What dishwasher to choose

High-priced dishwashers cost 19 - 24 thousand rubles. Which dishwasher to choose?

How to evaluate the dishwashers

The pundits tried to choose appliances from different manufacturers. From 10 copies 4 - Electrolux. Three integral parameters were taken into account:

  1. Functionality.
  2. Features.
  3. Design.

The first group - without which the machine does not work, the second - useful fresh, features. The third is clear without comment. Let's evaluate dishwashers independently, we will reject the opinion of experts. Machines in the list of built-in and full-size. We give a lower rating.

Kuppersberg GLA 680

Dishwasher The cost of the product is 20,000 rubles, twice the minimum price for dishwashers. The noise level of 46 dB does not strain the ears. Although there are quiet models, the sound of the work is not audible in the background of the average refrigerator. In the compartment fits 14 sets of dishes. The maximum value of the parameter is 16, such giants are rarely encountered. Each device consists of 11 items, 14 * 11 - enough for a family of two or three people to start the wash cycle once a week.

The washing cycle lasts three hours. Inside, 154 items rinse. There are delicate programs for glasses, wine glasses. Inside the heat exchanger hid, which preheats the water too cold so that the glass on the dishes does not crack. A set of programs:

  • intensive procedure for dirty dishes;
  • accelerated dishwashing cleaner;
  • pre-soak.

Half load means that you wash 7 sets, save energy, detergents, and water.

In the above three hours, the time for soaking dirty dishes is not included. At times, a dishwasher works on a cycle all night long to get an acceptable result. Not all models have extensive capabilities. Choosing the right dishwasher should take into account the needs of the user in terms of available programs.

The product is equipped with full leak protection. A float valve is located in the pan, immediately stopping the filling pump and starting a drainage pump if water appears nearby. The hose is connected through a special valve, which is controlled on the basis of the differential pressure. If a difference appears at the inlet of the filling line and exit, the water intake is stopped. Ask the dealer or manufacturer before buying about drip leaks what will happen if the hose breaks along with the internal wire.

Full leak protection - the maximum security that a dishwasher will introduce today. The parameter is important to the buyer: sometimes the equipment operates in the absence of the owners. Select a dishwasher on the security parameters - a good solution. There is a 24-hour delayed start timer, allowing the dishwasher to operate independently of the owners.

It is important what detergents are going to use. Today 3 in 1 tablets are popular, including salt, powder, rinse. This eliminates the tedious process of replacing reagents, which are poured in an uncomfortable way. The neck for replenishing salt at the bottom of the working compartment, the rinser is refilled from the inside of the door. Dishwasher Kuppersberg GLA 680 has indicators of the presence of these substances. This is considered to be a high quality equipment. You can use tablets 3 in 1 and the usual salt, powder( bulk), rinse.

The purity sensor is included in the process at the final stage. Rinsing is carried out until the sensor detects the water flowing from the dishes clean.6 wash temperatures are available, including 35 ºС.This is unusual, is rarely found even in expensive models. To understand what stage the process is, a progress indicator is placed on the panel. Displayed by light on the floor. The color of the door is white.

This is really an unusual dishwasher. Powered by 100%.If you find finances, buy. Specify warranty conditions. Samsung on inverter refrigerators gives 10 years.

Dishwasher Siemens SN 66M054

Price maximum of the range. The Siemens SN 66M054 dishwasher costs 24,000 rubles. Got to the second place. Low noise level - 42 dB.Inside for sure the inverter motor. In 140 minutes, 13 sets of dishes are laundered - an excellent indicator.

Smaller programs - 6 against 8 - and temperature regimes - 4 against 6. There are too many Kuppersberg GLA 680 dishwashers, here - just right. Invaluable quality is the automatic installation of water hardness. If hard water flows from the tap, the function becomes main. The dishwasher itself decides how much salt to add. The result will please, TEH will not have to be changed every six months.

For the worse from Kuppersberg GLA 680, the absence of a careful program for wine glasses is revealed. Clarify the question separately. There are complete leakage protection, water purity sensor.

Useful options:

  1. The end of the work cycle will be reported by a beam on the floor.
  2. A residual time indicator is also available.
  3. The load sensor will determine how many plates and forks are placed in the tray in order to optimize overhead.
  4. The height of the rear legs regulate the front.
  5. Included is a plate to protect against steam under the tabletop.

Price wound up for the volume parameters. Drying condensation, the duty cycle lasts less. The speed of the product is higher. Condensation drying takes longer than warm air. To perform the remaining operations at a cycle time of 140 minutes versus 160 for Kuppersberg GLA 680, it is necessary to perform the remaining technological operations faster. The car is good, but expensive, everything will decide the choice of warranty conditions, delivery.

Dishwasher Hotpoint-Ariston PFT 834 X

The minimum price is 17500 rubles. The cheapest of the three dishwasher. Silent( 42 dB), capacious( 14 sets).8 programs laid out, 5 temperature regimes. Timer present, full leak protection, half load option.

This model does not have:

  1. Functions A beam on the floor that will signal the end of the cycle.
  2. Possibilities to use means 3 in 1.
  3. Various sensors of water hardness and pollution.

The price reduction is achieved due to the fall in convenience and economy. On energy, powders, you won’t win much. The functionality of the unit on Pyaterochka, spends a little more at work than the other two models.

Try searching for a Bosch dishwasher. One model of a subsidiary corporation got into the review. The experts in the top 10 have four Electrolux copies:

  • ESL 68070 R;
  • ESI 66060 XR;
  • ESI 67040 XR;
  • ESL 66010.

Knowing the criteria, the reader will choose the dishwasher from four models.

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