Vacuum cleaner suction power

The value of power on the case of the vacuum cleaner does not directly refer to the parameters characterizing the quality of cleaning. This is the amount of energy expended. If it says 1.5 W, in one hour it will heat up 1.5 kWh. And how much the hostess will have to suffer, shows the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The figure is registered in the passport or information is missing. Let's see what the suction power of the vacuum cleaner implies, as determined by the required figure.

The technical side of the question

Any engine shows efficiency, the figure is always less than one. Here, watts are lost, the suction power of a vacuum cleaner is lower than consumption. In addition, there is a turbine inside, built on a centrifugal fan. The efficiency depends on the build quality and the aerodynamic blades. The energy here will certainly be lost. There is no device yet with an efficiency of 1. For the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, the size depends on the tightness of the case.

Household Cleaning

As air moves through the hose, some of the pressure is lost through the gaps. The stream enters the dust collector, the type of efficiency of the vacuum cleaner also depends on the type. Today, bags of these types are made:

  1. Cyclone chambers, according to Dyson, show the best characteristics. The idea is based on the method: a whirlwind spiraling around throws dust to the periphery, while oxygen and nitrogen molecules are carried away by the pressure in the center. As a result, new models do not need to change the filters throughout the operation. This is a significant plus, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is growing.
  2. Aquafilter is a different kind of tank, where water is poured. Sometimes these vacuum cleaners. For this purpose, an additional reservoir with detergent, plus a pump is included in the casing. Through the hose, the contents are poured onto the floor and immediately collected. Apply tricks to rid the stream of dust. For example, at the entrance to the hull the passage can be watered with streams of water.
  3. The bag is a classic, dry version. Dust is collected in a box made of cloth in whole or in part. From the structure depends on the quality of cleaning flow, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The finer the fibers and the distances between them, the better. And the greater the drop in the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

Then, passing through a series of filters, the air enters the turbine, simultaneously cooling the collector engine, is thrown out. Energy is wasted everywhere. With a nominal consumption of 1500 watts, the actual suction power of a vacuum cleaner is 250 watts. And even enough for carpets. The Samsung Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner with the mentioned indicators roars and works like a beast.

How is the suction power of an

vacuum cleaner measured? Many ways have been found to measure the suction power of a vacuum cleaner.

If you take a model with a water filter, use the original device in the form of a cylindrical vessel, the center of which is a transparent pipe with a diameter of 20 - 25 cm. At the top, the vessel narrows to the thickness of the hose. The higher the water column rises when turning on the vacuum cleaner, the steeper. If the part gets inside, do not worry. The pipe and the cylindrical vessel are combined below the surface of the water. However, the test does not give meaningful testimony in the form of watts. Just a demonstration of brute force.

Next comes Philips, who, to demonstrate the unique abilities of his own vacuum cleaners, made something like a flask, where a float rides through a transparent tube. The levels are marked in rainbow from red to dark blue, according to the drop in suction power. In the initial position the slider is down. The vacuum cleaner tube joins the upper part of the “thermometer”, the process starts. The higher the float runs, the more powerful the device.

Of course, Philips takes the leading place in the video.


Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers from the domain of Turkey often use an alternative method for measuring. A glass tube( either made of transparent plastic) is taken, with a diameter slightly larger than the size of a tennis ball. Then the upper end is attached to the vacuum cleaner and begin to collect. The greater the number of balls hold the vacuum, the equipment is more powerful. Difficulty in properly selected equipment sizes. Such a test under the conditions of any person will hold their own hands.

Philips uses a funnel test to show off Philips unique dust bags. At the bottom of the filter is laid, reminiscent of that used for drip coffee makers. For illustration, one funnel is made with ribs similar to those that run along the surface of the bag for collecting dust. After the start of the test, it is clear that the sparkles are kept only on the filter of the finned funnel( the air flow is even).Upgrade the test by making the bulkheads yourself( plastic and glue to help), by the amount of material stuck, judge the suction power.

For colliding two models of vacuum cleaners with foreheads, a large ball of dense foam is used. Two hoses stick on both sides, then a tensile force is applied. The vacuum cleaner holding the ball is declared the winner. To eliminate the measurement error, the action is performed repeatedly. As a result, we will understand where the suction power of a vacuum cleaner is greater. We believe described a convenient way for self-implementation.

The principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner

Any manufacturer invents a method that clearly demonstrates the advantages of the products. Known universal method of measuring the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. If we take old electronic papers from the USSR, the parameter did not appear directly. Instead of the indicator, there was a dust-cleaning capacity, measured in percent. Indirectly, with the power of suction associated cleaning time. Here's how the test passed( GOST 10280-83( CT SEV 4670-84)):

  1. For tests, an area of ​​70x100 cm is taken. The smoothness depends on the type of test: floor or carpet. In the first case, a 1x1.5 m section is taken.
  2. The area is sprinkled with a fine mixture of silica sand, where the proportion of particles of a certain size is dosed. In the construction for the cleaning of rocks used sieves. This is how bout, granite, crushed stone of the desired fractions is obtained. The rest is called sand, emit screenings( dust, not passed by the criteria).We believe a similar situation appears here. We see a set of sieves with a fixed step( GOST 6613-86).The percentage composition of the particle size of sand is found in the table of the specified standard. The maximum proportion is in diameter up to 63 microns. Sometimes wood flour or a mixture with mineral dust described above is used for testing. The percentage composition is calculated according to a chart( see standard below table 8).

    After cleaning, dust collects in one place.

  3. As for the amount of dust, the text of the standard makes a mistake when it comes to density. The specified value is 50 g / sq.see. This is truly a flood. In fact, 50 grams is taken per square meter. On our site requires 35 g. This is the weight of sand or wood flour. With the help of a special device evenly distributed over the area. A similar mass of dust is used for the floor( in this case, the density is twice as low as on the carpet).
  4. The area is removed according to the type of test that corresponds to the nozzle. The movement is zigzagging, the form is visible in the figure( in the standard).Step slightly less than the width of the nozzle track. The dotted line of the zigzag goes along the longitudinal axis of the handle.
  5. Carpet cleaning comes in five steps. After the first and last pass, the mass of the collected dust is estimated, the percentage dust-cleaning capacity is determined according to the indications. In the case of the floor is assumed to be made of boards. The process is similar in meaning, but the last cycle ends with a special procedure. Takes a rag, shock absorbing dust. She wiped the area, then weighed. The masses are compared before and after.
  6. Processing of the results is carried out individually. For the floor, the dust-cleaning capacity is calculated only on the basis of the mass of dust stuck in the cloth. The relative quantity is the desired quantity. In the case of a carpet dust bag is weighed. The collected mass is divided into 35 g. The resulting ratio is called the desired value.

It is difficult to repeat the experiment at home, even more so in the store. In a special way, pick up the carpet and cloth for the floor. If desired, it is possible to independently calculate the necessary parameters. Use accurate electronic scales. Read more about the choice of materials in the standard, now let's summarize: 80% is considered a good dust-cleaning capacity for a carpet. Note that the parameter is integrated. Considers the power of absorption and a design of a nozzle. In this regard, the dust cleaning capacity better characterizes a vacuum cleaner by 100%.

Important! Try not to use the vacuum cleaner as a building one. For cleaning trash remaining after repair. Here the requirements are different. The gypsum dust of tongue-and-groove slabs is so small that it bypasses the cyclone container and settles on the filters. Will wash.

Therefore, the suction power of a vacuum cleaner does not figure among the main characteristics. If we recall that advanced models are equipped with progressive turbo-brushes, this situation seems to be justified.

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