Device vacuum cleaner

Inside the vacuum cleaner mainly exclusively engine( outside - the power button).The collector motor aimed at long continuous operation. If mixers often break from overheating, they burn, and you hear more about vacuum cleaners. But here you need to lubricate the bearings, and brushes sometimes have to be changed. We do not mean brushes that clean the carpet, but fed windings of the vacuum cleaner motor. Made of graphite contacts are slowly erased, and, clinging to the springs, move on until full wear. Consider the device vacuum cleaner from Korea, this is a typical cyclone model, pleasing cheapness.

Cyclone vacuum cleaners

Let's start with the camera. Cheap cyclone vacuum cleaners have a double-walled cylinder, and the outer one is transparent. This makes it easy to control the level of dust. Air enters from the hose into the cyclone vacuum cleaner in the center with offset and into the small cylinder. Formed a whirlwind, going in a circle upwards. Under the dome the wall of the cylinder is broken, as a result, dust, under the action of centrifugal force, is thrown into the external container. In the center of both cylinders stands something resembling a round minaret, the roof is covered with holes. Through them, the flow rushes to the motor of the cyclone vacuum cleaner, creating a vacuum.

The speed of rotation of the flow is calculated so that small particles are captured by centrifugal force. For example, the Dyson vacuum cleaners do not change the hepa filter during operation. You will need to pay 20,000 rubles and more for the device, but it will last a long time. The cyclone chamber is complemented by air intake devices fitted with rubber suction tubes. They vibrate from the head, dropping the dust back into the tank. The dielectric is electrified due to the fact of particle motion, it turns out that almost nothing gets on the filter that protects the engine. If the purchased model is far from new, and not Dyson, it will still give excellent results.

For those who doubt, we recommend a simple experiment:

  • In the engine compartment, under the cover is a bypass valve. It is a hollow barrel with a spring and a walking core.
  • Pass air in a single direction and it is necessary that the motor does not burn when the hose is blocked or the brush is blocked. It is squeezed out by a spring with a suction force and a vacuum created, due to which air flows from the housing through the impeller to the outside. The tank stops the rotation of the cyclone and is not involved in the process. Thus, the unpleasant consequences of an emergency are blocked.
  • Remove the check valve from the bottom where it is normally installed. Wipe dry with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated dust. Try to blow the power of the lungs. This is not an easy task.

The suction power is large( typically 350 W), it can be seen with the naked eye. Buyers are surprised at the low price of the unit( not relevant after the imposition of sanctions), but the device of a vacuum cleaner is extremely simple, there are no complicated parts, and it is possible to save on filters. Which, apparently, does the manufacturer. As a result, we get a product that works well.

Notice that the flow is not in the center, but in the direction of cyclone twisting. This will ensure the most efficient operation of the device.

The cyclone chamber traditionally stands vertically, and the filter is positioned behind it, protecting the motor from dust residues. In cheap models, some of the dirt passes through the barrier and rushes to the impeller. On the cyclone tank is a coarse mesh that delays large items. Samsung will easily suck up the package, and after a moment the polyethylene is stopped by an obstacle. Turn off the appliance, remove the tank, remove the stuck items, continue cleaning.

Vacuum creates a typical tangential fan used in hoods and other vacuum cleaners. The engine is in a single case with the design. The dust enters from the direction of the impeller in the center, is thrown out by the force of rotation of the blades, and comes out on the sides through the slots towards the final cleaning filter. A number of manufacturers are so confident in the quality of the emitted air that a part is used to blow the motor winding( for cooling).Bearing lubrication does not seem to suffer. It is clear that such a step will dramatically increase the cooling efficiency, which has a positive effect on the operation of the device.

Motor cyclone vacuum cleaner

The electric circuit of the cyclone vacuum cleaner is simple. The simplest is devoid of speed adjustments. The principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner is based on the rotation of the rotor of the collector engine, equipped with a squirrel wheel type impeller. The inlet tract obstruction is controlled by a one-way overflow valve, which is placed separately, and is pressed against the compartment by the force of the created vacuum. No additional fasteners required. The device of a standard vacuum cleaner includes( do not look at the picture, there is a model with a dust collector):

  1. A switch of the button type, opening and closing the circuit.
  2. Condenser at the input for filtering interference. It is clear that the vacuum cleaner is not too afraid of power surges, but due to sparking it creates constant interference to household appliances that require a calm atmosphere. For these purposes, and there is a capacitor that acts as a coarse filter.
  3. Further there is a motor with brushes and varistors are not visible. Usually, near the brushes, there is a protective element soldered to the case with one end. In the case of a spark, the current is discharged through the engine. When switching sections of the collector, parasitic back-EMF occurs. Similar effects are used directionally in triac circuits to control the rotation speed. The rotational speed of the engine varies depending on the applied load( change in the bore of the brush).The main thing is to keep the vacuum cleaner running.

On the engine case there is a thermal fuse, aimed at the case of temperature increase. Technical characteristics of vacuum cleaners are made for smooth operation. We believe that inside the windings you will find something similar.

If the engine does not ring( stator or rotor in the gap), do not rush to purchase a new motor. Disassemble the housing with the impeller. Do not forget that the thread at the nut is left, when removing the blade. The case is often mounted on a tin bent connections, unbending pliers. The process is not easy, but the operations are real. It is necessary to lubricate the bearings, as they are more often and cause overheating, not at all winding.

Although the process goes on increasing: the greater the friction force and the resistance to movement of the shaft, the higher the energy consumption, which leads to an increase in electricity bills. Naturally, the difference is there between the work of a greased vacuum cleaner and a dry one. But the simplest service is not the fact that it will be possible to carry out. The device manual vacuum cleaner provides many obstacles. Some bolts are carefully hidden from view. For example, Samsung should scrupulously inspect the case, find round small platforms. Often closed glued plastic cover. If you detach the protective element, then there is a bolt. In the depths hidden plastic teeth and other similar elements.

Wheels should not be removed. The structure of the vacuum cleaner is not important: nothing is hidden in this place. Rims are held on the teeth, for example, putting on plastic case rings. The wheels are removed with a screwdriver, the flashlight does not hurt. The teeth are detached in a circle, and the latches must be kept from returning into place. So, turning the wheel, you need to detach everything. Probably, the product will be scratched, and the masters from the service will notice external intervention( they will refuse to fix it).

In conclusion, we want to say that today there are a million varieties of vacuum cleaners available on the shelves, but the cyclone ones are the most affordable in terms of price and quality. The tank is easy to clean, as the container is plastic. Bags, and aqua filters require special care, there is a neat washable container, and dust does not stick due to the smooth surface. The principle of operation of the cyclone vacuum cleaner is unique, endowed with a touch of scientific. And this is not surprising, Dyson borrowed the idea from industrial air purification systems. And the parameters of cyclone vacuum cleaners are just excellent( efficiency).The use of a collector motor explains the high level of noise.

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