What gas heater to buy

You will probably have to spend 7 - 8 thousand rubles and buy a Bartolini gas heater. The reason - models with catalytic combustion. Information in Russian is not enough, translated from English, ready to please readers with reliable information. The meaning of the process - fuel combustion occurs more fully, the efficiency increases, and the amount of harmful emissions, not oxidized, decreases. If the question is, what kind of gas heater to buy, and the money pulls the pocket, try a catalytic!

Gas Heater

Catalytic Combustion Technology in

Heaters In the 1950s, atmospheric pollution began in the world. The number of cars, airplanes, trains grew. Scientists thought about how to reduce environmental damage. In 1978, the American scientist William Pfeferl discovered that combustion improved if we used catalysts. Mistresses have already heard about the irons with a self-cleaning palladium base. The thin metal spraying causes the fats to oxidize, the dirt burns without soot remaining on the steel of old irons.

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Similar occurs in turbine chambers. Palladium-coated injectors do not give combustion products a chance — they are fully oxidized. This reduces the formation of smoke and simultaneously increases the heat transfer of the fuel. As they say, two hares at the same time. Advantage - decreases the likelihood of carbon monoxide formation. If the technology is brought to perfection, sulfur oxide is removed from the products of combustion, it would be possible to turn a ventilation hole into a chimney.

What is surprising, while it is possible to reduce the reaction temperature. In the products there are almost no oxides of nitrogen, so harmful to life and health. The jet of fuel warms up to 500 degrees Celsius already at the entrance of the injector with palladium spraying. At the catalytic stage, 20% of the fuel is burned. These are LCL devices using a lean mixture of fuel and air. Produce complexes with enriched mixture( RCL).The latter are more compact sizes.

The ratio in the mixture of hydrocarbon and oxygen changes the amount of harmful products released: nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, other substances. Moreover, the dependence has pikoobraznye outlines just on the modes, where typical engines, heaters, turbines. Lowering the oxidation temperature will allow the process to move to the left( RCL) or to the right( LCL) from the top. Which naturally reduces the amount of harmful substances.

Catalytic gas heaters work in a similar way. People are interested in heat transfer mechanisms. As before: the working medium heated to high temperature, radiating heat. Focus on proper air supply. Separate heaters are supplied with a fan located behind the working chamber. This will accelerate the heat, but requires connecting the device to an electrical outlet.

Due to the presence of palladium( especially if platinum is used), catalytic heaters cannot be called cheap. The price for 3 kW of power starts from 7500 rubles for portable models. Do not forget about ecology. Separate models work from a cylinder, which is useful if we want to buy a gas heater to give.

Types of gas heaters

Gas heaters are mainly divided into:

  • Fireplaces.
  • Heat Guns.
  • Portable tiles( burners).

Fireplace Heater


Fireplaces sell stationary and portable. And the “umbrellas” for a picnic or dinner for two are called the middle device. The device weighs 30 kg, in the base of the legs is a compartment for a gas cylinder. The meaning of work: the products of combustion rise and heat the lid of the fungus, which begins to radiate evenly to the sides. Fans of eating on nature in cold weather will focus on the described devices. This is not the only kind of heaters. Typical power is 20 kW.This is a smart indicator, but the fact that the back will freeze slightly. It is better to install two mushrooms - at the edges of the table.

Stationary fireplaces are built into the wall. A hole is made through a coaxial pipe for the discharge of products of combustion and air intake, gas is supplied( outside).Plus, in the safety of the device, minus - the appearance of the house deteriorates. Another thing, if you take a portable heater( albeit massive), powered by a cylinder. Liquid fuel is different from natural gas pressure, calorific value.

Heat Guns

This class of heaters is a kind of average between wind blowers and infrared models. Fuel enters the combustion chamber, where there are means of controlling the combustion. The fan is connected to the gas supply to avoid excesses. Heat guns work from cylinders and are incompatible with the presence of children, animals. Although an explosion is excluded, a hot stream will cause burns.

Compact gas heater

This is the fastest way to heat a room. This applies to garages, summer houses, where there are no other means of maintaining temperature.

Portable burners

Often, tourists take a gas heater to hike. Each is equipped to turn into a tile for cooking. They even sell special mini-nozzles for collet cylinders that perform a similar function. If you buy a gas heater for a tent, do not have to freeze on the next fishing.

Eyewitnesses claim that gas is more economical than alcohol pills. And better use of diesel fuel. If you adjust the power correctly, there will be no difficulty. We recommend taking models with flame control. They are usually based on a thermocouple in the form of a candle installed in the vicinity of the burner. Piezo ignition goes under the burner.

It is easy to check if the control is included in the equipment without the seller. If there are two candles under the hob, the answer is positive. If during the rest the heater goes out, no one will recover, no explosion will occur.

Power gas heaters

We recommend to buy a portable gas heater because of the power. Collet cylinder contains fuel for 1.5 - 2 hours of operation with an output of 2 kW.In low flame mode, the time is stretched to 8 hours. By the way, when choosing a device, ask if the option Low Flame is available. Useful thing.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters have gained popularity due to power. No need to connect to the shield, to coordinate with the power engineers. This greatly simplifies the process. In homes with electricity often used gas. The villages are heated with blue fuel in winter and are very pleased.

Of course, at the same time the appearance of the house is spoiled. We do not recommend to use heat guns in residential areas. Not the fact that inside the fuel burns completely. Such devices are more appropriate in garages( subject to requirements), in the open air.

For the rest, they said that the power of gas heaters easily passes over 10 kW.To agree on the equivalent, running on electricity, you have to go to the capital. For home power, choose carefully. It is known that the gas oil heater does not exceed 2 kW.Exceptions are rare. Therefore, a similar device - only a gas one - is also needed for the house.

Worth buying a gas outdoor heater for picnic lovers. Moreover, when choosing, we are guided by the radiation pattern. For example, in the "fungus" it is circular, it is logical to place tables around the device. To keep your backs cold, use mobile fireplaces with a portal covering a specific sector. Combining gas heaters of arbitrary design, solve any problems.

How to take power. The sun gives per square meter of 1 kW of energy. It is hot. Check with the seller of the border and make sure that the total power was 0.5 kW per square meter. Provide an even temperature field will not work - act according to circumstances.

Modes of gas heaters

Peak power is not always needed, it is more reasonable if the device allows you to adjust the flow. The Small Flame option is important. So that the fire does not go out at a small expense. We believe that said enough. The most profitable types of fuel, overtaking gas, became firewood, coal. However, the use of such fuel is problematic. For hiking, buy a saw, save a gas heater in case of rain.

This is interesting! The waters in the pools are heated with a serpentine, complete with a pump.

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