Do-it-yourself dishwasher repair

Dishwasher is easy to set up, a series of maintenance actions are developed, and they can be performed independently by the owner of the acquisition. Filter cleaning, tweaking. Hopefully, the tips below will help you to do the dishwasher repair yourself.

How an

dishwasher works A number of standard operating modes are laid, each model is equipped with a specific pair. But the approximate algorithm is similar. Dishwasher draws water, using a central network. The fence goes through the salt softener overflow. The compartment of the brine is usually in the floor of the dishwasher, covered with a lid.

The flow enters under its own pressure, bypassing the inlet filter, is regulated by a float valve or a pressure switch. The required amount of water filled the dishwasher - the feed channel is blocked, heating begins.

Depending on the technological stage of the cycle, the required temperature is different. For the last rinsing, the value is traditionally high. It is designed to facilitate the process of drying dishes.

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The heated water is pumped by the main pump( called the pump unit) into the working chamber. It gets there through sprinklers equipped with sprinklers. A thoughtful choice of the direction of the beating jets creates a reactive force that rotates the impeller. In the dishwasher two sprinklers - lower and upper. The design of fundamental differences devoid.

Waste water goes through two stages of purification, bypassing the filters, then is used for washing again. During the process described, a little powder is introduced into the chamber through the door of the detergent tray. The exact amount is set by the program. The dishwasher uses water several times, cleaning the flow with two filters, at the end of the technological stage sends it to the drain with a special drain pump.

At the end of the cycle, drying is carried out. The procedure of several varieties, mainly:

  • condensation drying;
  • turbo dryer.

In the first case, the dishes dry due to the heating obtained by the last rinsing, the steam condenses on the cold walls, flows down. The process is catalyzed by special substances containing a rinse that reduces the surface tension of water. In dishwashers equipped with a turbo dryer, hot, humid air is forcibly forced out by the fan, speeding up the process.

Above it was mentioned how washing powder, gel, tablets get into the compartment. The rinse is poured into a separate container, in some cases it may not participate at all in the process. The cycle looks like this:

  1. prewash;
  2. main wash;
  3. rinsing;
  4. drying.

It remains to mention that for washing the dishes are decomposed into special baskets, lying in the period of the cycle in a stationary state. Jets of water flow from all sides due to the rotation of the impeller sprinklers. Below are the original guide repair dishwashers, practical advice on tracking the correct operation of the equipment.


Repairing industrial dishwashers is recommended to be entrusted to professionals, what to do if your home model is hardened, consider a little lower. We see a number of typical signs that manifest themselves in the unsatisfactory appearance of the dishes after washing, which are not considered manifestations of breakage:

  1. White stains, drips covering the dishes, indicate: not enough rinse, or salt. All-in-one( all-in-one) class tablets are powerless to guarantee impeccable quality. On the contrary, released for the most simple use of the dishwasher in a limited time. The use of tablets will reduce the consumption of salt, rinse aid( if there is support for savings by the machine), do not exclude funds from the working cycle at all. In this case, try to increase the dosage of substances. More specifically, turbidity will be signs of excess rinse, drips - a disadvantage.
  2. It is recommended to clean the filters after each procedure. Located in the bottom area of ​​the working compartment, where the drain. By the way, you see: the water refuses to leave, floods the bottom, first of all it is recommended to do the same. Pre, removing the liquid from the compartment. There is no other choice, you can do so. The power supply is turned off, the water supply hose to the dishwasher is disconnected from the water supply valve. Pre-naturally, the pressure overlap. Water will easily drain into a basin, standing on the floor, if you put the end of the hose there.
  3. Dried pieces of food will remain. For dishwashers, this feature is typical: the devices deal with burnt food poorly. Soaking does not help. Burnt food will have to scrub manually. Five reasons for this phenomenon are listed:
    1. Setting the dishes prevents the jets from freely reaching the surfaces.
    2. The rotation of the impeller is blocked by a knife, fork, blocked the path of the trajectory of rotation.
    3. Detergent is missing, or the tray lid is blocked by poorly placed dishes.
    4. The impeller impeller nozzles are clogged. It is necessary to clean. Take off alternately, run under running water. The impellers of the dishwasher are fixed with a plastic nut, sometimes equipped with a left-handed thread. The top can simply be removed by turning.
    5. The trivial wrong choice of a program often causes the result of washing, to put it mildly, leaving much to be desired. Changing the dishwasher mode will fix the problem.
  4. Excessive foam means: Rinse aid is extremely abundant. It is recommended to adjust the dishwasher dispenser accordingly or pour more powder. The latter has a suppressive effect.

