Built-in dishwashers 60 cm: TOP-7 models, reviews + how to choose

Full-size built-in dishwashers 60 cm every year become more popular. They save time, energy and even money of their owners. This is an ideal option for housewives who care about aesthetics in the interior of the kitchen.

What technique to entrust the cleanliness of the dishes? User ratings and advice from experienced consultants will help you to make the choice.

The content of the article:

  • Worthy dishwasher makers
  • TOP 7 best full-size models
    • Place # 1 - Asko D5536XL
    • Place # 2 - Asko D5546XL
    • Place # 3 - Bosch Serie 4SMV46KX00E
    • Place # 4 - Hotpoint-Ariston LTF11S111O
    • Place # 5 - Indesit DIF16T1A
    • Place # 6 - Electrolux ESL95321LO
    • Place # 7 - Siemens iQ300SN634X00KR
  • The most important parameters for choosing a dishwasher
  • What additional options can come in handy?
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Worthy dishwasher makers

In all segments of the market has its own leaders. And dishwashers are not an exception here - there are manufacturers who have earned the trust of users with the impeccable quality of the products offered.

The best household dishwashers, according to the owners, are produced under such brands:

  1. Asko;
  2. Miele;
  3. Bosch;
  4. Siemens;
  5. Indesit;
  6. Whirlpool;
  7. Electrolux;
  8. Hotpoint-Ariston.

The devices listed brands have good technical and operational characteristics, but the price for some models is not available for everyone.

Built-in dishwasher

There is no perfect equipment, but after spending a little time to choose and compare models, each customer will find a dishwasher that corresponds to his personal ideas about the ideal.

If you have to choose from the budget equipment, then the undoubted leaders will be Candy and Flavia.

Their products are somewhat inferior in quality to more expensive competitors, but the disadvantages are compensated by availability and extensive functionality.

With some drawbacks, including noisy work, inconvenient control, you just have to put up with it.

TOP 7 best full-size models

Each machine has its own characteristics, and customers have personal preferences and their own ideas about good technology. When choosing a particular model, you should pay attention to the reviews of people who have already purchased and use it, because some nuances can be found out only during the operation.

Place # 1 - Asko D5536XL

This is a leader in full-size dishwasher ratings. The products of the famous Scandinavian brand are an expensive pleasure, but each paid penny pays off due to the excellent assembly and extensive functionality of the equipment.

Asko D5536XL is a fully built machine. Its capacity is 13-15 sets of dishes. Energy Saving - A +++. The total number of programs is 12, including standard, delicate, intensive, fast, economical.

Although the price of Asko D5536XL is high - from 57 thousand rubles, but it is 100% consistent with the quality. Brand models are super-economical, so the amounts paid are returned in the form of smaller water and light bills.

The model can work in 8 temperature conditions. There are options for half load, turbo dryer.

Asko D5536XL provides complete protection against leakage, delayed start (1-24 h), beep, water transparency sensor, PowerZone, self-cleaning option.

As for the functionality, quality of washing, even the most fastidious hostess has no complaints.

The machine is equipped with a flowing water heater, which consumes 10.4 liters of water and 0.82 kW / h during a full wash cycle. It works almost silently (46 dB), so it is perfect for families with small children.

The advantage of complete models is their absolute stealth. No matter how large the equipment is, it will not change the interior.

Ease of use is another important criterion for choosing a dishwasher. In this Asko D5536XL is also beyond praise. The basket for dishes from stainless steel is regulated on height.

There is a tray for spoons and forks, holder for glasses. Management - electronic.

Place # 2 - Asko D5546XL

An excellent choice for a family, where they often cook and invite guests. The nominal capacity of the Asko D5546XL camera is 13 sets of dishes, but if necessary, you can load 15.

The machine is fully embedded, supereconomic (class A +++). Supports 12 programs and 7 temperature modes. Its cost is 70 thousand rubles.

The model can work in automatic mode and in time. Thanks to the 7Spray technology, there are no blind zones in it, so the quality of washing is always on top. Provided for trubosushki mode. From the camera dishes come out without drops of moisture and streaks.

The interior space is conveniently organized. Although the top tray is missing, there is a separate basket. It load cutlery and set at any level.

For knives, a special holder. All parts are made of durable stainless steel.

Type of management - electronic. Built-in full protection against leakage, there is a lock on children.

The delayed start timer is designed for 24 hours. The necessary automatic devices such as the water purity sensor and the system for determining its hardness were installed, and the model also recognizes household chemicals.

In addition to the beep at the end of the cycle, there is a beam indicator, thanks to which you can easily determine if the dishwasher is working. This is very convenient because its noise level is only 44 dB.

The option "beam on the floor" does not affect the quality of washing, energy consumption or noise of the machine. It simplifies life by simply notifying the end of the cycle.

The Asko D5546XL dishwasher is flawless. Its only disadvantage is the high cost, but this is a characteristic feature of all premium-class equipment.

The price fully corresponds to the number of basic programs and additional features that the user receives.

