Which washing vacuum cleaner is better

Each vacuum cleaner is endowed with advantages. The lack of typical product cards: the nuances elude the eye of the buyer. Often unable to decide which washing vacuum cleaner is better, scratching my head thoughtfully about the price difference. Same kind of models are almost as different. Let's try to answer questions that are disturbing to the soul, reflections that are not found in one-sided reviews, non-professional videos, inept marketing policy. The buyer wants to know one thing - which washing vacuum cleaner is better to choose, only nuances may be of interest in this case, brands, at the very least, fulfill their duties.


A washing vacuum cleaner removes some of the odors, not to be confused with a washing machine or steamer. Mostly the unit aims to clean up complex contaminants. Smell, bacteria kills steam. According to the tasks lead the choice of home appliances. A cleaning robot crawls across a tile( 15,000 rubles).

How an

washing vacuum cleaner works The principle of a washing vacuum cleaner is to collect the detergent thrown on the carpet through a tube. Part of the models sprinkled back sprinkler, in front of the brush, the other - inside. Basic movements vary. We move the brush towards ourselves, in other cases - forward. In the best models of Kärcher, the style of the basic movements is indifferent, the jet does not go beyond the bounds of the brush volume.

Convenient vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning

The best manufacturers of washing vacuum cleaners are fighting for the buyer. The principle of operation is the same. Attract attention with options. Little things decide - the capitalist makes up the difference. Artemy Lebedev writes in a well-known work: Western countries have a fine policy. Russian reforms argue as tough as possible. Apparently, at the top they think: people like the bestial appeal. Even a washing robot cleaner will protest against neglecting the rules of operation.

German vacuum cleaners Thomas

Made by Germany since 1900 - written by the official site of the manufacturer of household appliances Thomas. Of the washing vacuum cleaners, the models of the brand are the most convenient, similar to the standard ones, when it comes to the size and design of the case. A squat, well-proportioned device moves on wheels, following the will of the owner. It should be noted that washing vacuum cleaners are heavier than usual, inside the water is an aqua filter, detergent in a special tank. In Thomas, the detergent is poured into the back, a relatively small, high division.

Aqua-filter washing vacuums wide, flat. Made by helping to give the body a squat. As a result, a washing vacuum cleaner is stable, no device can be dropped: at least - you have to wait for drying, otherwise the consequences are unusual, vary in the degree of trouble. If water reaches the engine compartment, a short circuit will occur.

As a result of a deliberate stroke, the aqua-filter becomes a lake, and a wave arises as it moves. The process of blocking is trying to cover the container cover, made of square-shaped honeycombs. The breakwater oscillating process cuts at the root.

As a result, it is possible to maneuver relatively calmly, not to be afraid of the water gushing over the edge. Minus: dust, hair, and other dirt settle on the grate, it is difficult to clean up. Thomas harder tidied up after cleaning. The manufacturer itself discusses the washing vacuum cleaner with a special section!

  • The new Thomas Thomas vacuum cleaner uses an Aquabox filter. According to the manufacturer, the option gives customers two advantages: accelerated cleaning, high-quality trapping of dust, pollen, allergens. The lid is equipped with honeycombs of traditional hexagonal shape( bee hive).Each crossed the diagonal. The height of the structure is up to half of the aqua filter. The filter has become deeper, shorter. The volume of the case remains the same. If a wave is formed, it will pass through high, small honeycombs so that it does not splash over the edge - the cornice goes along the perimeter and will support the lid. Thomas gets Pyaterochka for Aquabox, dust will settle at the bottom, bypassing the grate. The cleaning process is simplified, 99.99% of the dust remains inside, allergens are completely, without exception, adding to the attractiveness of the washing vacuum cleaners Thomas.

