Robots iClebo vacuum cleaners (AyKlebo) rating and characteristics of popular models

Maintaining cleanliness in the house - taking care of his mistress. Considerably facilitate its work can home appliances, especially if it is a robotic. Mechanical cleaner itself cleans carpets, rub the floor and removes debris. And this is not fiction.

A lot of manufacturers offer their own versions of such devices. Among the most popular robotic vacuum cleaners iClebo. Why? We'll figure out.

The content of the article:

  • Features AyKlebo equipment
  • Rating robotic cleaners Ayklebo
    • 1st place: a vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Omega
    • 2nd place: a vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Arte
    • 3rd place: a vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Pop
    • 4th place: a vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte Ironman edition
  • Useful videos on the topic

Features AyKlebo equipment

Products under the brand name AyKlebo produces one of the world leaders in the production and development of robots for various purposes, the South Korean company Yujin Robot.

For over three decades, it produces industrial and domestic robots, automated systems, stand-alone equipment. Today the company is engaged in the development of navigation systems and artificial intelligence for domestic robots.

Yujin Robot company specializes in robotic devices for home and industrial use robots for rescue operations and to the educational process, as well as on navigation systems.

Preimuschestova robots AyKlebo
The main principles of the Korean company considered the development of innovative technologies and their implementation into their products, as well as the highest quality of products. Robotic vacuum cleaners perfectly cope with the cleaning, without any problems run much longer than the warranty period

Brand funded laboratories, developing not only new production model, but also fundamentally different from conventional technology. In addition, the production of a phased implemented strict control, it guarantees high quality products.

Production company Ayklebo robots
South Korean brand Yujin Robot designs and manufactures high-tech and multi-functional robotic equipment, supplies the market with a wide range of vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning

The first automatic cleaner from Yujin Robot appeared in 2005. He effectively cleaned the room. But it was not very easy to manage, because it had to be adjusted manually before each cleaning cycle.

All subsequent model robots are much more functional and autonomous. Their distinguishing feature - a combination of wet and dry cleaning type.

The first products of the brand
The first models of robotic vacuum cleaners from Yujin Robot can perform only dry cleaning, follow-up studies were much more extensive functionality

For dry cleaning robot uses two side brushes. With their help, the device sweeps encountered him on the road debris and wool under the body where there is a special rubber scoop. With his trash sucked into a dust collector.

More central brush installed to increase the efficiency of purification. Its shape and material vary depending on the device model.

For wet type of cleaning a so-called polisher. This absorbent microfiber cloth which is wetted by and secured to the special nozzle on the bottom.

With the help of the device rubbing or floor polishes it when the napkin is dry or impregnated with a special solution for polishing.

Features Ayklebo robots
Developers automatic cleaners AyKlebo series Arte, Omega, Pop created a mode that allows all models to carry out dry cleaning and wipe the floor. And by the user, they can do it at the same time

For operation of the device use different modes, for which the installation panel or remote control sensors can be used on the casing. Clean room robots are moving erratically or own Itinerary.

Present and local cleaning mode, assuming excessively intense purification of contaminated land area of ​​1 square rooms. m.

The robot vacuum cleaner from Ayklebo
Ayklebo Omega models are equipped with a large-format camera, which allows them to orient themselves in space, build a space map and plot a route cleaning

To limit the movement of the robot through the house using a virtual wall, which is included in the equipment supplied. Another advantage of the robots Ayklebo Omega and Art - the ability to program the exact time of the beginning of harvesting.

However, in this case there is only one of the two cleaning modes: automatic or arbitrary. You can restrict the time of the scheduled cleaning.

Rating robotic cleaners Ayklebo

Line robot vacuum cleaners manufactured by Yujin Robot low. But each of these models is the most functional, effective and "sharpened" under the specific needs of users. Made a rating of these devices.

1st place: a vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Omega

Bright novelty 2016 powerful and efficient robot cleaner is very popular among buyers. very often heard the word "new" in its characteristics. First of all, this is a special design developed specifically for this model, known INNODESIGN Bureau.

They "presented" model an unusual shape, and two elegant color options. Hoover is considered an ultra-thin, because of his height of only 87 mm. This allows him to climb under the furniture and clean the space beneath it.

Modern AyKlebo Omega differs thoughtful design of the housing. Its unusual shape makes the device virtually sweeping all the debris and dust from the corners.

Another new feature - an advanced navigation, which was made possible thanks to the successful unification of the two technologies.

NST or a method of accurately reproducing the direction of motion of a visual map. It enables the device to penetrate into the most inaccessible areas of the premises and are required to attend the entire cleaning area.

SLAM or method of simultaneous localization and map building allows the robot to mark the location of all items in the apartment, and to remember the route of its movement.

Outfitted large format camera device, wherein the viewing angle of 130 °, and the modified detector determining obstacles. All together, this allows the device as closely as possible to build a map and remember the location of already treated areas.