Place # 3 - Bosch Serie 4SMV46KX00E

This model can be considered in comparison with similar in functionality dishwashers of the same brand. The machine is made for sale in the EU.

Although the SMV 46MX00 R model is in many respects similar to the one under consideration, it is better to give preference to the European variant. This is the easiest way to not overpay.

Serie 4SMV46KX00E dishwasher can be bought for 34 thousand rubles. Its analog SMV46MX00R is adapted for the Russian market, but at the same time it is more expensive and less economical to spend resources.

In favor of Bosch Serie 4SMV46KX00 ​​E says the difference in water consumption and light: 7.5 liters and 0.92 kW / h per cycle instead of 9.5 liters and 1.01 kW / h, which are needed for the SMV46MX00 R. The functionality of the machines is almost identical.

The Bosch Serie 4SMV46KX00 ​​E model belongs to the category of fully built. The capacity of the camera is 13 sets of dishes. Power consumption at A ++ level. Washing and drying - A. Delayed start works in the range of 1-24 hours.

Dishwasher supports 6 main programs and 6 temperature regimes. Built-in protection against leakage, there is an indicator of water purity, but there is no system for auto-detection of hardness.

There is also an incomplete download feature. The noise level is low - 46 dB. You can control the work of the model using the display and the light beam on the floor. At the end of the cycle, it beeps.

As for ease of use, users have no complaints. An adjustable basket is installed in the inner chamber, there is a tray for spoons and forks, a holder for glasses.

The design of the basket can be a decisive factor in choosing a dishwasher. When buying, you need to make sure that it is comfortable and adjustable in height.

No significant drawbacks were found for the model, but some housewives still lack the half load mode and the function of determining water hardness.

These shortcomings are not critical, but can upset buyers who used to use premium cars.

When operating in partial load mode, the machine consumes less water and electricity. There is a nuance: old models wash dishes placed only in the bottom basket.

If the presence of the half load function is a matter of principle, you can look at an older model of the same brand - SMV47L10. In 2015, she held a high position ratings dishwashers 60 cm and remains popular.

Its functionality is extensive, but the noise is more than the Bosch Serie 4SMV46KX00E, - 48 dB.

Place # 4 - Hotpoint-Ariston LTF11S111O

Families with young children have their own preferences. One of the most important criteria for choosing a dishwasher for them is the noise level at work.

The most silent of high-quality machines is Hotpoint-Ariston LTF11S111O (41 dB). The advantages should include a roomy camera into which you can easily load 15 sets of dishes.

The car has a good functionality, quality washing, but it has flaws that you should know in advance.

The first inconvenience is the absence of radiation display. Given that the sound of work is almost not audible, it can cause discomfort, because it is not always clear whether the cycle is complete. There is no indicator of water purity, so rinsing is carried out in standard mode.

Hotpoint-Ariston is a smart home appliance of good assembly, costing from 32 thousand rubles. Dishwashers of the brand serve for many years, and there are usually no complaints from users.

Another nuance - Hotpoint-Ariston LTF11S111O is often chosen for families with babies, so the lack of protection from children can be a real problem.

The rest of the claims to the car no. Almost all buyers who choose this model, leave enthusiastic reviews of its work.

Place # 5 - Indesit DIF16T1A

Upscale full-size cars are very convenient for medium and large families, but prices scare many buyers.

If you choose the Italian-Polish model Indesit DIF16T1A, you can save a few thousand and still get reliable help in the kitchen. Its cost is 25 thousand rubles, which is one and a half to two times lower than the leaders of the rating, and the quality of washing dishes is excellent.

Camera Indesit DIF16T1A is designed for 14 sets of dishes. The machine supports 6 programs. She has only partial leakage protection, but this is quite enough.

Resource consumption is relatively high: water - 11 liters, electricity - 1.04 kW / h per cycle. However, if desired, the user can save by connecting it to the hot water system.

The internal content is well thought out. The top of the basket is height adjustable, and in the lower part there are 4 folding rails, a convenient Zig-Zag holder is provided.

When installing the machine is connected to the water supply. If you connect it to the DHW system, you can halve the power consumption for washing dishes.

Of the minuses, you can distinguish more noisy than the expensive models, work in 49 dB and the absence of an indicator of water purity.

The machine is devoid of modern options like a beam of light on the floor, but it is inexpensive and qualitatively washes a large number of dishes at a time.

Place # 6 - Electrolux ESL95321LO

Today it is one of the most affordable, in terms of cost, dishwashers. This is the best choice for a family of 3-4 people.

In addition to the price, Electrolux ESL95321LO is in favor of low energy consumption - 0.93 kW / h, as well as good capacity - as many as 13 sets of dishes fit in here.

In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of ease of use. The dishwasher has 4 temperature conditions, standard washing programs and a pre-soak mode.

The owners of this technology note that the lack of additional options, such as incomplete loading or a ray of light on the floor, does not affect the final result at all. She copes perfectly well with her task.

