Where and how to store onions correctly

Proper storage of onions is one of the important steps in the care of harvested crops. In order for the vegetable to survive the frosty winter, you need to comply with the appropriate technology. Well-ripened bulbs are in a state of complete physical rest and, subject to the temperature and humidity levels, they can be perfectly stored at home.

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  • How can I keep fresh onions at home?
    • Storage in the basement of the apartment Storage
  • Ways to save and green onions at home
    • Salting
    • Freeze Drying
    • in the refrigerator or freezer in the cellar storage
  • Preparation for

storage How can I keep fresh onions at home?

After harvesting, dry the roots. To do this, lay out the onions on the balcony or bring to fresh air in the sun. It is desirable that the air temperature was above 30C.Some gardeners practice drying vegetables in the oven at 40C.

When preparing a vegetable for wintering, you need to know the rules for cutting before storage.

It is forbidden to skip this stage, otherwise the bulbs will quickly rot:

Harvesting onions
  1. After drying, remove the extra scales and leave only the neck 5 cm long.
To save the root from rotting, you can store it in a cool place. The ideal option is a cellar or basement. But if there is no such possibility, then the vegetable will have to be kept in the apartment.

Storage in the basement

In the basement store onions at a temperature not lower than 1C, otherwise it may just freeze. You cannot simply lay out the vegetable on the floor, you need to prepare special containers:

  • plastic boxes;
  • wooden cases.
Tara should be shallow but wide. Root vegetables should be stored in a layer not higher than 0.5 meters. Put boxes on an elevation or wooden stands so that they do not touch the cold floor and walls. The onion must be periodically reviewed to avoid any festered specimens.

Other storage methods in the basement:

  • linen bags;
  • vegetable nets;
  • wicker baskets;
  • stockings and nylon.

You can organize special hooks in the basement to hang bags or stockings on them, baskets. The main thing is that the packaging had ventilation holes.

Storage of onions in the basement in

braids. Storage in the apartment.

. In the apartment, onions are stored on the balcony or in a place where the temperature is kept below 1-5C. The following container can be prepared for storing a root crop in an apartment:

  • Wicker baskets. Baskets are well ventilated air and do not allow the heads to rot. The bulbs are adjusted so that there is no pressure on the lower layer;
  • Cardboard boxes. You can store root vegetables in boxes; only periodically, vegetables should be sorted out so that the rest of the fruit cannot get infected with the rotten fruit. In the boxes on the side to make small holes for ventilation;
  • Polypropylene mesh. A great option for storage in the apartment. The bulbs are not compressed, and the net is well breathable;
  • Fabric bags. Prepack the vegetable so that the layer does not exceed 30 cm;
  • Nylon stockings. They do not let in moisture, but they ventilate the air well.

It is not recommended to store onions next to beets and potatoes. You can sprinkle with chalk heads. It retains moisture well. You can put the vegetable in the refrigerator, where the temperature is not lower than 3C.Closer to spring you need to move the root to a warmer place at t + 18C.

Storage of onions in an apartment in an

drawer. Ways to preserve green and bulb onions at

Green onions gathered in the garden should not be immediately washed under water. Experienced gardeners assure that not washed vegetable is stored for much longer. In order not to dirty the fridge with dirty feathers, you can wipe them with wet napkins and leave to dry.

Green onions can be stored in the refrigerator in the following way:

  • in a glass container with a lid. It is a glass bottle or a jar with a tight-fitting lid that will allow you to keep the vegetable fresh for 4-5 weeks for a long time. It is advisable to take the dishes higher so that the green feathers do not bend;
  • plastic bag. Take a bow and put it in bags so that the feathers remain straight. The end of the package should be tied, and pierce several thin holes on the sides so that there is ventilation;
  • to wrap in paper. You can take kraft paper. Onion wash, dry and wrap.
Preparing onions for storage in paper bags


Greens can be preserved for the winter with the help of salting:

  1. For salting you need to pick the vegetables well, wash and cut them into slices.
  2. Prepare the glass container, sterilize it and dry it.
  3. Put 2–3 cm thick onions into the container and salt them, then pour another layer and salt them, and so on. Bank must be complete. Salt prevents mold.
  4. Close the jar with a lid and send to the refrigerator.
Pickling onions


Another way to keep the feathers for a long time is to dry them. To do this:

  1. Wash, dry and cut into ringlets.
  2. Spread the rings on a wire rack and dry in an oven at 50 ° C for about 2 hours.

Freezing in the refrigerator or freezer

You can freeze the green feathers in the freezer in the following ways:

  1. Wash and dry the vegetables and cut them into thin slices. Take a plastic bag and pack it in small quantities in sacks.
  2. Mix onion rings with a little butter and spread on silicone tins. Load them into the freezer and use them in portions as intended.
  3. Mix chopped vegetable with vegetable oil and load into small plastic containers or molds.
Preparation for onion freezing

Storage in the cellar

Green feathers can be stored in the cellar only on the condition that it has strong and strong feathers without defects. In order not to wilted, you should wrap the vegetable in a film, having previously cleared it from the ground or folded it neatly in wooden boxes covered with film. Store at a temperature of 1-2C for about 4-6 weeks.

Storage Preparation

For storing onions for a long time: wipe and remove damaged leaves. To keep fresh greens, you need to leave only the strongest feathers. If the onion is used for drying, salting, freezing, you can wash it and cook it according to the recipe. For fresh onions, the optimum temperature is 1-8C.For freezing -8.Frozen greens can be stored for 1 year, dried for 2 years, half sour with salt, fresh for up to 2 months.

The green and green look contains a huge amount of vitamins and is perfect for filling many dishes: soups, meats, pickles, salads. The main thing when properly stored onions retains its properties. Enjoy your meal!

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