The procedure went astray

Each owner saw enough of the kitchen assistant, so I know how the technique should work. The following are typical situations that indicate small faults that simply call for repairing a dishwasher with your own hands.

  • Outside knocks are heard. It is necessary to stop the process, check the correct loading of dishes. Plates, knives should not interfere with the impellers, the door of the detergent tray, and other moving parts. It happens, when washing poorly fixed utensils beating against each other. The matter becomes more serious when the part is replaced by a new one, for example:
  1. The impeller bearings are damaged. Determine by rotating each hand. There is no knock, an additional test requires binding in turn, immobilizing, and turning the machine into operation to try to identify the source of the fault.
  2. Knocking appears at times, you need to detect the moment of occurrence of the event. Bearings of the main, drain pumps of the dishwasher can knock. The first works periodically, the second - at the end of each cycle.
  • The dishwasher does not turn on. In a third of the cases, they forgot to power the device, or the fuse burned out. There is a first start, we see a chance: there are incorrect wires in the folding plug. If a fuse blows out, rejoice early, indicating an increased current consumption by the dishwasher. In addition to this, there are a number of automatic blocking:
  1. Door is loose. Every owner of an automatic washing machine knows: do not wash until the lock clicks. The kitchen uses something similar to eliminate the possibility of overflowing water to the floor. Make sure the door is closed.
  2. Water does not reach the working chamber. Caused by a closed tap, the input filter is clogged, less often the problem concerns the hose. It is easy to check, having previously blocked the valve of the central water supply, to substitute a basin for the hose, carefully open the valve for a short period of time. Inspected intake filter. The accessory can be carefully removed with pliers, rinsed thoroughly with water under the tap. Then insert it back into the inlet of the dishwasher.
  3. Programmer defective. Will help repair the dishwasher workshop. Option left for last. A faulty programmer causes a variety of problems.

  • Dishwasher seems to work, water does not go inside. It is worth starting the previous point, having examined a hose, the filter. The reason may be more prosaic, unpleasant: the intake valve is broken. The accessory changes relatively simply, you have to buy a new one. The detail follows the intake filter. You will need to disassemble the case.
  • Faulty pressure switch. The element is disconnected from the wired terminals, lightly blow the nozzle to which the plastic tube fits. With satisfactory operation, a slight click is heard.
  • The car stopped in the middle of the cycle, in addition to fuses and power, the faulty pump is working. First check the recirculating water purification filters. At the bottom of the dishwasher will behave in a similar way. Faulty are the water intake path( see above), the heating element, thermal relay.
  • The slow filling of the dishwasher with water was caused, in addition to the slaughter of the inlet duct, by the lack of water supply.
  • The water has stopped warming. In addition to the obvious reasons - breakdowns of the thermal relay, the heating element - it is a matter of a pressure switch. Incorrectly determines the water level, gives false commands to the dishwasher.
  • The door has stopped closing. Check balancing spring. In 90% of cases, the cause is found.

Conclusion of

Whether it is the repair of built-in dishwashers, the repair of Kandy's dishwashers, the process takes place along one technological route. It is important to understand: the external differences of household appliances do not mean the differences of internal.

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