Vacuum Cleaner Thomas

Thomas Vacuum Cleaners with Aquabox have stepped far forward. Consider the cleaning process. Pour 1 liter of clean water into the filter, cover with a lid, clean( dry).It should be cleaned Aquabox. The washing vacuum cleaner turns off, the cover, honeycombs are removed, and a liter of clean water is added inside. Then Aquabox in the closed position is shaken. Dirty water is drained.

Inside there will be traces of cleaning. We'll have to wash Aquabox under water, dry. Significant step forward in comparison with colleagues. As for trapping the remaining 0.01% of the dust, the output is a HEPA filter. You need to change annually. Inferior cyclone Dyson. Skynet filters are put on a long service life.

  • Thomas recognized ergonomics for washing vacuum cleaners. Products are equipped with the regulation of suction power. Step setting. The new washing vacuum cleaners have several modes, each of which is activated by its own button. The latest twin, this is Min, Max, Eco. The latter is called a certain golden mean, in contrast to earlier versions, where savings were understood as three minimum powers. Good, but incomprehensible. The buttons are rubberized, comfortable, after Aquabox hands are traditionally wet. The advantages of ergonomics we assign a long cord to 8 meters, he unwinds himself, the option of rotating the hose around the body a turn in 360 degrees. The washing vacuum cleaner cannot be dropped, rather big weight.

Cleaning the carpet

Additionally, for the high cost of completing the washing vacuum cleaners Karcher at a height. Attached even the nozzle with light for cleaning under the furniture. Avoid sweeping away something important in the dark. Rings, other jewelry, checks, coins, bills. You will have to spend time studying the instructions, but then it will be easy and convenient to use the new washing vacuum cleaner.

Detergent Vacuum Cleaners Kärcher

Technical specifications of Detergent Vacuum Cleaners Kärcher do not impress your imagination. Cheap Samsung, equipped with a cyclone camera, has more suction power. Karcher offers the choice of the best washing vacuum cleaner for large homes. The key differences of the technique:

  1. . Sometimes the tanks for collecting dirt from Karcher vacuum cleaners are transparent. Allows you to see how effective cleaning. If the detergent solution returns crystal clear, it’s time to change.

    Smiling vacuum cleaner Karcher

  2. For washing vacuum cleaners Karcher, the frontal part of the brush is transparent. You can see how the solution is injected and absorbed. By the nature of the process, the color of the used detergent we judge the effectiveness of the cleaning.
  3. In Karcher washing vacuum cleaners, the tube of detergent does not go under the cover of the hose. In some models, the injector is unfastened, so that you can sprinkle dirty areas of carpet and furniture in advance. This makes the cleaning process the same type, because it is impossible to use a third-party detergent in a washing vacuum cleaner, which is so often written in instructions. The tube lies in the expansion clamps of the hose and can be easily removed if necessary along with the injector.
  4. The Karcher washing vacuum cleaners have a clever design. Hose joints, tubes are provided with protection against improper activation. Besides the fact that it looks cool when assembling, this step also gives additional points of support. In the light of long life increases reliability. In European models clearly plug the cord of the washing vacuum cleaner Karcher fit to the outlet. Citizens whose homes are equipped in accordance with European standards will be exactly the same. The cord of household appliances is heavy and loosens the socket. In our case, due to the dense occurrence of the fork casing, this will not happen. And on the contrary, it will be difficult to include such equipment in a non-standard socket.

The relative disadvantage will be the height of the body of the washing vacuum cleaner Karcher. Remember in the Aquabox lattice to cut the waves. It will not be necessary here, since the compartments for collecting water and the bay of detergents are relatively narrow. However, this is achieved by raising the height. As a result, the volume remains the same. The design is placed on the legs, resembling similar furniture chairs. Sustainable option for large homes fit. Ordinary people in cramped flats will be hard to handle with a massive unit.

There are quite a few commercials where a washing vacuum cleaner, joking, copes with duties. It turns out that Thomas moves best around the apartment, Karcher will provide the convenience of work. Choose the best washing vacuum cleaner according to your views on the cleaning process.

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