Models of the series Omega independently recognize the type of coating and are rearranged on the specifics of the harvest, collect fine animal dander and fine dust particles.

Improvements were made and the central brush. Its main difference - the floating base capable of repeating contours flooring and maximally smoothly adhere thereto during cleaning.

In addition developers abandoned traditional bristle brush and manufactured from rubber petals arranging them six rows at a predetermined angle along the rotation axis. This allowed most effectively remove the hair or hair from the floor.

In the purification process involved the floor side flap and the central brush brushes with rubber petals. dust absorption produced a turbo-engine, the function of wet wipe if necessary.

the quality of cleaning has become much higher due to another improvement. The length of the bristles of the side brush device is increased, and body shape change. In addition, the DCC technology is used, it involves the collection of 96% of garbage accumulating in the corners of the room.

Robot 35 is equipped with various detectors including a sensor that determines the type of floor covering. This gives the ability to automatically change the vacuum cleaner suction power. For example, on the carpets, it increases.

There are innovations in the cleaning mode. In particular there was a MAX option. It suggests that the vacuum cleaner is first passed all the cleaning zone along parallel lines, then It is set at a right angle and again clears the area, moving perpendicular to the previous route.

The device is great "sees" obstacles and can overcome 15 mm thresholds. The robot is equipped with a lithium ion battery, which gives him the opportunity to work up to 80 minutes.

Intelligent sensors cleaner diagnose the degree of contamination of the treated surface and activate the necessary power of a vacuum cleaner.

Upon completion of the cleaning of the device you want to extract the dust bag, shake out the contents of it, it is advisable to wipe a damp cloth.

It is worth noting the advantages of the model:

  • Dust capacity volume of 0.7 liters.
  • Fast charging cycle takes 180 minutes.
  • Self return to the dock. If necessary to interrupt cleaning to replenish the charge begins to return it to the same site.
  • A five treatment system with corrugated antibacterial HEPA filter.
  • Powerful turbo-type brushless motor.

Users of the drawbacks noted the lack of remote management capabilities, which prevents install the device in smart house, and simply is not very convenient in some circumstances.

2nd place: a vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Arte

This robot is recognized as the best smart decision in 2015 on the conclusion of the national award Product of the Year. He won a competition testing Emporio Test, won first place at the international exhibition of KES and has collected many other awards and certificates.

Model - one of the best solutions in 2015, are still relevant today. The truth of his technical equipment of the device is slightly inferior to the leader of this ranking.

By analogy with the traditional models of robotic vacuums representatives Series Art yourself returning to the dock when the charge is depleted to 20% of the required amount.

Outfitted with a robotic vacuum cleaner Arte Ayklebo just three processing units, dividing them functional. They are "responsible" for the performance of the camcorder, for the management and efficient operation of the battery.

With this instrument is well oriented in space and capable of clean rooms of different layouts, two-story houses area of ​​300 sq. m. It is true for two cycles.

The device is equipped with SLAM technology, which allows him to memorize the location of rooms and objects, as well as to build the map. With the latter he later builds cleaning routes.

Base for parking and recharging vacuum cleaner should be positioned so that the device from anywhere in the room could determine its location and to return to it.

If the device has to stop working to replenish the battery, it remembers the place where the cleaning ended. After charging back and continues the interrupted cleaning.

High quality coatings purification provided a special design of the central turbo brush bristles with a particular pattern. It is covered by a special casing, which prevents the winding wire.

The rotational speed of the brushes 816. / min to collect qualitatively very fine dust and debris insignificant. According to the results of tests the device copes with the cleaning of rice, sand and fine coal dust.

vacuum cleaning system has five stages. Among them - the HEPA antibacterial filter, which allows to keep most of the dust fall into the tank. The latter differs sufficient capacity, its volume of 0.6 liters. The device can operate in a "polisher". Moreover able to combine dry cleaning and wiping the floor.

AyKlebo robot in one of the dry-cleaning mode passes room so-called snake as single and double.

The robot has a high permeability. It is equipped with 25 detectors that determine the distance to obstacles, elevation, etc. The apparatus is capable of overcoming the thresholds to 20 mm, which is considered record among vacuum cleaners. Because of this it is able to include the long climb to the carpeting and clean them, that is inaccessible to most models.

Designers have thought carefully about every element of the robot cleaner. Central turbo brush is equipped with grooves that make it easy to cut the tangled on her hair.

Villi side brushes are arranged at a certain angle to the axis on the basis of rubber. This makes it possible to significantly extend the time of operation.

Due to the fact that there is no dust bag in electromechanical components, it can be washed under running water, which is very convenient. Of the significant advantages of the model it is worth noting:

  • Independent search docking station.
  • Fast charging for only 110 minutes.
  • The compact size combined with low weight.
  • Good equipment with additional filters and virtual wall.
  • Small noise produced during operation. The vacuum cleaner is one of the most "quiet".

