heating houses the middle band. If work is done on the project, it is equipped with a ceiling film, and do not need to boilers, pipes and other fittings. This is useful, counted the cost. The film is reliable, relatively easy to give in thermostat regulation (for some money), mounted snap.

As understood from the above, the principle of operation of the film heater is to heat generation during the flow of electric current. Following due infrared energy reaches the floor, and already heated air convection. This is the case of the heating system Warm ceiling. But it is difficult to choose the right coating.

Type of film heater

Type of film heater

Ceiling tile made from polyurethane foam, which serves the heat insulator. Silk or polymer fabric is also poorly suited. Difficult called acceptable coating without creating a risk of fire and heat radiating well. In this sense, to choose a good film heater is easier than to figure out how to install the device.

From this point of view, looks better tile Armstrong, special heating sections are available for it. The radiating surface has already been formed, nothing to worry about. The heating film is a resistive element without means of regulation. No matter how was small capacity, there is a chance to achieve the critical temperature, resulting in a fire. In stores, there are two types of film heaters:

  1. Ready-to-use products with their own means of monitoring temperature.
  2. A substitute in the form of a film that needs to be accurate cable, the maximum available power cord.

If it is possible to buy a film-heater panels, decorated with a decorative point of view, not the fact that within the present temperature control means. Before you buy contact us for details. Is there a possibility of autonomous control products. For example, the cord can be tripping device (plastic box).

Film-type heater

Film-type heater

Instead of buying ready-made sections of a fixed number of watts less will be purchased separately at retail components. Find out:

  • The material of the heating element to locate resistivity.
  • Power dissipation per meter. This depends on the grade of material.
  • Ohm's law.

Last knowing the most important. The people think that for large film spending more will power. But in fact the opposite. Section dial until a resistance in the hundreds of ohms. In this case, a power of 100 watts. But it is necessary to divide the foil in half and the pieces are connected in parallel, as the power will quadruple! This is good, but the foil has a certain limit, and passing it burns. Now it is known as the 120-watt shopping the film to get 480 watts of power, but whether it is permissible to do, knows only the manufacturer. And, of course, technical support, answer "no", because nobody wants to lose profits.

It is interesting! To understand the principle of the film heater perform a simple experiment. Cut a thin foil bridge and lock them button-type battery. Albeit shrunken. This method is possible to burn pieces of paper. In the current bridge is of great importance. Just burn and heater under excessively high power.

This is said to ensure that the benefits of film heaters are compensated by the excellent price. For example, an oil heater costs 1500 rubles, the power is 2 kW. This means that instead of just one square meter of the film cost 3500 rubles buy two radiators. And this is enough for 80 square meters in the central part of Russia.

Configuration of film heaters

Configurations film heaters

Film heaters, panels

Disadvantages film heaters at a high price. This is justified by the fact that the equipment does not spoil the appearance, it heats evenly. These qualities put on a warm floor and the warm ceiling. Let's talk about the film heaters, panels. Models cost 850 rubles per 500 watts, the area are 1.5 square meters. This is a ready-decorative article which is wound a roll during transportation, taken along (weight 500 grams) include a socket 230 V. Power is allocated to four square meters. Part will go up due to convection, something rejected. Therefore, the panel called infrared heaters, but that film - not paramount.

It is not recommended to take such products, there the possibility of mechanical damage to the sheet and electric shock to persons. Chances are slim, but dealers do not guarantee the performance and safety in these conditions. Probably, it is written in the instructions. Hang panels behind, but to rely on his back is not necessary.

As for the choice to listen more to your liking. The difference between the film heaters, panel a little. And concerns advantageously the external design. A typical product temperature during operation 60 - 65 degrees Celsius, it will be enough to get burned a little, take care.

How to check when buying a film heater. Plug in and operate by touch. Time to mode (to tell, not measured) literally minutes. At low heat capacity differently can not be. Manufacturers of film heaters offer a good option.

How to find a film heater

Today, infrared film heaters are not logged on the rights of permanent regulars on the sites. For example, on Yandex-market look for them unprofitable. There's simply no concept of "heater-panels". The only result will be to find the "velvet season". It is better not to split hairs and take advantage of search engines Yandex and Google. Result there faster. We believe that these products are sold in stores Eldorado and other household appliances. Often go under the name Good heat.

It speaks to the fact that it is not necessary in the case of space heaters, panels trying to climb into the jungle, to analyze the options. Devices made according to the same technology, roll rolls, hung on the wall. The difference comes to weight, materials. Of course, I would like a natural fabric, harmless polymers. In the case of selection panels is reduced to an image (or like causes rejection). These heaters are not positioned as a universal solution. When choosing a film heater, lean taste. Prefer proven, dealers.

As for infrared film to warm the floor and ceiling warm, good enough to possess remarkable knowledge (or the vast pocket) to equip the mind. The idea looks good, but probably better to look tie with integrated tube, with a current of hot water from the boiler. This will be no more expensive and can make a shower.

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