Not without flaws. So, some users would like to see another basket in Electrolux ESL95321LO, while others lack a half load mode. Although in general, all speak positively about the work of this technology.

Place # 7 - Siemens iQ300SN634X00KR

The last place in the ranking of the best embedded dishwashers went to the stylish and beautiful iQ300SN634X00KR from Siemens.

Stylish, quiet, the model belongs to the category of full-size embedded machines. It is designed for 13 sets of dishes, but can work even with incomplete loading.

For the convenience of users, the manufacturer has implemented a lot of useful functions. For example, the timer of a delay of start, the indicator in the form of a beam on a floor, protection against children. And you can control the operation of the device using the display.

The holder for glasses and a tray for tableware are included in the package.

Customer reviews suggest that the Siemens iQ300SN634X00KR copes well with the task, is easy to maintain and operate, and fits easily into the interior of the room.

Of course, this dishwasher can not be classified as cheap, but it does not affect its popularity among consumers.

The most important parameters for choosing a dishwasher

There are a lot of criteria that are guided by the purchase of such equipment. For some users, we mean functionality, for others - the level of noise or one or two critical options.

Sometimes it is difficult for customers to understand what they need in the process of operating the machine. Therefore, it makes sense to understand the basic parameters and find out which functions will satisfy different user needs.

Electronic Control Panel

In a fully configured machine, the control panel is located at the top of the door. If you plan to buy the first dishwasher, it is better to make sure that this feature does not create inconvenience.

When choosing a built-in dishwasher pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Integration type. The model can be fully or partially built into the kitchen. The first option is suitable for people who want to hide the technique. They will have to sacrifice the convenience of access to management. Machines of the second type are only partially closed, but the display and buttons are located in plain sight.
  2. Resource consumption. Be sure to check the technical passport of the model you like and make sure that it will save your money. High consumption of water and electricity - this is unjustified waste. It is better to overpay for a more expensive, but economical equivalent.
  3. Capacity. Even between models of the same dimensions there is a difference. The volume of their working chambers is not the same. Only declared 13 sets of dishes can fit in one machine, while others become free 15.
  4. Number and type of programs. Models support 4-12 dishwashing modes. Among them, there is usually a standard, intense, economical. Most housewives use only a couple of programs.

But if the kitchen is really used a lot of appliances from various materials, it is better to stay on a more spacious car with extensive functionality.

The listed criteria are the most important, but this does not mean at all that one should choose only by them. There are several other points to which attention is paid: the type of drying, the type of control, the internal filling of the chamber, and additional options.

Candy Dishwasher

Inexpensive Chinese assembly equipment is of high quality - users who are sure of buying full-size built-in models of the Candy trademark are sure

Modern dishwashers are equipped with push-button or sensor electronic control systems.

Both are comfortable and functional, and the difference is only in the habits of users. It is easier to care for the touch screen, but it is also easy to wash the buttons.

Drying can be active (turbo) or condensation. Machines with the function of the first type consume a little more electricity, but the dishes are guaranteed to be dry and without streaks.

After the condensation process, moisture or traces of it may remain on the surfaces, but this can be easily corrected with a rinse aid.

As for the organization of the internal space of the cameras, it is difficult to focus on general recommendations, since each housewife has her own ideas about the correct dishes.

Someone often uses glass sets, and someone likes thick-walled ceramic bowls and pots for baking. The sizes of the plates and pans in different families are also significantly different.

Pick up the basket should be only under the available dishes. If you need to wash dimensional items, it is worth taking a model with adjustable baskets.

If the hostess is a fan of miniature cutlery, special trays, holders, etc. will be useful. You can choose a car with three baskets, in which the top one is designed specifically for such small items.

What additional options can come in handy?

The delayed start function is a money saving factor for homes with two, three tariff electricity meters.

Owners do not need to follow their own time. It is enough to set up automation and appliances will begin to wash the dishes at a time when the cost of energy will be minimal.

Delayed start timer

A delayed start is useful if other devices that consume water are working at the same time. If you move the start of the machine for a couple of hours, it will not create problems and affect the pressure in the water supply

Housewives who rarely accumulate a lot of dishes, like machines with the option of half load. They heat less water, thus saving resources.

Features options depend on the specific model. Some machines in the mode of incomplete loading wash only the dishes in the lower basket, others - in both. Such nuances should be specified in the technical documentation.

Owners of low-noise fully embedded models can be difficult to understand whether the cycle has ended, because the panels are not visible, and the sound is almost not audible.

If you want the dishwasher to be hidden and not interfere with rest, then choose a car with a work indicator light - a beam on the floor.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

With a huge variety of dishwashers it is difficult to immediately figure out which model is best for your purposes. To simplify the task, we have collected some useful videos.

Detailed video tutorial on how to prepare and perform the first launch of the built-in dishwasher brand Bosch:

Dishwasher need to pick up only "by itself". Neither the brand nor the popularity of the model can guarantee that it will be convenient for you to use it. Determine which characteristics are important to you personally, and which options you can do without. So you will find equipment that will become truly useful and indispensable in the house.

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