The most significant disadvantage of users consider the absence of a remote control. The device "listens" to only the remote control or the touchpad buttons on the body.

3rd place: a vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Pop

The model is ideal for small apartments. It is compact, moves at a speed of 30 cm / s and manages to remove up to 70 sq. m one working cycle. Attention is drawn to unusual bright design of the device.

The developers have not stinted on the three original performance, each in their own style and flair. To control the device using a touch panel or remote controller.

Pop Ayklebo model is produced in three different designs, each of which is original and brightness.

The robot has three modes of dry cleaning. Automatic assumes four different duration time interval within which the device will clean room.

It is assumed as a fast and local cleaning. In addition cleaner can wipe the floor special soft cloth, which is fixed at the bottom of the housing. Simultaneous dry cleaning and wiping of the surface.

If you want to make some changes in the process, you can use the remote control and switch to manual control of the device. The model distinguishes high quality of cleaning.

It is equipped with a turbo brush, whose design is similar to the one that stands in iCLEBO Arte. The small side of the brush have elongated villi, set at an angle to the center. Because of this their service life is extended considerably.

The robot is equipped with a five effective cleaning system. A significant advantage - the lack of disposable filters. Antibacterial HEPA can be washed with water and after drying reused.

Dustbags are not provided. Plastic waste container 0.6 liter volume folding. It can be easily removed from the body and washed with clean water.

AyKlebo height not exceeding 10 cm, which allows them to move freely in almost the entire area of ​​the room, where possible dusting. They easily penetrate under low furniture and clean the flooring beneath it.

For orientation in space Ayklebo uses over 15 detectors. Compared with the models described above is not enough. However, the device is quite comfortable feel while traveling. It "sees" the obstacle and reverses direction, is able to evaluate the differences of height, responds to the virtual wall.

Vacuum cleaner built-in camera has not, therefore, to build a map and a route is not capable.

The advantages of the model are:

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery type, enabling the device to operate 120 min.
  • Low level of noise emitted during operation.
  • Ability to self-return to the dock.
  • Availability of LCD screen, which displays information about the state of the device.
  • Fast charging for 110 minutes.

The disadvantages of the model users attributed the lack of remote management and lack of a camera. Last few delays cleaning, as the device moves chaotically, without using the exact route.

4th place: a vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte Ironman edition

This is a fairly new model with a standard set of functions of the middle price segment. A large enough capacity of its lithium-ion battery allows you to clean up to 90 sqm. m area without recharging. It is about 120 minutes of work.

The vacuum cleaner is able to conduct the dry cleaning various surfaces, including a short-nap carpet. Suction power 65W equipment that allows it to deal effectively with the most pollution.

To control Ayklebo Arte Ironman edition, as well as all the other models, but you can use the remote control or touch panel.

The apparatus is equipped with three-stage cleaning system consisting of two antibiotics and one anti-static filter. Cleaning is carried out in one of four possible modes. Auto It suggests a chaotic zigzag movement of the device. Spot It allows for intensive cleaning of a small fragment of the floor.

Climb It makes it possible to produce the cleaning with the possibility to overcome small obstacles, if their height is not more than 130 mm.

A mode "polisher" with a fixing device on the housing wet wipes for wiping a floor covering. And another work program provides the ability to manually control the unit functioning in any of the possible modes.

In the latter case, you use the remote control or on the touch panel. So that users get as much information about the status of the device, it is displayed on the on the cover casing LCD screen.

Surface cleaning cleaner uses two side brushes which sweep debris under the enclosure. There is a suction port around it - turbo brush. It is made of synthetic bristles as a spiral.

Special grooves on the surface to quickly and easily clean it from the long hair or wool, is wound onto the bristles. Turbo brush removable, cleaning can be carried out without it if necessary.

For safe and accurate passing harvesting areas are numerous detectors and sensors. The apparatus is equipped with sensors, which prevent the collision and the fall help circumvent obstacles, etc. The advantages of the model are:

  • The battery is a lithium-ion type large capacity.
  • Ability to self-search docking stations and automatic recharging.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Volumetric dust collecting capacity of 0.6 l.

Of the significant shortcomings noted by some users clumsiness model. From time to time she becomes entangled in the wires and stuck under very low furniture.

Useful videos on the topic

Comparative analysis of the performance of robotic vacuum cleaners on the background AyKlebo sought for 2016 brands:

Robotic vacuum cleaners from Ayklebo - functional and efficient units. You can buy them at quite adequate price. The South Korean manufacturer is strictly monitors the quality of its products, develops and introduces new technologies at once. Each of Ayklebo models developed under certain operating conditions, enabling each user to quickly and easily select the best option.

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