Gas heaters for garage

There should be no open fire near gasoline, gas heaters for the garage are taboo. It is possible to take a similar device for fishing, for example. Requires caution with fire, gasoline is highly flammable. In the country, the lion's share of fires is annually caused by improper handling of household heaters.

Gas in the heaters

The blue fuel infrared heaters work, and in the series mentioned does not include fireplaces. The division occurs depending on the presence of a flame visible to the eye. So, infrared gas heaters:

  1. Light.
  2. Dark.

Bright infrared gas heaters

The first group is built around ceramic heat-resistant elements, often lattices. Heated with an open flame red hot and begin to emit in the infrared. The body begins to "glow" in the surrounding cold. In a similar way, the stone absorbs the heat of the sun in the afternoon to give to the desert at night. The stone under the sun also radiates, but the effect is eclipsed by the power of the heavenly body. Gradually, the absorption and release of heat come into balance.

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Light infrared gas heaters operate on this principle. For some time, ceramic heat-resistant grates bathed in flames, then begin to radiate heat. Stone mediator is needed, otherwise much of the energy goes into the chimney. The heat-resistant ceramic grid serves as a kind of battery, which is also the source of most of the radiation. Without the "stone" heat would not be felt so clearly. Do not believe, go to the gas burner and run your hand over the fire. You will see how the energy evaporates, and the heat next to the person standing does not feel.

A moment is easy to understand if you remember the Russian stove. From the fire burning in the open area to the morning there is nothing left. The Russian stove is able to heat all night, and in the morning it will be possible to cook food on the coals due to the fact that the walls accumulate heat. The portal is a high power infrared heater, but of low efficiency. It is impossible to sit closer than two meters in front of the portal, if you put the flap aside. No wonder the grandmothers use a special grip to put inside the pot.

Infrared gas heaters are much inferior to stoves, reaching 20 kW in power( household models).These are used in a cafe or on the plot in a cool autumn evening. These are bulky( from 20 kilograms) and large( 2 meters high) devices.

In order to direct heat in different directions, numerous types of gas heaters have been developed:

  1. Flame burns behind heat-resistant glass. Inside the grate is placed, located above the exhaust hood with a chimney. The portal is limited in size, the infrared gas heater gives heat only to the people sitting in front of it. Opening up is 30 degrees. An excellent solution to warm a couple sitting at a table. In winter - use a gas heater for the garage.
  2. Infrared gas heater is designed as an umbrella. The flame comes out from above and heats the heating element. Umbrella above serves as a reflector and evenly heats seated people in all directions. It is great to sit in the evening in a circle under an infrared gas heater.

Regardless of the design, a standard gas cylinder is hidden at the bottom. Sometimes it will pull inward away from the eyes. When the fuel runs out, a new cylinder is attached to the infrared gas heater. They also carry out air intake. To create cravings, tightness is maintained throughout the channel. The stream enters from below and exits through the pipe from above. Two meters is enough to create an initial craving, then the hot air rushes upward due to the usual laws of physics( a warm stream rises).

Compact portable Chinese infrared heaters for the garage are a smaller copy of the described structures. The purchased product weighs about 3 kilograms. More like an ultraviolet lamp for the treatment of the ears, with a handle resting on a solid gas bottle. Hemispherical reflector covers the ceramic or steel grille in the center. The device is complemented by a valve and a miniature steel burner. On the basis of the above design, craftsmen from the people make a homemade garage heater based on the materials found at hand.

There are design options based on a spirit lamp, they are not overly efficient, they are more likely to give, maximum in the offseason. Will not allow the owner to freeze.

Dark infrared gas heaters

Option better suited for the garage, does not provide for open fire. Implement the technique yourself is not possible. Briefly discuss the design and move on to the fireplace and gas convectors. The products of gas combustion through a long pipeline pumps an air compressor. The temperature of substances reaches 700-800 degrees. The exhaust is forced out. It is customary to place the pipes under the ceiling so that no flammable substances get on the hot surface, although the temperature of the heater is not so high( 200 degrees Celsius).

Difficulty is the calculation of temperature conditions. Dark infrared gas heaters are named because they do not give off light. Unlike the previous construction, where an open flame heats a ceramic or steel grate, here heat transfer occurs like central heating radiators. The dark infrared heater consists of:

  • gas combustion furnace;
  • compressor;
  • removable cylinder with a trunk;
  • coil from a thick pipe where heat transfer occurs.

Difference from central heating appliances at higher pipe temperatures. In the first case we are dealing with 50 - 60 degrees, here the heat is much higher( 200 - 700 degrees).From here comes the radiation of infrared energy. The hotter the body, the more suitable as a heater. The total radiated power is proportional to the absolute temperature, if the object is colder than the environment, it will not give heat. Batteries( relatively low temperature) are referred to as convector devices. Ideally, the infrared heater is red hot. In practice, temperatures start at 200 degrees Celsius( mikatermichesky heaters).The classification is not quite correct, the lion's share of heat is given by convection.

So, the pipes are suspended from the ceiling, a reflector is fitted on top. A piece of steel, symmetrical with respect to the axis, will radiate in all directions equally. The reflector adjusts the flow towards the floor. The task of the compressor in tightening the flame in the pipe. In principle, the temperature near the furnace is very high. Consider the moment. When gas is burned, carbon dioxide and water are released, plus sulfur oxide, which gives a strong acid at the outlet. Pipes of a design make of special brand of steel.

The exit of the channel is protected from frost, the low temperature is fraught with freezing of the ice plug and a number of difficulties, up to fire or death of people from suffocation and carbon monoxide. Dark infrared heaters do not boast of high efficiency, but they cover large areas of the premises. Devices are equipped with relatively large objects. According to a similar scheme, a diesel heater for the garage operates, but the pipes are mounted in a small cabinet covered with glass.

Gas Fireplaces and Convectors

Fireplaces are usually referred to as infrared heaters - an open flame is divided by heat. At the same time, there are significant differences from light designs:

  • there is no steel or ceramic grating, which is hot red and works as a heat accumulator;
  • fireplace is considered a fixed structure in contrast to heaters;
  • the role of the lattice take the wall of the fireplace and chimney.

In traditional models, it is customary to build terracotta or durable ceramic tiles, modern gas fireplaces are often made of steel. Behind the heat-resistant glass inside the fire burns, but the color is different from the adware. Rather, expect the blue fire of the kitchen hob.

Gas convectors are considered a variation of traditional wall-mounted heating devices. Difference: a coaxial gas line( one pipe inside another) is suitable for the devices, through which the fuel is supplied and combustion products are discharged. Differences from the fireplace in the absence of an aesthetic appearance, here progress is focused on functionality. Chimney is missing.

List the types of gas heaters for the garage, sold on the market or made his own.

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